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Rubbish: Who's to Blame?

Author: null null Published: 11th October 2010 11:28
All sorts of items are being dumped on people's doorsteps and in people's forecourts. It's easy to make assumptions about who's doing the fly-tipping. But who is really behind it and what can we do about it?


Especially if you live on the corner of a road, you may frequently find fly-tipped items, such as old televisions dumped in favour of flat-screen TVs, on your doorstep. Private forecourts are also convenient places to leave furniture, bags of rubbish, and carpet remnants. If not taken away, they lend an air of desolation to roads, especially as some of the items rot away and grow mouldy in dismal weather.



It is easy to make all sorts of assumptions about who is doing this fly-tipping. Some are convinced that it's foreign tenants. Others take it for granted that it's the students living above them and are ready to ring the doorbell to tell them what's what.

If you give it some thought, though, you will come to the conclusion that it is unlikely that people who are actually living at a particular location leave rubbish on their own front steps. They have to pass it every day and any health effects associated with such rubbish impact them too.

The real culprits may often be landlords who are not even living in Portsmouth. Being in a hurry or simply not wanting to go to the tip, they leave the rubbish on someone else's property so that it's off their hands. While perhaps partly understandable from their point of view, it is nevertheless a very bad example to set. It is also not something most people would want to have on their conscience, so to assume that such behaviour can be influenced seems pretty futile.

If you are living somewhere, you have some responsibility for your surroundings. Don't complain about the way things are, but do something about it. If you can, take the rubbish, bag it up and offer it for collection, even though it is someone else's rubbish. If the items are unsuitable for the regular refuse collection, take them to the tip. (In case you wonder, yes, I have done that on occasion.)

There are also those who would like to be able to take some of their own rubbish to the tip, but don't have a car, or who have a fancy sports car or a different kind of car that is simply too small.

If you have an unsuitable car or a motor bike, get a man-with-a-van to come and help you. Better yet, talk with your neighbours. You may be able to share the costs and get rid of their rubbish too. You may even find that someone three doors down from where you live has a suitable car and you can take your rubbish to the tip together. Treat yourself to a pint afterward for a job well done!

For Portsmouth, the nearest recycling facility is at Port Solent. Its phone number is 023 9221 9819. Ring them for directions (or go to their Google maps page and click on 'get directions') and opening hours. Certainly don't go there with a van without ringing them first. In the old situation the facility was not always open to vans and there was no space - none - to park your van so that you could take items from your van and carry them to the recycling containers, if you arrived on the 'wrong' day.

However, the Port Solent site is currently undergoing much-needed improvements and this work will last well into 2011. The facility is currently even closed, yet due to open again on October 18, 2010.

Three other nearby recycling facilities - tips - are the following;
* Segensworth - Barnes Wallis Way - 01489 589396
* Havant - Harts Farm Way - 023 9247 2683
* Waterlooville - Hambledon Road - 023 9226 1455



I wrote the above after I discovered that an out-of-town landlady has made it a habit to dump her trash, including items like mattresses, in my forecourt. I had not expected that at all and had been blaming others.

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Angelina Souren
At 17:21 on 22nd October 2010, Angelina Souren commented:
This, however, is not the way to get rid of rubbish:


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