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Temporary Road Closure - Flint Drive, Little Neston

Published: 13th March 2018 12:40

Please note the following temporary closure of Flint Drive in Little Neston.

This is necessary for safety reasons to enable new foul sewer and manholes and will be carried out by Welsh Water.

The closure commences on Monday 26th March and it is anticipated that the work will take five weeks.

Road closure - Flint Drive, Little Neston


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At 17:31 on 15th March 2018, SHric commented:
Is it closed to pedestrians and cyclists as well as motorised vehicles? This is the link to the path over Tanks field.
John Cartlidge
At 19:08 on 15th March 2018, John Cartlidge commented:
Never was open to motorised vehicles (given it is a footpath) other than servicing vehicles with explicit approval of the landowner being CW&C. Yes closed completely. It will be completely dug up to lay new sewerage drains for Neston. Alternative routes are via the alternative ‘little bridges’ accessed from Flint Meadow or Flint Close. Cyclists will have to dismount (unless a skilled stunt cyclist) and push chairs / wheelchair users may have to find alternative route.
At 20:48 on 16th March 2018, spanna commented:
Can anyone tell me where i can find out more about the work they are doing here? I walk this way regularly with my 3 children and they have been asking lots of questions about what is going on. Thanks
Carrie Spacey
At 21:04 on 16th March 2018, Carrie Spacey responded:
I met with the communications officer for Welsh Water this week, who will be sending me a comprehensive article about what is happening, when and why. We will publish as soon as we can.
At 21:10 on 16th March 2018, spanna commented:
Great, thanks Carrie.
CO Jones
At 08:04 on 17th March 2018, CO Jones commented:
It’s quite a project. They had a session at the youth centre last week to discuss with the public but it wasn’t particularly well circulated.

It is replacement of old for new as some of the existing sewage infrastructure is at the end of its life. It has been causing issues around the Church Lane end of the Tanks Field footpath for some years and i would hazard a guess it is the same in the Flint Meadow area.

If you think about the proximity of the sewage works to the location of the engineering project, it is as major sewage junction that carries a lot of what Neston flushes down the toilet.

Unfortunately, this always includes a massive amount of surface water run off which is clean water. We pay to process clean water through the sewage works. Crazy
At 18:55 on 18th March 2018, spanna commented:
Thanks for the information CO Jones, that is very interesting and useful.
CO Jones
At 19:12 on 18th March 2018, CO Jones commented:
No problem. I am always (geekily) fascinated by stuff like this.

Much of the UK infrastructure of this nature is from the Victorian / Industrial revolution era and is starting to creak at the seams.
Carrie Spacey
At 13:11 on 19th March 2018, Carrie Spacey responded:
I've just received confirmation from Jill at Welsh Water that the path through Tanks Field, from the end of Flint Drive, will be closed for approximately 4 weeks while work is carried out. Notices have been put up and letters delivered to nearby residents.
Andy B
At 11:44 on 28th March 2018, Andy B commented:
Beware, cyclists are stil finding their way through despite signs advising of the closure.
CO Jones
At 12:14 on 28th March 2018, CO Jones commented:
As are many pedestrians. Regularly. With dogs and without dogs, Some with children and some without children.

Its what the Royal Engineers call "desire lines" meaning the public will find a way.

The footpath is closed to ALL users. Don't just point the finger at cyclists who may be contravening the guidance (which is what it is). There are no laws being broken.
John Cartlidge
At 12:58 on 28th March 2018, John Cartlidge commented:
No party, young or old, wheeled or pedestrian, with or without dog or otherwise is getting through – just using the other access points to the field.
Andy B
At 14:41 on 28th March 2018, Andy B commented:
CO Jones is being very defensive. I simply provided some advice. you are right John. Those, unlike CO Jones, who have lived in the locality for some time remember the gravel/ mud pathways which preceded the cycling-biased paved path now in place. This the official cycle route cyclists not the others. Local pedestrian use of the field predates even horse transport.
CO Jones
At 16:27 on 28th March 2018, CO Jones commented:
Baffled here. I wasnt being defensive but was stating a fact. Everyone is making do in the situation. That is what I meant.

I have sent numerous cyclists down the track through the trees over the last week or so whilst out walking the dog.

All this needs is a little bit of understanding from all parties and the disruption will be kept to a minimum apart from the houses adjacent to the excavation who may struggle with parking.

Andy B, how long have I lived in the locality then?

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