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Discovering the FUE hair transplant method

Published: 13th January 2020 11:07

In the last three decades, baldness and all the issues related to it (especially those that concern an individual’s personal and social life) have become a highly debated subject, especially in the medical field.

In our image-based society, physical appearance can affect the success of a person much more than people usually think. Therefore, the whole scientific and medical community has witnessed a growing number of people seeking solutions to all the problems related to androgenetic baldness, better known as alopecia.

Naturally, it’s not a matter of life and death: we’re not talking about finding a cure for a fatal disease. But at the same time, it is an issue that shouldn’t be underrated or overlooked. Especially as it can largely affect a person’s psychological health and interpersonal skills, as well as negatively impact their career and personal fulfilment.

The development of hair loss surgery in Turkey

This is the main reason why so many hair loss therapies, technologies and more and more sophisticated surgical instruments have been recently introduced on the market. Continuous research in the most advanced laboratories has been able to set up a remarkable number of techniques. Each one of them having been specifically tailored for a certain kind of procedure. Therefore, people affected by alopecia can be treated in many ways, according to the type of surgery required, the cause and severity of their hair loss.

In the last decade, Turkey – and in particular its capital Istanbul – has become the most important research Centre for hair loss treatment. Thanks to an extremely profitable pricing policy of its hair loss clinic, the city on the Bosporus has attracted a huge number of patients from all over the world. People from Europe, Middle East and Central Asia are all keen to travel to Istanbul in order to put an end to their discomfort and undergo a therapy. Above all looking to make a hair surgery treatment that they cannot afford in their own country, mostly for economic reasons.

Therefore, this constantly growing stream of patients has encouraged the Turkish hair loss clinics to invest substantial sums of money into research. Thus, making the city of Istanbul one of the most significant hub for hair restoration.

Hair loss treatment in Turkey: the FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques explained

Among the many hair transplant techniques developed and/or perfected in Turkey, the FUT method is considered to be the forefather. And even though it has been replaced to a great extent by the more advanced FUE technique, it still remains a viable solution, especially for the most dramatic cases of severe baldness.

While performing FUT, the surgeon removes a strip of the scalp containing a few hairs and transfers it to the area where bald spots needs to be covered. This unfortunately can result in more scarring, but the whole procedure takes less time and is also a good solution for those who need to have many grafts transplanted.

Yet, the FUE technique is more widely performed now due to a few advantages over the FUT:

      FUE allows for greater precision, since it is based on the removal of single follicular units (FUE stands exactly for Follicular Unit Extraction), instead of entire strips of skins from the scalp.

      FUE results in smaller wounds on the scalp, dramatically reducing the risks of scars. This is especially beneficial to those who want to wear their hair short.

      Being less invasive than the FUT method it allows for a shorter post-surgical recovery period.


Conclusion: the FUE method is the new benchmark for hair transplant 

Currently, FUE hair transplant in Turkey is probably the most desired kind of hair surgery and is considered to be the most affordable one. Different variants of this method are also available: for instance, FUE with bio grafts, robotic FUE, the Sapphire method, and many others.

All things considered, the research is still on its way
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