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Candidate Statements - CWAC Elections 2015 : Little Neston & Burton Ward

Published: 21st April 2015 08:39

Election Results published here  

Local Government Elections 2015 - Cheshire West and Chester Council - Little Neston & Burton Ward

Ballot box

There are 2 seats available in this ward, with 8 candidates nominated.  You may vote for up to 2 candidates (1 vote per seat available).

Each candidate was invited to submit a statement of no more than 300 words, and a photograph. Statements received are listed below in alphabetical order.

Statements are unedited. Photographs have all been reduced to 130 pixel width (depths may vary).

Cummins, Tony (Liberal Democrats)

Tony CumminsHaving married a Neston girl (Pauline nee Bell), I have lived in the town for some 36 years. In my previous capacity as chairman of Neston and District Chamber of Trade I have represented local businesses, and proudly participated in Ladies Walk. I am mindful that both businesses and residents express disapproval of being treated like the poor relation to Ellesmere Port.

Having been elected to the Town Council in 2010, I can see how CWaC appear to ignore, and fail to communicate with Neston Town Council. During this time I have been a member of the committees responsible for introducing the Neighbourhood Plan, improving mosquito management techniques in the Little Neston Riverside area; and strongly opposed the Cuckoo Lane, and Wind Turbine projects.

Ellesmere Port will open their £15 million Leisure Village in May, whilst Neston Recreation Centre doesn't even have a proper sign.

We are the Cinderella of Cheshire West; and still nobody appears to speak up for Neston. Neston is the only large town in CWaC that doesn't have an Economic Development Strategy. At a recent meeting CWaC councillors were asked if they had questioned why Neston was not included, and there was no response from the Little Neston & Burton, and Neston ward councillors.

I believe Neston people deserve better than second best, and need a strong voice in Cheshire West & Chester Council.

Only a local person can truly appreciate and respect the strong community spirit and enduring traditions that make Neston unique. I believe your local councillor should be local; and the voice of the community within the council, not the council's voice in the community.

I believe our communities are worth fighting for, and with your support I would be honoured to serve the people of Little Neston, Ness and Burton.

Farrance, Richard (Liberal Democrats)

Richard FarranceI want to represent Little Neston & Burton on Cheshire West and Chester Council because I have lived in the Neston area most of my life, and I am proud to be a part of a thriving local community. But like all towns if Neston is to continue to thrive it needs funds to promote things it does well and to regenerate in areas it doesn't. I think there has been complacency amongst Cheshire West and Chester Councillors both Conservative and Labour that has meant Neston has missed out on major opportunities for investment from Cheshire West and Chester Council. For example Neston is the only major town in the Cheshire West and Chester Council area that doesn't have its own funding through what the council calls an Economic Development Strategy.

I am probably one of the youngest people standing to be a Cheshire West and Chester Councillor in the Neston area and I will admit that I don't have the experience of having been a Councillor at either town or borough level. But this will not be the first time I have stood up for Neston as a town, aged 17 I was part of the Neston Market Town initiative committee which helped to bring in major investment to Neston. It's been over 10 years but I want to help stand up for Neston again.

I am standing as a Liberal Democrat because the Liberal Democrats are the only party that have consistently fought as a matter of principle for power to be devolved to the lowest possible level. If elected on May 7th I would push the leaders of Cheshire West and Chester Council to allow more decisions to be made by Neston Town Council.

Gittins, Louise (Labour)

Louise GittinsI have been a Cheshire West and Chester Councillor since May 2011, my pledges at the time included an undertaking to ‘get the job done' and to work hard for my residents, supported by my labour values of equality and fairness. My key achievements have been:

• Successfully campaigning with residents against Cheshire West Council's urbanisation of Cuckoo Lane
• Campaigning with local Mums to get a safe road crossing outside Burton Road Primary School
• Campaigning to ensure the viability of our Children's Centre
• Working with residents to fight for continued bus services in the area, in particular the cuts to Arrowe Park hospital route and the withdrawal of services from Burton
• Working with local schools and residents to improve road safety around our schools/

I am Shadow Spokesperson for Health and Well Being and Deputy Leader of the Labour group. These roles have enabled me to not only look at Borough wide issues but also to keep local ones high on the Council's agenda: for example pushing for the refurbishment of Neston Recreation Centre. I've also raised concerns around the Council's relationship with Arrowe Park Hospital: e.g. ensuring effective discharge planning for our residents and parity of health care provision.

If I am elected these are my pledges:

• To continue to work towards improving our transport links
• To work with residents for safer streets including 20mph Zones in residential areas
• To continue working with local groups to ensure the viability of our Children's Centre
• To continue to fight for equal Health Care provision at Arrowe Park Hospital
• Continue to fight to protect our green leisure spaces
• Set up regular community forums to enable residents to speak directly to councillors and council officers.

Jones, Nigel (Conservative)

Nigel JonesThere's nothing like a small black box beeping repeatedly at you in the middle of the night, dragging you from the depths of sleep, grabbing you from the warm comfort of bed, and throwing you out into a rain spattered, howling gale, to make you understand the spirit of public service. That black box was my lifeboat pager, provided to me by the RNLI, a magnificent organisation that I was proud to serve for 6 years.

