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Labour announce candidate for South Northants

Author: Ralph Baxter - Labour Published: 3rd May 2017 13:08

 South Northants Labour Party has today, Wednesday, announced that Sophie Johnson has been selected as Labour’s candidate for the South Northants constituency to stand in this June’s general election.
South Northants Labour Party has today, Wednesday, announced that Sophie Johnson has been selected as Labour’s candidate for the South Northants constituency to stand in this June’s general election.

South Northants Labour Party has today, Wednesday, announced that Sophie Johnson has been selected as Labour’s candidate for the South Northants constituency to stand in this June’s general election.

Sophie currently works as a medical writer and lives in the constituency, running her small business from home with her husband. As Chair of the local Labour party, she has been busy campaigning locally with her team on local issues, such as the future of the Horton Hospital, the closure of the Middleton Cheney Doctors’ surgery, protecting the NHS as a whole and the ever-decreasing funding for public services.

Speaking after the selection, Sophie said: “I am very proud to be Labour’s candidate for June’s general election.

“This general election will be a choice between a Labour Party that will stand up for all the people of South Northants or a Conservative Party that only looks after the privileged few.

“The Tory government has overseen the biggest cuts to our public services in a generation. Our local NHS and social care is in crisis, our schools are struggling under the weight of the budget cuts and our food banks are seeing ever-increasing usage.

“Local businesses are fed up of the uncertainty of the past four years; first the Scottish referendum, then a General Election, then the European referendum and now this snap General Election.

“People here in South Northants need a local representative that will put them first. They need a Labour MP who will stand up for them and I will be campaigning over the coming weeks to show local people that there is an alternative to this Tory government.”


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At 11:02 on 4th May 2017, JimmyB commented:

A choice between Labour and Conservative? Very narrow minded.

Labour have a week stance on Brexit, no strong leadership and seem to promise us the world with no real idea on where the money is coming from to provide all this.

As an anti-brexiter my vote will be with Chris Lofts and the Liberal Democrats this time. Chris has a proven track record in all levels of local government and a strong stance on Brexit, the NHS and other areas of concern.

No offence Sophie but I have never heard of you in regards to local politics before now. What qualifies you to be an MP?
At 12:40 on 16th May 2017, MichaelBailey commented:
I sincerely doubt much of the electorate will be fully aware of Chris Lofts either. Lib Dem members may know of Chris, Labour ones will know of Sophie but I think if you really want to get Chris Lofts into office you should aim your targets at Andrea Leadsom.

Leadsom's lot promised £350m for the NHS, I wrote to Leadsom asking what is being done to secure that £350m pledge. I received a 2-page response that can be summed up in one word "No."

This constituency is a Tory stronghold and so if you wish to secure, aim your sights correctly at the current incumbent. Very few people will know the other candidates, but everyone knows Andrea, everyone knows that she was on THAT bus and the public need to know that the Tories have no desire to secure that £350m for the NHS.

Sophie has been organising campaigns for the NHS, earlier this year Sophie called a cross-party meeting in order to strengthen our community in opposition to the hospital closures that the Government have allowed to happen.

Considering that the local Labour and Lib Dem parties will no doubt be working together in some capacity to protect our community at from further Conservative cuts it might be better if we all consider focusing our aim at Andrea Leadsom's awful record.

At 09:53 on 26th May 2017, JimmyB commented:
Hi Michael,

I am just a member of the public so I don't particularly need campaigning advice. But thanks.

Yes it is a Tory stronghold but my vote will go to someone who has proven track record and I know to have taken action in my community. That's what an MP should do...right?

I was just saying I know who is Chris Lofts is and what he does and stands for. I don't know who Sophie is, what she does and what she stands for...and I have looked!

If Labour want to be 'the opposition' in South Northants then maybe they should start putting a little local effort in. Why are there no Labour Councillors in SNC?

Don't just rock up at a general election on the back of Corbyn's coattails and hope people vote for you. Not my idea of what I want in an MP.
At 10:38 on 27th May 2017, MichaelBailey commented:
Hi StayCalm,

I know who Sophie is and your comment about having looked and still not knowing seems somewhat silly. Here is a profile to help readers: http://southnorthantslabour.com/general-election

There are no Labour councillors on SNC because the UKIP voters went in their droves to the Tories. This why the LibDems lost seats on SNC too.

The local Labour team puts the effort in, Sophie arranged a cross-party meeting for the Horton Hospital which Chris Lofts even attended. We run regular events raising awareness of local causes E.G The closure of the Middleton Cheney surgery.

Our CLP page is focused on local issues and our campaigning in the area. It is tragic that the Liberal campaigns across the UK have been more focused on attacking Corbyn than focusing on what they can deliver.


If Lofts could have used his opening statement to go after Andrea that would have been fantastic. Personally, I think, we should have candidates focused on toppling the incumbent MP.
At 09:59 on 30th May 2017, JimmyB commented:
Hi Michael,

I saw the site, I am just surprised she has not become more involved in her community. Parish council etc. She just seems inexperienced. Considering the involvement you claim in the local community and I have been around Towcester and keep close tabs on local politics, I have never heard of Sophie. Its just surprising to me.
Plus please do not call my comments silly. Very disrespectful. If I don't know about a candidate its down to poor campaigning and is not my fault. Blaming the voters ey?

Of course you know who she is, by the looks of it you are part of the campaign. I would worry if you didn't.

Didn't the Lib Dems gain a seat at the last SNC election? I thought they had 3 and went up to 4. Correct me if i'm wrong.

Liberal campaign attacking Corbyn? Most of the posts I see are anti-May and the leaflets I get from the local Lib Dems are all about Tory failures. You may not have been paying close enough attention to your competition.

I just find it annoying that election time is the only time we hear from our Local Labour party and Conservatives. (I have had to look by the way, no door knock, no leaflet). Over the year, I have had several leaflets from the Lib Dems and bumped into Chris on many occasions at local events.

Always Write
At 13:30 on 30th May 2017, Always Write commented:
what an infantile argument from both the Labour and Lib Dems.

Why are you all making so much fsuss about being the runner up?
Always Write
At 13:30 on 30th May 2017, Always Write commented:
what an infantile argument from both the Labour and Lib Dems.

Why are you all making so much fsuss about being the runner up?
At 14:55 on 30th May 2017, MichaelBailey commented:
Personally, I find it odd that a Lib Dem is unable to plant their flag and stand by it. If you're a Lib Dem, that's okay, stand by it. Or continue to sing praises of Chris Lofts but it's just insincere to pretend to be neutral whilst dismissing a candidate right off the bat.

Be proud of who you are, state that you are a Lib dem and you support your candidate. This continual condemnation of Sophie comes across as silly because as Always Write said, chances are we will be runners up and it'll be because people will read these comments and doubt the sincerity that political activists truly wish to unseat Andrea.

At 17:17 on 30th May 2017, JimmyB commented:
In this election I will stand by the Lib Dems. More so now after being criticized and ridiculed for wanting more information on a candidate and voicing my opinion on the national party stance. Lovely. Did I dismiss her? Don't assume my thought process before this article.

I would have said I was a floating voter who had voted Lib Dem, Green or Labour in the past depending on policy. I would have voted for whoever had the best chance of removing Andrea from her seat, including Labour. Thank you for validating my thoughts on this election Michael. I hope you don't treat other people who differ in opinion or question a candidate in this way.

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