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Portsmouth South Parliamentary Candidates 2017

Published: 20th May 2017 21:54

We approached each of the five candidates standing for election in Portsmouth South and invited them to submit a statement of up to 400 words explaining why they think you should vote for them.  These statements are reproduced (unedited) below in alphabetical order of the candidate's surname.


UK Independence Party

 UKIP’s stance in the forthcoming General Election is quite simple.  We want our country back, and so does the majority of the population.  But what does this actually mean?

We want full control of our borders.  That means we employ those who are best for the country from around the world, rather than being forced to take in less competent people from the EU.  There is a Greek doctor at QA who has a full time interpreter following him around because he cannot speak English.  Two salaries for one job! 

We cannot look after our sick and elderly but we can commit to giving some £14 billion on foreign aid.  PWC was reported to have pocketed £800 million for consultancy.

It appears we can also afford HS2, a huge project with a vague £70 billion price tag.  You can guarantee it will be late and over budget.  The true cost will almost certainly top £100 billion. 

Labour has left the NHS with a huge debt as a result of its PFI projects.  UKIP would unpick these so that hospitals are returned to public ownership after Labour’s privatisation efforts.  This would free up yet more money. 

UKIP only wants UK laws passed by our proven parliamentary and judicial processes to be those that govern us.  That means that Sharia Law would be illegal.  It has not been subjected to proper scrutiny and the judiciary is not independent.  Indeed, an imam can create Sharia Laws on the hoof which is a colossal injustice at every level.

UKIP would ensure that our veterans are properly looked after and assisted after leaving the colours.  To have ex servicemen abandoned and living rough on the streets is a national disgrace. 

UKIP would put a stop to the absurd subsidies being paid to intermittents (renewables).  Solar does not work for half the day and wind only works when it is blowing at the right speed. 

World population has soared in recent years while malnutrition has gone down.  The world can feed such a population because with a higher CO2 level, photosynthesis is dramatically improved and thus crops are lusher and more plentiful.  Satellite imagery proves that CO2 is concentrated around the equatorial belt, not, as one would expect, around the industrialised northern hemisphere.  The world’s temperature has stabilised while CO2 continues to climb, conclusively proving that CO2 cannot be driving climate change.



The Conservative Party Candidate

 Since winning the election in 2015 I have been a strong and effective voice for Portsmouth South in Parliament. I have been working to put my positive “Plan for Portsmouth” into effect, and in those two years I have already made good progress. As an MP in the governing party, I can get hold of Ministers in a way that others can’t, and the Government always gets to hear what we want in Portsmouth.

Under this Government more people in Portsmouth have jobs – unemployment is down 60%. Our schools have gone from failing to including some of the best in the country. The city is seen as an attractive place to live, work, and raise a family. We now have one of the best universities in Europe. Portsmouth is prospering, but there is a lot more work to do. But our sensible manifesto commitments will help everyone in Portsmouth.

Two ongoing projects of mine which tackle issues of real importance in Portsmouth are aimed at getting help for the homeless, and tackling loneliness.

I worked with my colleague Bob Blackman to bring in the Homelessness Reduction Act, which will keep many people at risk of eviction in their homes while a solution is found for them. I’ve been working with the Council, emergency services and some of the great local organisations on a plan to get rough sleepers into safe accommodation.

Loneliness among older people is a huge problem, and it affects the quality of life of many people in Portsmouth. I have held an event to bring together older people with all the different organisations who can help out, and I want to make sure that everyone knows that help and support is out there.

I am lobbying the Government for support for a scheme to renew the road network in the City Centre to cut congestion. But I also want to reduce our reliance on cars in Portsmouth and there is a lot more to come from me and this Government on sustainable transport. I helped convince the Government to change the South West Trains franchise, because our services in all directions are too slow and uncomfortable. I have helped secure funding for the new flood defences and environmental improvements which are going on around the coast of Portsea Island.

Working together, we can make Portsmouth an even better place for us all.


Green Party

 We need a political system that puts the public first, and an economy that gives everyone their fair share. We need a planet protected from the threat of climate change now and for the generations to come. That’s the world we want to create and I believe we have the means to do it.

The challenges faced by the people of Portsmouth include homelessness, poor air quality, unaffordable housing and a critically underfunded NHS.

By building more social rented homes and bringing abandoned buildings back into use we can ensure that everyone has a secure and affordable place to live. Ending the creeping privatisation of the NHS and repealing the Health and Social Care Act will help us to restore a publicly funded, publicly provided health service free at the point of use. A rent cap, longer tenancies and licensing landlords will provide greater protection for renters. UK standards on air pollution are out of date, we need to implement charges for the most polluting vehicles, and support a more cycling- and walking-friendly city.

