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Wirral LEA 11+ Question Types 19, 20 & 21

Author: Mike Edwards Published: 27th October 2010 12:02

The eigth in a series of articles by Mike Edwards of The Tutors, relating to the Wirral LEA 11+ Method & Technique Course.

Here are the final three question types for the Wirral LEA 11+ grammar school selection tests. Question types 1 - 18 have been posted in previous articles that can be accessed through the links at the end of this article.

11+Next week I will post on article on dealing with issues relating to the test, i.e. improving timing and reducing anxiety.

As we get closer to the tests children should have started in-school preparation and will shortly be due to complete two mock tests. The in county children will mainly sit the mock tests at their primary schools whereas the out of county children sit the tests at one of the grammar schools, you should have been notified at which school your child will be  sitting the tests.

It is most likely that your child will be completing practice test papers. It is important that you know that papers written by Letts that are NFER based were written between 1996 and 1997 (check the copyright information on their packs), these papers do not contain six of the question types and one of the included question types only appears once. However these papers do have the closest answer sheet to the real tests, so can be used for familiarisation of the answer sheet.

It is also important that your child is only working on Verbal Reasoning Multiple Choice practice papers for test preparation. However, it is advisable to work on time tables for multiplication and division so that your child has instant recall for multiplication up to 12 x 12 and can divide mentally a 3 digit number by a 1 digit number e.g 164 divided by 4.

You should be marking test papers positively, if your child is now achieving scores of between 60 - 75 %, they are doing well and it is up to you to identify areas for improvement and provide the correct level of input to help them improve their scores. Success in entrance tests is based on teamwork, the child, the parent, the tutor, the resources and occassionally the school. Your child must know that they are the most important part of this team.

 Good Luck!

Question Type 19 Word - Number Codes

In these questions there are four words. Three of the words have been given a code. The codes are not written in the same order as the words. Work out the correct answers and mark them on the answer sheet.


2453 2431 2345

Work out the code for PEAL

Once the code has been worked out you will be given 3 questions, you use the code to answer the questions.

When answering these questions you need to look for patterns in the position of the letters that correspond to the pattern in the positions in the code.

Write down all the numbers that appear in the code in numerical order.

1 2 3 4 5

There are 3 words that start with P and 3 codes that start with 2

P = 2

It is important to write the letter directly under the number to save any confusion

1 2 3 4 5

There are 2 words that start PL and 2 codes that start 24

L = 4

Write L under 4

1 2 3 4 5
   P    L

There is one word with a P in 1st place and an L in 3rd place; PALE

The code for this word must be 2?4?. There is only one code that fits this pattern, 2345


A = 3
E = 5

Write A under 3 and E under 5

1 2 3 4 5
   P A L E

The only letter left is Y and the only number left is 1

Y = 1

Write Y under 1

1 2 3 4 5

Now you have broken the code you can work out the answer.

PEAL = 2534

You would normally be given five multiple-choice options, but as with previous questions I have omitted these, because it is important that the student works out the full code.

Because the questions are linked to the codes I will give two sample codes with two questions each.

3254 5423 1423

Work out the code for READ

Work out the code for GRADE

3125 4513 2145

Work out the code for PLATE

What is the word for 14435?

Question Type 20 - Complete the Word

In these questions there are three pairs of words. The last pair of words is made up un the same way as the first two pairs. Find the missing word and mark it on the answer sheet.

Example 1

(sand and) (said aid)
(sink [ ? ] )

You need to ask yourself the question "Where did the letters in the second words come from?"

Where did the a in and and the a in aid come from?

The second letter of the first words.

So the first letter of the missing word must be i

Where did the n in and and the i in aid come from?

The third letter of the first words.

So the second letter of the missing word must be n

Where did the d in and and the d in aid come from?

The fourth letter of the first words

So the third letter of the missing word is k

This gives us the answer ink

Example 2

(awesome same) (elitist test)
(hassled [ ? ] )

As the questions get more difficult then the number of options where the letters originated from increases. In the above example there are two e's in awesome, there are two t's in elitist and two t´s in test.

To make the process easier just choose whichever pair of words has the least number of duplicates, i.e. awesome and same.

Applying the method from example 2 you should end up with

awesome same
hassled ( ? )

s h e (s or d) the answer is shed, shes is not a word.

Sample questions

(wait wit) (seat sat)
(drew [ ? ] )

(hurdle red) (lawyer wry)
(neater [ ? ] )

(damsels less) (dessert rest)
(climate [ ? ] )

(daydream yard) (inspired snip)
(menswear [ ? ] )


Question Type 21 - Double Meaning

In these questions there are two pairs of words. One of the five answers will go equally well with both pairs of words. Find the word and mark it on the answer sheet.


(mail letter)
(pole stake)

One the answer sheet you are given five words to choose from.

A stick
B parcel
C gamble
D post
E half

You are looking for a word with a double meaning.

Compare the answer options with the words in the first set of brackets and see if they have the same meaning. If they do have the same meaning, then compare the answer option with the words in the second set of brackets.

It is important to check that the word does fit both sets of brackets.

stick does not have the same meaning as mail

parcel does have the same meaning as mail and letter, but soes not have the same meaning a pole and stake.

gamble does not have the same meaning as mail

post does have the same meaning as mail and letter, and it also has the same meaning as pole and stake.

Therefore the correct answer is post.

Sample questions

(kind type)
(arrange rank)

A side
B slow
C sort
D seal
E shoe

(shut lock)
(end finish)

A craze
B crush
C chief
D close
E chore

(gentle warm)
(sore painful)

A humid
B upset
C happy
D tender
E young

(create write)
(relax unwind)

A carve
B diminish
C compose
D draw
E increase

Mike Edwards

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