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Plans Lodged for Wind Turbines in Little Neston

Published: 16th July 2012 09:45

Back in March, an AboutMyArea reader wrote in with news of a mysterious mast that had appeared in a field at the top of Little Neston.

wind turbineIn GM's letter, he shared his fear that this may herald the arrival of wind turbines.  It would appear his concern was well-founded, as a planning application has now been published on Cheshire West and Chester's website, as well as at the location itself, for the erection of two 31.4m (103 ft) high turbines.

Another AboutMyArea reader, Bob Stewart, contacted us having spotted the planning notice on display at the location on land between Cuckoo Lane and Woodfall Lane in Little Neston. The application has been made by the University of Liverpool (Leahurst).

No doubt there will be opinions both for and against, please feel free to use our comments section below to have your say.

The two Little Neston & Burton Ward Councillors, Kay Loch and Louise Gittins, are very aware of this application and have been liaising with the planning officer for the case, Lyndsay Ainsworth, and concerned residents.

The deadline for responses to the application is currently 26th July (on the council website here.) However a request has been made to extend this date. In the event of a recommendation for approval, then the application will be called in to the CW&C planning committee by the local Ward Councillors and there will be the opportunity for objectors to state their case before the full planning committee.

Article originally published on July 4th, updated July 16th to include the following video which has been published on YouTube by a local resident. (Please note, the embedded video will not be visible if you are using an iPad or iPhone.  You can go to the original YouTube page here):


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At 20:52 on 7th July 2012, Jorosan commented:
Come on now, do we really need these on the Wirral and so close to the residential areas of Little Neston and Ness in the unspoilt countryside between Woodfall & Cuckoo Lane. These 100 foot giants will be seen in Little Neston, parts of Ness and along the Wirral Way. I'm all for renewable energy, but what's wrong with solar panels like the ones Ness Gardens have installed? If we don't stop these now they could be springing up all over Wirral soon.
At 18:55 on 8th July 2012, Cathy21 commented:
With reference to the proposed Wind Turbines, there is one tiny A4 poster up Cuskoo Lane on a gate post, well away from the road. Its explains that we can view details in Chester, Ellesmere Port or Winsford. Why is there nothing in neston Library or Town Hall or the Post Office? The poster states we only have until 24th July to protest. Its going to be horrendous for the people living in Gorston Lane and could effect house prices if they sell. Please protest everyone.
At 19:02 on 8th July 2012, Cathy21 commented:
Continued:- I feel this has been hidden from the people of Little Neston. Only Gorston Lane have recently had letters from the council. What's more there is a footpath through the proposed field. These Giants are 150 foot high overall. We agree with Joroson, Leahurst could install Solar panels and not mar this lovely gem of countryside.
Old Timer
At 19:06 on 9th July 2012, Old Timer commented:
Residents may or may not be pleased to know that the location of proposed turbines, falls within an area already designated by CW&C council renewable energy study as suitable for medium wind turbine development. Thanks boys and girls. .GM.
At 10:08 on 10th July 2012, Cathy21 commented:
The field in question has no nearby roads only two ancient narrow bridleways. If the proposed site was nearer the Chester High Road access for building materials would surely be easier. The proposed site is far to close to housing, Woodfall Lane School and public footpaths.
At 20:05 on 10th July 2012, missy commented:
I am shocked to hear about the proposed wind turbines. I live on the housing estate next to the proposed site. I have heard from other people about the noise from these turbines and feel they should not be this close to a residential area. I bet the people who carried out this study wouldn't like to have them near where they live! I agree with the comments from Jonosan and Cathy21.
At 20:21 on 10th July 2012, Cathy21 commented:
Missy, we have put out flyers to a lot of Rock farm Drive atc, also in the Post Office and the Village Stores Little Neston and several shops and the town hall in Neston. Have a look at them and you will see my contact details. Many people have got their objection letters off already and our two local councillors, who didn't know anything about it, are now taking action as well. Write a letter of objection. We can help you sort out your objections. One man today said one of his main concerns was the proposed site is right in the flight path of migrating geese as they leave the Marshes. I hadn't even thought of that. Pease object. You are close enough to be affected.
At 10:29 on 11th July 2012, johnbillpayer commented:
For those concerned about these monstrous turbines in a country park/residential area - and that should be ALL OF US - here are the people to contact plus contact details...
The planning application is ref 12/02810/FUL and details can be found on the Councils website -
So , email or write to any of the following -
1.) The case officer is Lyndsay Ainsworth and you can email her at
Her mail address is:- The Case Officer, Miss Lyndsay Ainsworth, Cheshire West and Cheshire Council, The Forum Office, CHESTER, CH1 2HS

2.) Or , Councillor, Louise Gittins, louise.gittins@cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk

3.) Councillor Kay Loch, kay.loch@cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk
mail address:-Sandpipers, Neston Road, Ness, CH64 4AR 336 7206

4.)The body responsible - Development Management , Cheshire West and Cheshire Council, Wyvern House, The Drumber WINSFORD CW7 1AH
At 10:41 on 11th July 2012, Nicksyb commented:
I walk around the field where these wind turbines are proposed to be built on a daily basis and am deeply upset that they have chosen this area for these huge turbines. Mainly because this is the one field that my dog loves and because it you get the most amazing view if you stand at the top.
Having lived in other areas of the country where these turbines are situated I know how noisy they can be and the disruption to the local area both residents and wildlife will be huge.
At 11:52 on 11th July 2012, spanna commented:
well, i'm going to play devils advocate here! The planning application is freely available to view online and i have had a good look at this, it is evident that an awfull lot has had to be considered in terms of where the turbines can be situated e.g its location with various transmitors and telecomunication masts as well as noise levels. I know windturbines can create a lot of noise but It is only 2 turbines they are requesting, not a windfarm so i can't imagine they would create that much noise.
I can only assume that leahurst want the turbines in place in order to provide a renewable source of energy which will then provide them with power, I understand that people maybe concerned that this could lead to something bigger but this may not neccessarily be the case.
I know it is a lovely area where many people go off walking, cycling etc but the proposed land does belong to Leahurst and i actually quite like the look of wind turbines! I guess from all the comments i am in the minority on that one!
Sorry if i have upset anyone! But i do like to try and see things from both points of view. I do undertand why people are upset by this and this is certainly backed up by all the objections lodged on the council website.
At 17:13 on 11th July 2012, , commented:
I have to agree with spanna here - these are not the huge wind turbines we see in North Wales or off the coast of Wales - they are much smaller in comparison and can they really generate that much noise ?

Also allegations that they destroy wildlife has been proven many times to be untrue - there is very little chance of birds being hit by the blades.

Our country is suffering from a surge in power demand & solar power is nowhere near as effective as wind turbines, so we either need to get to like these nature-capturing devices or suffer the consequences of more investment into nuclear or fossil fuel power stations.
At 19:01 on 11th July 2012, Cathy21 commented:
They are over 150 foot and very close to Gorstons lane. Very few people in Neston or Lttle Neston knew about the proposal incuding out local councillors. Miss Lyndsay Ainsworth sent out notification letters to only 20 houses and they arrived last Friday. There is no information in Neston, only in Chester, Ellesmere Port or Winsford. The geese who summer on the Dee Marshes fly in regular v shaped formations of perhaps 70 birds and in autumn 8 or 9 formations flyover the site area each day. They also rest and forage in these fields and if we can hear the geese I'm sure we will hear the turbines.This land is in Green Belt and 5 minutes walk from Gorston Lane and similar from the school. Turbines as they age become noisier. Each side of the proposed field are 2 ancient Bridleways. Horses are spooked by the sight and the noise. The proposed access to the site is down Mill Lane, a road that is single track with passing places and then along part of Woodfall Lane where it is a little track. I agree we need to move with the times but how about admittedly more expensive tidal energy converters on the Mersey and some River Flow type on the Dee, some scientists say more efficient and cheapper in the long run. Sorry can't quote the documant as I didn't keep the paper. Sorry bitty but trying to answer several commenters.
At 11:58 on 12th July 2012, Jimini commented:
I am against this proposal for this particular location for many of the reasons stated above. One major concern would be that this would set a precedent, i.e. the thin end of the wedge, more to follow. As regards wildlife and the effect on flighting birds, large numbers of turbines were set up in America and huge numbers of birds on migrating routes killed despite the "experts" claiming it wouldn't happen. Result, they had to be shut down twice a year to protect the wildlife. The other thing that happened in America, was that once the government removed the subsidies to install and run these blots on the landscape the operators just shut them down and abandoned them, leaving them to decay as they couldn't afford to dismantle them thereby proving them not viable as a source of energy unless paid for by you and me. Is this what we want in a few years time? Just to finish, I notice Leahurst are very quiet in all of this. Could we have a comment from them please.
CO Jones
At 22:50 on 12th July 2012, CO Jones commented:
I am with Spanna also. I am more pro than anti and walk through that field several times a month with dog in tow. No complaints from this household.