By investing in renewable energy and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, we can build a stable and sustainable society that protects our planet from climate change.

If elected I would work to give Portsmouth sound public services which are essential to our well-being. We need an economy that works for everyone at the local level; an economy which is based on measures of quality of life - providing decent jobs for local residents, and transport that’s safe, clean, affordable and accessible for all.



Labour Party

 Born and bred in this great city of ours, I’m hugely proud of what Portsmouth can achieve.

I was brought up in Fratton, went to local schools, and got my first proper job here. My parents worked here in public services, which taught me the importance of community and helping others. My grandad left Portsmouth to serve our country and liberate mainland Europe on D-Day. 

I’m proud to serve Portsmouth as a councillor, and volunteer to bring about the change our city so desperately needs. I would be even more humbled to serve our city, and our country, as our MP.

I’ve fought all my life to make our great city even better. There’s no denying that, in recent years, Portsmouth has suffered. Under the Tories and Lib Dems we’ve seen school funding cut and our health services stretched. Today, families struggle to get on the housing ladder and make ends meet. We all deserve something better. 

That’s why I’m standing up for Portsmouth South in this important election. Career politicians from out of town have represented us for too long. It’s time for someone local - from here, for here - to be a strong and authentic voice for Portsmouth in Parliament. Someone who has the necessary skills, cares for our city and for the community they grew up in. 

So what would I do for Portsmouth? 

I will fight to get our schools the funding they deserve, at a time when local headteachers are struggling to manage, yet face even more cuts of between £240 - £320 per pupil.

I will help create good jobs, promote economic growth and investment in our city centre. I’ll stand up for our dockyard, where the Tories have failed to deliver on their promise of more shipbuilding. 

I will champion more affordable homes to ensure everyone in our city has a roof over their head.

I’ll be a champion for so much more - from getting more police out on the beat, to joining up health services from home to hospital. 

I will work with our communities and businesses, to help make Portsmouth more secure, prosperous, fair and ambitious.

In 2015, Labour increased our vote in Portsmouth South by 45%, while the Lib Dem vote collapsed by -49.9%. We CAN win here. Together we CAN make this city a better place to live. 

Don’t you think it’s time for a change?


Liberal Democrat

 For the last fifteen years I’ve worked to make this city a better place to live, work and visit. I'm proud to live here and call Portsmouth my home. I want to use my local experience to champion Portsmouth and its people.

Two years ago the Lib Dems lost this seat to the Conservatives. Since then, I’ve been sad to see Portsmouth hit again and again by Conservative cuts. Our schools are facing losses of almost £10 million by 2019. That’ll mean the loss of over 260 teachers in our city. Our NHS is on its knees.

Managers at Q.A. hospital have told me they have over 240 patients medically fit to leave hospital — but right now there’s nowhere safe for them to go. I’ve worked with the NHS to look at using empty buildings at St James's to build a new Cottage Hospital so patients can be transferred from expensive hospital beds. 

This is personal for me: these last three months I’ve been looking after my Mum in hospital, where I’ve seen first hand how stretched the NHS is. That's why I back the Lib Dem plan to put £7 billion more into health and social care. We’ll pay for it by putting 1p on income tax while stopping Tory cuts to corporate tax. 

Local people in our city and our country should be the people who decide whether the Brexit deal negotiated by the Government is a good deal for them. It’s the only democratic thing to do. We can’t just leave it to politicians. 

The result of this election is an open secret. In a world where the Tories are grabbing power to slash services and deliver extreme Brexit, Portsmouth needs an MP with a proven local record of action to stand up for our city. I will be independent minded, and will work tirelessly, putting Portsmouth and its people before party politics. 

We need a better local MP and a better Britain. For the last nine parliamentary elections either the Lib Dems have won here or the Conservatives. Every election, Labour claim they can win and every election they come third. I'm really pleased that the Progressive Alliance have told Lib Dem, Labour, and Green voters here in Portsmouth South that I have the best chance of beating the Conservatives. They're right. 

I will be your local champion, fighting for Portsmouth day in, day out.

This site is not promoting any individual candidate or party.  The AboutMyArea local site editor approached all the candidates and asked them to submit a 400 word statement.  All were given the same deadline.  Where indicated, no statement was received by the initial deadline. The site may be updated periodically where late submissions are received.  The text of all statements is reproduced exactly as submitted by the candidate or their agent and AboutMyArea is not responsible for the content of the candidate statements.  Any statements over the 400-word limit have been cut at the end of the last complete sentence preceeding the word limit.

For further information please contact the site editor.

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