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Police to Crackdown on Drivers Using Mobile Phones

Published: 22nd January 2018 12:11

Cheshire Constabulary is taking part in a national week of action against drivers who use their mobile phone at the wheel.

phoneThe week of action starts on January 22 with officers on the lookout for anyone scrolling through social media, texting or taking a call whilst at the wheel.

National figures show that drivers who use mobile phones at the wheel are four times more likely to be involved in a collision. In 2017 officers handed out 1,822 tickets to motorists who were stopped for using their phone whilst driving.

Anyone who is caught driving while using mobile phone faces the prospect of a £200 fine and six penalty points on their licence, as well as an increase in their car insurance premium. This could result in the driver losing their license and even their job.

Inspector Steve Griffiths, from Cheshire Roads Policing Team, said: "I've dealt with many serious and fatal collisions throughout my career but more and more incidents involve the use of mobile phones at the wheel.

"Checking for a text, or picking up the phone could be enough of a distraction for you to kill someone at the wheel. Having that on your conscience and facing a prison sentence just isn't worth it."

As well as enforcement, the campaign will also focus on educating drivers about the dangers of driving whist using a hand held device. Throughout the week long operation the force will be issuing messages through the @CheshirePolice and @CheshPolTaskforce social media accounts.

Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire David Keane said: "Road safety is one of my priorities and it is pleasing to see the work that the Constabulary is undertaking to help make Cheshire roads safer.

"I have great admiration for the work undertaken by our family liaison officers, who have the heartbreaking role of informing families that their loved ones have died.

"However, much of their work could be entirely avoidable if motorists paid more attention to the road, rather than their mobile phones."

Inspector Griffiths added: "This operation is not just about issuing tickets, it's also about educating motorists about the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving to help prevent tragedies occurring.

"My advice is simply, if you're driving a car, concentrate on the road and not your mobile phone. It could be the difference between life and death."

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At 10:09 on 23rd January 2018, Poacher commented:
Brilliant.... but why can’t this be done every week, it would pay for itself. I drive up and down the M56 Ona daily basis and I loose count of the number of idiots who are on their phones. It’s bonkers and more should be done in a sustainable way to change this reckless and selfish culture..,,,
Gaynor B
At 10:05 on 25th January 2018, Gaynor B commented:
This is a good idea but they should also answer the calls to 101 reporting drivers with children on mobiles on the m6
At 11:09 on 25th January 2018, Lambster commented:
I don't think using a mobile phone is safe even hands-free. It still draws the eye away from the road. I wonder whether it can be beyond the ken of vehicle manufacturers to introduce technology that would prevent telephone calls or internet use when a vehicle is in motion. It may sound drastic but as the number of accidents and, sadly, deaths, caused by mobile use in vehicles has not reduced enough simply by asking people to be sensible (or indeed introducing hefty fines), then maybe more drastic measures are necessary. As a relative of someone seriously injured in a road accident involving the other driver using their phone, I say nothing is too drastic to prevent further deaths or injuries.
John Cartlidge
At 11:18 on 25th January 2018, John Cartlidge commented:
Howabout a new method of dealing with the incident; officer takes phone, places on the ground, and using a health and safety approved hammer smashes it to bits then returns it to the driver. Does of course require sufficient officers to catch the miscreants so please support the move for additional council tax to fund the police.

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