Old Timer
At 18:53 on 16th July 2012, Old Timer commented:
I strongly oppose this proposal for most but not all the reasons already posted in this forum. I have for you a few items of news and I hope accurate information, that I have gleaned from various sources. My apologies should any of this information prove incorrect, but it is given in good faith. Firstly let me draw your attention to a number of further videos available to you on you T ube. Enter WES30. You will find videos allowing you to see and hear the noise made by the turbines in action. Also , the one entitled" Peter Island WES 30 Turbine" shows a stand alone pair of turbines similar to those in the proposal. Personally I find the two bladed turbines proposed , visually difficult to observe as they appear to have a visual imbalance . It is a well documented fact that such turbines pay for themselves in typically a four to five year period unlike solar panels with a typical break even time of about 20 years . This may go some way to explaining the choice of wind turbines by Leahurst. However, here are a few more figures for you. The proposed turbines can be reasonably expected to generate over 1 million kilowatts per year. This will I understand attract a govenrment subsidy of £24500 per turbine and they can sell surplus energy to the national grid. Anyone fancy a wind turbine.?
Old Timer
At 19:10 on 16th July 2012, Old Timer commented:
Sorry, I forgot these snippits. It appears that the highways department have decided to oppose the application due to the proposal to access the site via Mill Lane. Finally the subsidy mentioned im my previous comment above, is generously funded by you and me by a levy on our domestic fuel bills.
At 21:28 on 16th July 2012, Cathy21 commented:
If Mill Lane is bad the idea to then take massive concrete lorries etc along Woodfall Lane which is a narrow Bridleway is horrendous. How can they ensure the safety of riders and walkers.?
Old Timer
At 10:06 on 17th July 2012, Old Timer commented:
The July meeting of Neston Civic Society submitted the following comment to the council planners. " We feel that these turbines will have a visual impact on the local landscape amenity ,but will not impact on the residential community.
At 18:09 on 17th July 2012, Jorosan commented:
I bet none of the Neston Civic Society members live in Gorston Lane or on the Rockfarm estate!!
At 19:01 on 17th July 2012, johnbillpayer commented:
Well said , Jorosan , I think they have a nerve to 'speak' on behalf of the residents - they're a CIVIC society not a residents association ! I bet spanna doesn't live in those areas either ( and we know what people are who are called "spanners" in Liverpool ) ...
At 19:28 on 17th July 2012, Cathy21 commented:
Well said Jorosan and johnbillpayer, Who are the Neston Civic Society? Old Timer, 9th July, CW&c council said the area "might" be suitable for wind turbine generation and on its map there are myriad of these areas marked as green area on the map.
Old Timer
At 20:03 on 17th July 2012, Old Timer commented:
Google it.!
At 20:55 on 17th July 2012, Cathy21 commented:
Thank you Old Timer,just done that. Interesting. Google comes up with all sorts of information about Wind Turbines also. I've learned a lot in a week.
Old Timer
At 07:47 on 18th July 2012, Old Timer commented:
Thanks Cathie. Now try WES30. Just another bit of info here. To produce the same annual amount of electricity expected to be produced by these turbines would probably require between 4000 and 5000 solar panels with a price tag close to the 1 million pound mark. So that's a no then.
Old Timer
At 08:08 on 18th July 2012, Old Timer commented:
Another government statistic site I found shows that for the first 9 months of 2011 the average output of wind turbines was just about 26% of their rated output. The Leahurst figure seem to be based on the manufacturers far more generous estimate. Other sources claim some wind farms are actually achieving as low as 15%. So lights out early for them then.
At 20:47 on 18th July 2012, Jorosan commented:
Type 'wind farms rejected' into google search to see how many on shore turbines are being turned down! "We're not alone"
At 21:18 on 18th July 2012, Jorosan commented:
This is a good one!!