After standing waist deep in the River Mersey, waiting to recover a pitching lifeboat, there's not much which fazes me.

For me public service is something that comes as a way of life and I have always sought to serve the community in which I live in some way. Be that acting as a Scout Leader at 1st Burton Scouts, serving on the parent bodies at both St Winefrides and Bishop Wilson Primaries, acting as Chair of the Patient's panel at my doctor's surgery, or as a Trustee of CH64.

Professionally, I practised locally as a solicitor and I have also been engaged as a parliamentary assistant to a Cheshire MP, during the course of which I have helped many hundreds of clients and constituents with their problems and queries.

So, what can I offer to you the local electorate? Simply this - a new face, new ideas and my promise to the residents of Little Neston and Burton to put their interests at the top of the agenda. I shall use such of the practical and professional skills that I have, and not least a tireless commitment to hard work, to listen, to understand, to help and to represent your interests. My history of public service shows that I have the relevant skills to deliver results and to turn words into action. Thank you.

Kettle, Sue (UK Independence Party)

Sue KettleSue Kettle has been in the political arena for over 15 years, nine and a half of these on the former Ellesmere Port and Neston Borough Council. If elected, Sue will serve the residents of Little Neston and Burton to the best of her ability and will also work hard for the benefit of all the residents in Ellesmere Port and Neston.

Most of her life Sue has lived locally, although, her marriage led her to Birkenhead, Barrow in Furness, Shrewsbury and as far as Canada. She has four grown up children, two of whom live locally, one lives in Plymouth and the other in London. Added to this, she has six grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Following a 40 year career as a nurse, during which she owned and ran her own Residential/Nursing/Care Home, which increased during her ten years of ownership from 18 beds to 40 beds, before moving on to Agency work and then retirement. Since then Sue has maintained her activities connected to the community care and the N.H.S. by being a hospital governor for the last nine years. She is also a member of the Cheshire West Partnership, which covers community and mental health care.

Amongst her other interests are supporting The Marie Curie local group, Being Madame Chairman of an Age UK group in Chester for Older People's Resources and Governor at Archers' Brook School for youngsters with severe social/educational and psychological needs. She finds this role interesting and intensely rewarding and since the inception of its current Head, has had excellent reports from OFSTED.

Nigel Farage has made this party the Party of common sense, intending to bring the GREAT back into Great Britain and Sue hopes that you will support her in her efforts and on 7th May, vote UKIP.

Loch, Kay (Conservative)

Kay LochThe work of a borough councillor ranges from working with residents, the police and council officers on traffic problems, planning and environmental issues and community projects. My proudest achievements have been the Burton Marsh Greenway and the footpath improvement from Ness to Ness Gardens and I am currently working on a project with all the local schools to install their colourful artwork on wall boards around the market square. I am also hoping to work with young people to create a Green Gym trail in the town.

Alongside all the local work comes the commitment to ensure the Council runs effectively and economically, principally via my committee work on Audit and Governance, Housing Stock Panel, Constitution working group, Executive Policy Commission on early years education, Scrutiny on Health and Wellbeing and Chair of Member Learning Panel.

I am also a Neston town councillor, a Friend of Burton Manor , West Vale Park and Ness Gardens, a school governor, member of the RSPB, and an animal rescuer. I ran a small business, Wirral Activity Toys Ltd, for many years and live in Ness with my husband who works in oceanography based at Liverpool University and our son, an engineering student.

Please consider voting for me so that I can continue to serve the community to the best of my ability.

McHale, Ray (Labour)

Ray McHaleI'm a Chartered Town Planner, who spent 30 years working for Cheshire County Council and CWAC. I have lived in the Ellesmere Port & Neston Constituency for over 30 years, on the edge of Great Sutton. I have been a Labour Party member for 35 years.

For the last 18 months I have worked alongside Cllr Louise Gittins to gain a detailed knowledge of the issues affecting Little Neston and Burton. From concerns about poor public transport, speeding traffic and road safety issues at local schools, to Cuckoo Lane, dog fouling and cyclist versus walker concerns. This has added to my considerable knowledge of wider Borough Council issues.

As a trade union branch officer within the Council I learnt about almost every aspect of the Council's work, from budgets to child-protection. Much of this role involved helping individuals with problems, including representing staff at Hallwood Court, the Leisure Centre, Neston High School and the former St Mary's Primary.

I strongly support efficient and accountable public services - and am very much against our Conservative Council's agenda of outsourcing and privatisation. In areas like Homecare I think this has cut service quality. In areas of public safety, like Trading Standards and Environmental Health, it is completely unacceptable. Cheapness doesn't equal value for money.

Historically I have campaigned against the transfer of our Council Housing to a private Housing Trust and against the devastation of our Youth Service. More recently I have actively opposed the "Bedroom Tax", especially its impact upon disabled tenants.

As a Town Planner I spent years dealing with complex and controversial proposals - from landfill sites, to gypsy sites. I believe I have the time, commitment and skills to represent the people of Little Neston, Ness, Burton and Puddington, ensuring our Council delivers the public services people need and want.

