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Q & A with Metis HR

Published: 13th March 2012 11:32

Metis HR comes across many and varied employment ‘situations', however, there are several recurring themes that employers need help to understand. Recognise any of these?

Q: I only employ one person; do I have to give him a written contract?

A: Yes. However, you don't ‘give' an employee a contract, one exists as soon as someone accepts a job with you but you have a legal duty to give them a written contract within the first 8 weeks of employment. If you don't you run the risk of being fined an amount up to 4 weeks of the employee's pay.

Alison Driver, Metis HRExpert HR advice: Alison Driver, Metis HR

Q: I am taking an employee through our disciplinary procedure but she's now raised a grievance against her manager. Do I have to stop the disciplinary process to hear the grievance?

A: There is no legal requirement for you to postpone disciplinary proceedings in this case unless the detail of her grievance is so serious and credible as to make it unreasonable to carry on with the disciplinary process. The nature of the grievance may mean that you can deal with it as part of the disciplinary proceedings, for example if she is complaining about how you are handling the disciplinary procedure, or has a grievance that could be a defence to the disciplinary allegations.

Q: The daughter of one my staff caught chicken pox. My employee told me that I have to give her paid time off to care for her daughter is that right?

A: There is no statutory right to be paid for time off to care for a dependent; it's entirely up to you as her employer whether you pay her or not. Your employee is entitled to time off to deal with the immediate care of her daughter, for example to take her to the doctor and make any arrangements for her longer term care, but she is not entitled to time off to care for her until she is better. The entitlement to time off is really to deal with the immediate crisis only.

If you need advice on ANY employment related matter, or think that your policies might need updating - please do not hesitate to contact Alison Driver at Metis HR on 0844 249 1133.

Your initial consultation will not cost you anything, Metis HR offer it to you at their expense.

For more information please visit the Metis HR website.

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