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7 Ways Plagiarism Affects Your Marks and Career

Published: 14th August 2019 12:41



Illegal borrowing ideas from other authors is the talk of the town in colleges. For those who are not aware of this concept: plagiarizing takes place when someone steals style, language, thoughts, or insights of another author posing them as his/her own work. Plagiarism is associated with abuse of the copyright legislation. However, those who abuse the legislation are not subjected to criminal liability, while it’s considered an ethical offense in the academic world. Besides, it can make a negative impact on your marks and future career even if you didn’t have an intent to plagiarize. Let’s examine the consequences of plagiarism and its effects on your studies and career.


Why Is Plagiarism Bad?

As it’s tied to a breach of professional ethics, it may involve undesired consequences for the students using it in their works. The punishment may vary from low marks to expulsion. We don’t recommend to do experiments with it.

Negative impacts of plagiarizing at college:

·      Reduced marks

·      Expulsion from college

·      Damage reputation in academic circles

Journalists, politicians, and authors may face a problem of plagiarizing more often than other professionals. Negative impacts of plagiarizing at workplace may involve the following:

·      Dismissal from current workplace

·      Imprisonment

·      Loss of professional reputation

·       Hazard to a professional career

These are the sufficient causes to avoid borrowing ideas from others. It’s easy to detect and eliminate it with plagiarism checker that can be found online for free. If you have doubts about whether there is a certain amount of plagiarism in your paper, it’s better to use https://phdessay.com/online-plagiarism-checker/ to make sure you’re not plagiarizing to avoid its negative consequences.


When Does It Take Place?

Many students think that the only way to plagiarize is copying the sections of other sources and then pasting them into their own work posing these ideas as own. But this is not only the case.

Copyright infringement arises when:

·      You paraphrase incorrectly

·      You use quotations wrongly

·      You forgot include citation of the source you used in your paper

·      You copied the text but forgot include marks to quote sources or cite them

There are many modern tools you can use to check your text for phrases and ideas borrowed from other sources. To avoid unethical practices, you can use a plagiarism checker. By using special tools, you can make sure that your paper is 100% original.


Unintentional Plagiarism

It’s relatively easy to detect plagiarizing in papers if it’s intentional. However, sometimes students face a problem of unintentional breach of copyright law. There are many tools available on the internet if you would like to learn this topic in depth. The best way to avoid plagiarizing ideas of other authors is taking notes and then delivering your own ideas based on the literature cited. If you want to discuss the ideas of other writers, you may use quotation and citation. It’s important to learn citation rules to format quotes properly. It’s a great idea to check for plagiarism using online tools available on the internet and make sure you can maintain your untarnished reputation.  


Academic community and writers denounce attempts to abuse copyright laws. If you want to maintain good standing in these circles, you should be very careful with citations and quotations.  Also, you should get familiar with citation approaches and using quotes in your own papers. The most common ways of staying away from borrowing ideas of other people:

·      Making records of core ideas in your own words

·      Correct paraphrasing and rewriting

·      Using quotations with author indication in brackets

·      Correct citation


It’s not likely that you will be imprisoned for the abuse of copyright law unless you commit a significant crime, but you can significantly damage reputation as a writer by the wrong use of the ideas of other authors. Therefore, use online free tools to detect plagiarism and make sure to know the citation rules before start writing. You can consciously avoid intentional plagiarism, but you need in-depth knowledge to skip unintentional copyright infringement. Remember that your academic and professional reputation depends on strict compliance with ethical copyright requirements.



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