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Top 3 Events Coming to Komedia Brighton

Published: 25th November 2019 10:14


There is no denying how influential Brighton is for the development of British culture. The seaside city plays host to a vast amount of pop culture phenomena from comedy to live music, spoken word to Avant Garde performance pieces, and dance to drama.

Komedia Brighton is one such venue that facilitates the vast amount of talent available to the South East. But what can you expect to be able to see at Komedia Brighton, and how are the attractions showcased reflective of the growth in British culture?



Comedy – Becoming Electra

Comedy is all about pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo to showcase the most exciting elements of humanity. Becoming Electra: A Queer Mitzvah brings together two distinct identities: - being LGBT+ and being Jewish - to discuss the intersectionality in a comedic way. The one-woman drag show has been described as heart-warming and original. It stars Guy Woolf – playing his drag alter-ego Electra Cute – in a rare solo performance without the other four members of his group, Denim.

The comedy element comes from the cabaret nature of the drag show, which incorporates songs, anecdotes, and zany performances about straddling two different identities. The show has come at the most opportune time, given the increasing popularity of drag performances in the UK. The launch of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK earlier this Autumn – and its blistering viewing figures on iPlayer and subsequent chart-topping of one of the songs released by the contestants into the official charts – shows that this kind of comedy content is exactly what audiences want.

While the show offers something fun and a chance to let off steam by laughing, it is also wrapped up in a deeper, more heartfelt story. This resonates more with audiences and makes the laughter that bit more genuine. The minimalist approach to telling the story of Electra, allows Woolf’s portrayal of the comedic character to strike that much harder. The satirical singing has been described as "a soothing affair; enticing, yet natural and refraining from showboating". The best kinds of comedy are the ones that are funny without having to shout about the fact they are funny.

Music – The Fleetwood Mac Story

Perhaps the most recognisable aspect of the band Fleetwood Mac is the unconventional story that played out behind the scenes. The band’s primary line-up - Stevie Nicks, Lindsay Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood and John and Christine McVie – released their second, and arguably greatest, album Rumours in 1977. The title came from the fact that the drama behind the scenes helped fuel some of the most soulful and eye-opening songs in music’s history.

The Fleetwood Mac Story helps tell the story of the band through their music, shifting from insightful introspective commentary to songs that encourage you to dance down the aisles. Buckingham and Nicks’s relationship crumbled over the course of their tenure in the band, with each writing songs about the other (Dreams and Go Your Own Way). While Nicks began and ended a relationship with Fleetwood, the McVie's marriage collapsed as Christine began a relationship with one of the technicians. The song You Make Loving Fun must have been hard for John McVie to play when he realised it was about his wife’s new lover.

The revitalisation of bands such as Fleetwood Mac is a huge talking point, especially as Fleetwood Mac were actually in talks to play Glastonbury earlier this year. While the talks disintegrated over remuneration, the idea that the band still have enough of a fanbase and enough pull with audiences to command such high-profile events shows just how popular they still are. While some people are enjoying Fleetwood Mac for the first time, those who lived through the tumultuous relationship history of its main players will likely enjoy the nostalgia factor that the show has to offer.



Party – Bogan Bingo

Bingo! Once a game relegated to community halls and church parties, bingo has begun to thrive again thanks to a host of modern ways to engage with the game. The "devastatingly hilarious" Bogan Bingo is one such way the game has been modernised for new audiences. The term Bogan is used derogatorily in Australia to refer to someone who is uncouth and unsophisticated. But, the bogans who grace the stage have commandeered the insult to present to audiences a hugely entertaining laugh-a-minute version of the game of bingo.

The night combines musical interludes, choreography, and comedy from the bogan bingo callers. Plus, the game offers exciting and outrageous prizes. The game is similar in style to Bongo’s Bingo, another way in which the game of bingo has been modernized to appeal to a new audience. Where Bongo’s Bingo brings bingo to the nightclub-going generation, Bogan Bingo adds comedy to the mix to contextualise the game of bingo.

Bingo has been seeing a revival in nearly all its forms in recent years, thanks in part to the adapting of the game to be more accessible on digital platforms. For instance, what is slingo if not a modernized version of bingo that combines bingo with slot machines, which will appeal to an audience who want to connect with bingo on their phone or desktop? The revival of bingo as both a source of party entertainment and a popular game online shows that some traditions remain traditions even when they are updated to attract modern audiences. Judging by the selling out of so many events, it could be argued that modern bingo is now more popular than bingo hall bingo ever was.

There are dozens of exciting activities to take part in in Brighton. From comedy shows such as Being Electra, to the illustrious story of Fleetwood Mac's history, to even indulging in bingo, a game that has soared in popularity thanks to modern variants. You will never be at a loss for something fun to do in Brighton!

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