Rimmington, Joe (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)

(No photograph submitted)

I am standing as a Council Candidate for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition because I believe that we are not being given a real choice this election. The main parties barely distinguish themselves from one another, and have all moved as closely as possible to a neo-liberal agenda. They all support the cuts, they all support the anti-trade union laws, they all support tuition fees and they all support privatisation. TUSC believe that none of these are necessary, and that for too long we have been deprived of a real alternative to vote for.

As a councillor, I would do everything to protect our jobs and services. Unlike the Labour Party where councillors have been suspended for fighting against austerity, I, as part of TUSC, would vote and campaign against the cuts at every available opportunity.

I would use this platform to do all I could within the council to improve local transport services in our area, particularly for buses to Arrowe Park Hospital and Hooton Train Station which are desperately needed.
I would campaign for a living wage for all council workers, as for too long too many people have had to struggle week in week out to get by on the bare minimum.

I would work against fracking being implemented in our region, as the long term effects could be disastrous for the area and it is being pushed through by the government with complete disregard for the environment.

If you want real change, then don't just vote for the same old parties in the hope they might finally start listening to us. Vote TUSC and prove that we can run our communities for the majority!

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K & C
At 14:43 on 25th April 2015, K & C commented:
Yesterday Susan Kettle, UKIP candidate, walked past some peaceful campaigners at the Hustings at E Port UCEA and made an unnecessary comment to them as they were holding up banners against the Tories forthcoming proposals to cull more badgers (a protected species). 'Do you want famers to go out of business' she said in a very abrupt manner. It is very important that people who wish to be in positions of power are educated on issues they feel the need to comment on. Perhaps Mrs Kettle should read the following article and the research from the Government's own Independent Expert Panel who found the culls failed on effectiveness and humanness and the Government's own chief scientist who agreed? For correct information on this issue please
see: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2012/oct/13/badger-cull-mindless
Let us hope that Mrs Kettle will read the hundreds of articles on this issue and realise that the cull was cruel, unscientific and ineffective and respect people's right to freedom of expression and assembly in future!

Recte Numerare
At 16:40 on 6th May 2015, Recte Numerare commented:
You all need to keep this out of the political arena. Badgers are transmitters of bovine disease and we can only be guided by the scientists as to the correct way forward to deal with the danger to our farming industry. There are now to be pilot trials of tagging and innoculation closer to this area than you might think. So the government is being responsive to the scientists thinking. You might like to direct your efforts more at supermarkets who force down the sale price of milk to a level where only imported milk, with all its questionable pedigree, can possibly be supplied. When its gone, it's gone, as they say and you will miss your local fresh pinta. You cannot go on championing the cause of every furry little animal without realising the devastating consequences to our food supplies.
K & C
At 21:43 on 6th May 2015, K & C commented:
This issue is VERY much in the political arena! If people want to keep it out then we suggest they do not make snide remarks to those who are peacefully protesting (a democratic right)! Clearly the above person has not bothered to read the scientific research cited above, the Government's own independent panel of experts stated the badger cull was inhumane and ineffective, you state the government is being responsive, well guess what they did when the results did not suit them, they got rid of the independent panel of experts so I guess you could say that was responsive! As for 'championing the cause of 'furry animals', well yes we can actually, the badger is a protected species and the answer to everything is not to kill wildlife. Vaccination is the answer not killing! The devastating consequences to our food supply come from poor and factory farming, lack of good husbandry, not to mention poor standards of transportation of cattle which IS actually one of the main reasons for the spread of Btb, but hey, let's just kill the badgers, we have to have a scapegoat, we cannot blame the mega dairies where the poor cows never see the light of day, we cannot remove licences from cattle transporters who have breached Btb regulations time and again can we, just let us kill small furries, well as decent people who have compassion for other forms of life, we will stand up for the badgers and any other wildlife that needs protecting.
At 09:45 on 9th May 2015, rayred57 commented:
Hopefully by the end of today we will have a new Labour controlled Borough Council - and a new era of transparency, decency and consideration towards the most vulnerable members of our community. Louise Gittins has deservedly been re-elected to represent Little Neston and Burton, and to play her leading role in that Labour administration. While I would have liked to have won the second seat in Little Neston, Nigel Jones will now hold that position In the vein of Conservative councillors like Myles Hogg (Willaston) I think he will be a qualitative improvement and a decent person. Andy Williams has deservedly been re-elected in Neston Ward. I have immensely enjoyed the last 18 months of knocking on people's doors, standing on the market and talking politics with people. I have certainly not agreed with everyone but those exchanges have been overwhelmingly friendly and considered. It has been great to meet many people I have known from the County Council & CWAC. Working with the comrades from Neston Labour Party has been a real pleasure. The strength of the Party is perhaps a legacy of the work done by Reg & Doreen Crimes over many decades. But many other committed and hard working comrades have filled their shoes, and have made for a very well organised and effective campaign. The election of Justin Madders to represent the area as MP (along with the significant victory of Chris Matheson - representing those in Puddington, Shotwick and Two Mills) is a great outcome in a generally bleak picture from the General Election. Ray McHale

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