Mike W
At 22:40 on 18th July 2012, Mike W commented:
There are some good grounds for objection but I cannot see any single point of contact other than writing to CWAC planning case officer. The community of Bickerton fought and won a similar case and it might be worth a quick contact to establish how they organised their objection. These wind turbines are very ineffective without additional external funding and we are the ones funding these badly thought out schemes. The output figures quoted are for turbines working at max capacity 24hrs which is never possible. The Danes have been down this wind technology for many years and with turbines everywhere they only achieve 20% efficiency and now they are removing them, so we need to object to this stupid and I'll thought out scheme ASAP. What criteria did CWAC adopt for suitable sites for renewables? What response did Neston Town Council give when requested to comment from their Planning Committee? What are the views of CWAC Councillors Loch and Gittins? To many questions and very little time!
At 22:42 on 18th July 2012, spanna commented:
johnbillpayer i purposely did not mention about the location of the windturbines and its distance to residential areas because that is not for me to comment, as you are right i don't live close enough for it to effect me. However i am still entitled to my opinion and i would not at all be bothered by the turbines if i did live closer.
Also, as i stated, i didn't want to upset anyone, just wanted to share my views, but wonder what my screen name - SPANNA has to do with any of this!! And no, i have no idea 'what people are who are called "spanners" in Liverpool'
Old Timer
At 07:57 on 19th July 2012, Old Timer commented:
Sorry Spanna, I really can't accept your view. Living near such turbines will almost certainly reduce the value of your house. If you can afford to take the hit so be it. Additionally though, you have to find a like-minded buyer. At the moment buyers are few and far between and like-minded buyers even fewer. Even if the turbines are not yet built, the planning application is on record and the uncertainty of this will deter potential buyers.
Old Timer
At 08:51 on 19th July 2012, Old Timer commented:
My research has thrown up some more useful references on Google. " Is there a health hazard to people living 500 metres from a wind turbine". Then look at "wind turbine noise - windbyte" Then "pdf windfarms" This is a House of Commons briefing document about wind turbine noise etc. There are plenty of others to choose from, but I found these two quite informative.
At 10:32 on 19th July 2012, Cathy21 commented:
Health problems:- Ian Johnstonon on the Telegraph website, 3rd Aug 2009, reported on the research of Dr Nina Pierpont in the USA. She found sleep distubances, tachycardia (abnormal heart beat), headaches, tinnitus and more problems and recommended that wind turbines should be sited 2000m from houses.
Intersting and very important go to www.parliament.uk and search and read Wind Turbines (Minimum Distance from Residential Premises) Bill (HL Bill 11). The first reading was in the house of Lords on 14th May, second reading still to be arranged, The minimum distance from housing for the 46.4m Turbines that are to be erected is 1000m. That covers Gorstons Lane, Sandy Lane, Lees Lane, Rock Farm estate and Mill Lane Ness and more. Some councils are following this Bill already.Can Leahurst creep it in before the second reading.
At 10:43 on 19th July 2012, RR commented:
Having also read about the research of Dr Nnia Pierpont I am concerned as I already suffer from tachycardia and live well within 1000m of the proposed site. Also I suffer with ear problems so worry about tinnitus.
Please everyone read Wind Turbines (Minimum Distance from Residential Premises) Bill on www.parliament.uk.
Mike W
At 17:28 on 23rd July 2012, Mike W commented:
1. This application is flawed from the start. The criteria for renewables sites within CWAC jurisdiction is highly dubious and needs clarification of suitability on issues including environmental impact assessment, turbine visual impact, noise, vibration, shadow flicker, public health for nearby residents. Was this just another desk top exercise and what qualifications did the assessors of the renewable sites have?
2. The application lies between two International RAMSAR sites for wildlife and in registered Green Belt. The winter migration flights of birds between the Mersey and Dee is well documented and should be respected by Government.
3. The two turbines are too high and far too close to public amenities including footpaths etc and very close to dwelling houses. The Government Valuation Office Agency have already supported and out of court settlement with another application not as intrusive as this whereby the house Council Tax Band has had to reflect the lower high prices. Government Planning Guidelines ETSU-R-97 (1996) are out of keeping with these new larger structures. (Sunday Times 27.07.12)
4. The construction work will seriously effect local traffic, businesses and residents and environmentally have greater impact than the intended purpose of the turbines in the long term.
5. The lack of time for public consultation is a disgrace and lack of liaison with the third tier of Government (Neston Town Council) shows CWAC's disregard for the Big Society and local people.
6. This will set a precedence for other landowners to apply in future and will not prevent Liverpool University reapplying. The renewable option of photovoltaic's on the roof structures of the vast complex of Leahurst must outweigh the use of two turbines
7. Any solicitor conducting a search on a conveyance will now have this application highlighted and already lower the value of local properties.

Yours sincerely

M. Wellman
At 22:05 on 23rd July 2012, , commented:
I can see why people living right next to the 2 turbines would feel concerned however an awful lot of these doom and gloom reports from so called experts are very dubious indeed.

Take for example these "health concerns". Do you have any idea of the ongoing health concerns from mobile phone masts - we have them at many key locations next to houses in Neston yet these are allowed.

Also the construction traffic - surely that's a very short term issue while these are being built - and there are only 2 of them.

As a country we have to look to renewable energy wherever we can and organisations like Leahurst should be praised for looking at alternatives.

I heard on the news just last week that due to concerns over power shortages in the future, the nuclear power stations on Anglesey will not be decommissioned altogether but instead new nuclear power stations will be commissioned and both Russia and China have expressed an interest in building and running them.

Now being less than 100 miles from nuclear power stations managed in this way worries me as a Neston resident & in my mind further strengthens the argument for wind/solar/hydro power generation wherever possible and on whatever scale.

At 14:41 on 5th September 2012, Cathy21 commented:
Received an email yesterday and a letter today informing me that the planning application has been withdrawn.
At 08:15 on 6th September 2012, Jorosan commented:
So did I. It seems common sense has prevailed.
Many thanks to everyone who objected to these proposals.

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