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Wirral LEA 11+ Mock Test Tips

Author: Mike Edwards Published: 11th November 2010 09:06

The latest in a series of articles by Mike Edwards of The Tutors.

What is a mock test?

What is the purpose of a mock test?

Is the mock test an indication of how your child will perform in the real test?

11+A mock test probably has many meaning depending on the point of view of the individual. I tend to think that they are an informal way of introducing a formal test, they give the student the opportunity to complete test papers under similar test conditions to the real tests.

The Wirral LEA 11+ Mock Tests have no bearing on the results of the actual tests, but we do know that the first test is always perceived to be more difficult than the second test.

Children who find the first test difficult often do not sit the second test and are withdrawn from the selection process. Do not do this!!!

The mock tests reflect the structure of the real tests, but do not necessarily reflect the standard of the real tests, therefore mock test results are insignificant. It is not worth your time discussing a mock test result with your child. Sometimes the score of the mock test is not provided to the child or parent.

Preparation for the mock tests must focus on the "experience" of the child. Were there any distractions? Was the child relaxed and comfortable? Were there any unusual questions? How anxious was the child before, during and after the test? The last thing that you need to know and the first question you will ask is "How did you get on, what was your score?".

If your child had any anxieties now is the time to tell them how important the "mock test experience" is. It is actually there to help the child to be more relaxed, more confident and less anxious when they sit the actual tests. Tell them that the result itself is not so important. Ask them to describe what they did, what was said to them, what was the room like, did they have working out paper, was their pencil sharp, did they have a spare pencil. These visualisation and focusing techniques are powerful tools, let them talk openly, don't interrogate them. A quiet child will often be bottling anxieties up, now is the time to deal kindly with any issues.

It is important to make mistakes in mock tests, because they do not count. Just don't make the same mistake twice. There is no need to be negative about mistakes, if your child knows this he/she is likely to let you know that they did something a little bit daft, they knew  what they had done but did not have time to correct it, but they have learnt from this experience.

It is not necessary to get 100% on any test. A score above 80%, although below the selection test pass mark, is still a good score at this time. It is likely that there is still one question type that is proving to be more difficult or takes more time to complete. But you are now "fine tuning", getting to the "optimum possible performance"; this sounds a bit dehumanising but it is actually what you are doing.

You need to let go of the mock test and refocus attention on preparation, completion of practice papers and on-going assessments of your child´s performance through your own work and/or the work of your tutor.

Once again, Good Luck.

Mike Edwards, The Tutors

Publisher of  the Wirral LEA 11+ Method & Technique Course

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