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New Business is the Toast of the Town in Neston

Published: 1st April 2015 07:09

Neston's business profile has received a major boost after a local entrepreneur secured exclusive distribution rights for a revolutionary new product.

Blowster Distribution, Unit 13 Clayhill Estate, Neston

Joseph Kerr, Managing Director of 'Blowster', based at Clayhill Industrial Estate in Neston, explains how the deal with Korean manufacturing partners 'Man-Ujeol' came about and how his company has obtained exclusive rights to distribute leading-edge technology throughout the UK.

"My wife and I were celebrating our anniversary on holiday in Seoul, staying at the Sheraton Hotel. We were astonished to see what looked like several hair-dryers lined up at the breakfast bar with guests using them to make their toast. Obviously we had to have a go - and were astonished at the results. The best toast we'd ever tasted. With the help of the hotel staff we were able to make contact with the manufacturer and the rest, as they say, is history. 

"It's a simple but ingenious idea. We've all burned our toast by leaving it in the toaster or under the grill too long - well now here's the answer: the Blowster - a hand-held device that uses advanced thermal engineering, ensuring the perfect slice of toast every time."

The device resembles a small hair-dryer which is used to precision blow-heat your toast to the perfect golden hue. But here's the clever bit: the device comes with a patented 'Convectitherm' stand on which the toast is placed for Blowsting. The Convectitherm filaments detect the fluctuating temperature as the Blowster heats the bread, absorbing and reflecting any excess heat to symmetrically toast the reverse side of the slice. It's quick, safe, economic and environmentally friendly.

Blowster Stand & MittensRetailing at £59.99 (RRP), the Blowster comes complete with Convectitherm toast stand, precision nozzle, charger and heat-proof mittens in a range of attractive colours. Using the charger and mittens, you can take your Blowster on a picnic and safely toast away to your heart's content. The precision nozzle is a bit of fun really, though artistic customers may put it to more elaborate use. It allows you to choose which parts of the slice you want less/more toasted, with amazing results. Kids will love the novelty of it (appropriately supervised, of course).

The company's logo features the chirpy character 'Jigag' (or 'Crust' in Korean) who we can expect to see popping up in cafes and homes very soon. Mr Kerr is confident the Blowster will be a sure-fire success and this year's 'hot' must-have Christmas present.

Elephant Coffee in Neston and Parkgate are the first UK outlets to adopt the Blowster and staff have been wowing customers with their artistic flair:

Elephant Coffee Blowster Art

Update - 1.4.15, 5.30pm:  Yes, those who guessed it, well done....this was our annual jape for April 1st.  We hope it amused!  If you'd like to see a few more that we've published over the years, visit the April Fools Day articles section here.

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At 11:20 on 1st April 2015, rayred57 commented:
Well it sounds like a bit of fun - but having, as a kid, sat in front of the open-fire, with a slice of bread on a toasting fork - cooking my toast, I suspect this could quickly lose its novelty appeal. Personally sticking two slices in the toaster and them coming up - automatically - perfectly done every time (while I make my tea) seems more of an advance. Even with the mittens I think I would have to keep it locked up in the kitchen with kids around. I wonder if it does Cheese on Toast? But who am I t decry the advances of technology with its labour-saving (or increasing) devices.
Angela T
At 13:46 on 1st April 2015, Angela T commented:
I suspect the Blowster might just make a fool out of some of us?!
null n
At 17:39 on 2nd April 2015, null n commented:
Thanks very much for this !!!!

Not only did I have to put up with my children trying to heat breaded products using a hair dryer, but one of the young entrepreneurs found the old Black and Decker paint stripping gun in the shed and managed to incinerate half a loaf of Mr Warburton's finest white !

It all got a bit silly when they created a new type of "bagel warmer" using an old 80's heated roller set :-)

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