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Stopping Smoking Made Easy: Part 2

Published: 28th August 2009 23:54
Continued from 'Stopping Smoking Made Easy: Part 1'
Let's start here:

Do not give up smoking, ... "What"! - I hear you say, that's right I don't want you to "give it up" and I want you to make sure that you never say you're giving it up ever again. 

Start saying "I've stopped smoking" start saying "No thanks' I don't smoke" Get it clear in your head you are not giving up anything, you are simply stopping smoking.

Cigarette butt

Stopping smoking, so that you can have more health, you're stopping smoking because you want more spare cash in your pocket, you have stopped smoking because you respect yourself too much to cause injury to yourself any longer etc. Or write down your reason for stopping smoking.

You are setting yourself free, free to have fun, free to enjoy fresh breath and clean hair, bright eyes, younger complexion, free to become fitter, younger healthier in every way. You are giving up nothing so don't say it!  

Let's see if you can handle this one!

... If you truly want to stop smoking, then you must refuse to hear the whispering in your ear about how much you enjoy a cigarette, How ‘just one' won't do you any harm, How you want to join in with the smokers club, how you could "just murder a cigarette "and most of all how dependent you are on your little friend (your little ciggie). This is the voice of your ego.

Your ego will convince you that you are giving something up which translates to some sort of loss or sacrifice and that there will be a great big void in your life. Your ego is deceiving you!

Ask yourself this question. Am I worth more than this?


Again, Am I worth more than a stinking cigarette, am I worth more than, the smelly breath, smelly clothes, and lethal effects of smoking??? Ask your heart not your ego, your heart will tell you the truth. 

Your heart will tell you that you are worth far more, that you are worth excellent health, you are worth bright eyes, fresh young complexion, clean fresh breath and beautiful clean hair, and your heart will tell you that you are perfectly capable, strong and resourceful without having to rely on some overrated dangerous device to get you through your day!

Ok, that's just a taste of the philosophy, a small insight into how to experience the best feeling, so remember stopping smoking will work on all levels of your self-respect and self-worth, you will develop more confidence and self-esteem, it will help you to feel more valuable than perhaps you have ever considered.

By stopping smoking you can offer yourself the opportunity to be so proud and content with your inner-self and your ability to deal with life's issues that you will never want or need to touch a cigarette ever again.

Still with me? .. If you are good for you, you have got what it takes!

Find out more in part 3.

David Masters offers Hypnotherapy services throughout Rossendale and the surrounding area.  For more information, or to discuss your requirements, please contact him on 08455 434368.


David Masters Hypnotherapy, Rossendale


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