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Paulsgrove Junior Boys School 1955

Author: Brian Boxall Published: 19th May 2015 19:38

 Paulsgrove Junior Boys School  4A  Mr Stapleton's Class  1955

Brian Boxall sent this photo in to AboutMyArea with the following information. Do you recognise anyone?

"I remember some of the names (I think). Perhaps others can fill in gaps.

Back Row (left to right):

Gordon Wood, Tony Hutchins (Sadly passed away) ..Irwin??/  ..Brill-Edwards, David Barker,  Roger Smith  

Middle Row:      

"Archie" Andrew,  ?, Simmonds, Peter Paxton, ?,  Me, Leslie Webb, Len Windross,  Colin Thorpe, Graham Marshall

Front Row:

Colin Russell,  ?, Peter Clough, ?, Michael Tilley,  Colin Comben, Richard Cluer, Barry Townsend, Brian Fleet

Other  names I am sure were in that class / year include: David Gray, Christopher Russell, David Fowler, Stevens, Ian Walker, John Chard, John Morey, Melvyn Wheatland, Ronald Lansley, David Atkins, ...Harwood, David Lipsham, John ? Lipsham, Freddie Grainger, Malcolm Kent........Burrows.

The picture was taken sixty  years ago and the boys in the picture would be 70/71 years old now.  

Many of the class would have started their schooling in 1949 at Hillside Infant School in the "Black Huts" waiting for the Paulsgrove Schools to be completed, joining  the newly opened Paulsgrove West Infants in 1950.  They then returned to Hillside Junior Boys School for their first year before being amongst the first pupils to attend the new Paulsgrove Junior Boys School in 1952.  The Headteacher was Mr Colley, the Deputy Mr. Lewis and other teachers included Mr Sturgess, Mr. Coyne, Mr Plaice, Mr Morey and Mr Stapleton who was my class teacher for Years 3 and 4.

The school problably had at least four classes in each year with upwards of 40 children in each class.  The school probably had approaching 600 boys with Paulsgrove Junior Girls having a similar number.  The two infants schools possibly  had a further 300 to 400 hundred children; up to  1600 children on the site.  Paulsgrove was populated by many young families who had moved to the estate after the war.

Roads were unmade with Allaway Avenue's made up road finishing at Truro Road, my own road. Masefield Avenue was almost a track  with no pavement or road. Poets Corner was not even started and my walk to school across open fields after Raymond Road.

Over the sixty years I have met the occasional member of that class. A few still live in the area.  I expect by now they are all retired.

The school itself has now gone with the new Victory School Primary replacing it."

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At 15:55 on 12th March 2016, Mikemar commented:
Hi Brian,

I lived in Falmouth road from the early fifties but went to junior school in North End. I knew Tony Hutchins he lived in Beverston road and Roger Smith who lived in Truro road our common interest was model airplanes we sent many hours chasing airplanes on the hill. Later I joined Porchester sailing club with Roger.
At 12:37 on 15th March 2016, pompeylord commented:
Hello Brian,did you play in goal for Technical High school when a little older?
At 16:07 on 15th March 2016, Mikemar commented:

My name is Mike Marchant no I didn't play for Tech High. I went to PSM after Junior school in Northend

At 16:19 on 15th March 2016, Mikemar commented:
I would like to get in touch with Brian Jenson as he lived in Tintern Close when i lived in Hillsley road do you have any contact details
At 10:12 on 19th March 2016, Barry commented:
Hi ,i am Barry Jenson and i live in Tintern Close. Never heard of Brian Jenson
At 12:55 on 19th March 2016, Mikemar commented:
Hi Barry my apologies for getting your name wrong. I read your articles on Paulsgrove recently and it brought back many memories. I moved to Paulsgrove, 31 Falmouth road in 1952 but carried on junior school in North End Gladys Ave until 1956 when we moved to 20 Hillsley road I then attended PSM from 1958 and left in 1962. I moved to the USA and returned to live in France last year. So your article recounting Portsdown Hill, Coopers over the railway line and when the stores were built in Allaway Ave really stirred the memories. You must have known a lot
of the folks I went to school with, I tried to contact you through Haley but I guess you changed your email address. Maybe you could update her as I would like to send you an email. Mike Marchant.
At 13:46 on 19th March 2016, Barry commented:
Ok Mike,thanks for the interest of times growing up in the Paulsgove area.Sometimes because i remember things of my days as a lad i get accused of living in the past.These articles about Paulsgrove Started when i had a freebie site.I told Haley about it and she asked if she could copy it too her site and it was a good job because the freebie site shut down not long after.I think this part of her site gets a fair number of hits.Mike my email is the same as it has always been,jinxy86@ntlworld.com.Take care Mike and i look forward to your mail.
At 14:46 on 16th September 2016, Chris commented:
Graham Marshall is my brother. He has lived in South Africa for many years. I still miss him though.
At 14:46 on 16th September 2016, Chris commented:
Graham Marshall is my brother. He has lived in South Africa for many years. I still miss him though.
At 14:43 on 26th September 2016, Darby commented:
hi lived in 20 falmouth road paulsgrove.my name brian allen.moved from portsdown Secondary modern to paulsgrove senior in 1953.have a brother colin who was at paulsgrove junior.played football for school and youth club as goalkeeper ]two. friends i had were.mike venn.and dave allaway
At 12:24 on 29th May 2017, Malcolm commented:
I must be in the photo somewhere but I can't recognize myself. I'm Malcolm Frame and then I lived in Deerhurst Crescent with my brother John and sister Alison, next to David Lipsham and his family. After leaving the junior school I went to the Building school in Cosham Park House and then to the Technical High School when the schools amalgamated. I left school in 1959 and worked in the Metal Box Co. and did day release to get my ONC qualification and then left Paulsgrove to study at Brunel University in London. I worked as a civil engineer until my retirement in 2010 and I still live in London. I used to love playing up the hill, in the chalk-pit or in the creek. I recall my special mates were Colin Russell, Peter Paxton and Graham Marshall, who for some reason we would call fattiie Marshall, even though he wasn't fat at all. Happy days!

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