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Candidate Statements - CWAC Elections - Parkgate Ward

Published: 22nd April 2019 09:07

Local Government Elections 2019 - Cheshire West and Chester Council - Parkgate Ward

Ballot box

There is 1 seat available in this ward, with 5 candidates nominated. You may only vote for 1 candidate (1 vote per seat available).

Each candidate was invited to submit a statement of no more than 300 words, and a photograph. Statements received are listed below in alphabetical order.

Statements are unedited. Photographs have all been reduced to 130 pixel width (depths may vary).

Barker, Martin (Independent)

Martin BarkerMartin BarkerINDEPENDENT for PARKGATE

As the only Independent on Cheshire West Council for the last four years, I am proud to have represented this unique area, where I have accomplished the promises that I made in 2015. I am asking you, the residents of the enlarged Parkgate Ward, to re-elect me so I can continue to build on the achievements I have delivered.

I have lived in this Parkgate Ward for most of my life and your interests are my interests. I am a familiar face in the area; I eat, drink and shop locally, actively support local societies and community groups and am proud to champion the beauty and spirit of where we live.

Your concerns have, and always will be, my priority. I focus on taking action and getting results. Vote for me, not only because of my achievements, but also for my future manifesto, drawn up after speaking to many of you:

Protecting the Green Belt and Environment, continuing to tackle mosquitoes, improving community safety, balancing tourism and business with residents' interests, dealing promptly with individual issues brought to my attention.

For those who consider that a person without a party can't be part of Council policy-making, I should also add that I have chaired the influential Cheshire West & Chester Overview and Scrutiny Committee since 2015 where my pragmatic non-party approach has been invaluable and respected.

We face challenging times, but I give you a personal assurance that being LOCAL and INDEPENDENT will ensure that I always put your interests first.

Thank you for reading this statement which I hope has convinced you that Continuity, Commitment and Common Sense are good for Parkgate Ward and can be guaranteed only by voting for me, Martin Barker, your Independent Candidate on 2 May.

Bellis, Drew (Green)

No address supplied, no response from the Green Party when contact information was requested.

Edwards, John Derry Lawrence (Liberal Democrat)


John EdwardsJohn EdwardsI am standing as the Liberal Democrat candidate in the Borough Council election for Parkgate Ward to give the voters the opportunity to cast their vote for a party that has an outstanding record in local government in working for the people. That is what I undertake, if elected, to do.

I live in the ward. In November 2017, I was elected in a by-election to sit on Neston Town Council and have tried to introduce a note of responsibility into its discussions. I would continue to do so on Cheshire West Council.

Roach, John William (Labour)

No statement received.

Wastell, Steve (Conservative)


Steve WastellSteve WastellTo the residents of Parkgate.

Parkgate is a special part of the world.I'm proud to have come from around here,proud to call this community my home,and i'm honoured to be your local Conservative candidate for the elections on 2nd may.

Four years ago,Parkgate elected an Independent Councillor and Labour took control of the Council.Since then basic services,such as fixing pot holes and collecting litter,have been neglected while Council Tax has gone up by 19.2%.

It's not acceptable.From discussions with hundreds of people across the Parkgate Ward,i know that you want better. I agree with you-Parkgate deserves better-and that's what a Conservative Councillor,and a Conservative Council,will be.

We will keep Council tax low,prioritise the basic local services we all rely on and put the interests of communities at the heart of everything we do.Personally,i will make sure we have a Council that helps keep our area clean and tidy,with regular litter collections and longer opening hours at the waste recycling centre.I will support local businesses,lead the campaign for better transport links for our area and champion the community groups that make Parkgate such a special place to call home.More than anything,i will be a regular and visible face throughout Parkgate and the loudest voice speaking out for our area and its residents.

These elections really matter.Last time we elected a Council, Labour won with a majority of just one seat.With an election that close,every vote will matter in delivering the change that Parkgate deserves.On 2nd May,vote for a Conservative Councillor and a Conservative Council that will deliver for all of us in Parkgate.

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At 10:01 on 24th April 2019, Lambster commented:
Personally I think it somewhat galling that the Tory candidate is seeking to be elected on the grounds that it would potentially stop Labour from retaining control of the council. This is exactly the sort of political nonsense we have all had enough of. Either seek to be elected on what matters to local people, or don't bother standing. Also blaming Labour for council tax rises when it was the Tory government that cut council funding in the first place makes even more of a nonsense of it. p.s. I'm not a member or supporter of either party. For that reason I will be voting Martin Barker, INDEPENDENT.
At 15:58 on 24th April 2019, Novak commented:
I agree! Its also quite shocking that neither the Greens or Labour candidates have even been bothered to submit a statement.. and the liberal democrats one is lacking somewhat. Martin Barker has my backing 100% - a councillor who actually delivers for the local area without needing to appease a party whip.
null n
At 11:09 on 25th April 2019, null n commented:
Negative campaigning is rarely successful. Martin has taken the trouble to write to and visit residents of the new part of his area. His material is always positive and I like his notion of Continuity, Commitment and Common Sense. Amid all the nonsense we are getting from political parties at present that is a breath of fresh air. Martin Barker gets my vote!
At 11:16 on 25th April 2019, Clivo commented:
Hear hear. Any chance Martin Barker could cover Neston as well? No option to vote independent in our ward and we used to be in Parkgate until the changes to the areas so I'm not a happy voter.
CO Jones
At 14:51 on 25th April 2019, CO Jones commented:
Never mind the near obsessional litter based manifesto Steve. I couldn't possibly vote for someone with such a basic disregard for sentence structure. Not one space after any of the full stops. I simply cannot take any of it seriously. It just reeks of the moral decline we are up against.

null n
At 16:02 on 25th April 2019, null n commented:
In case any of you missed it you should see the excellent footage of Parkgate on Martin's website - even if you aren't interested in politics its worth a look http://martinbarker.co.uk/
I think his dog is worth a vote too - #barkforbarker is good fun and a welcome break from the usual issues, important though they are.
null n
At 16:06 on 25th April 2019, null n commented:
It should be it's not its in my post - sorry.
Mr Duff
At 16:25 on 25th April 2019, Mr Duff commented:
Great to see the comments reflect Martins popularity in the local area, and what he has achieved for Parkgate in the last 4 years. Hopefully we can show our gratitude by getting Martin re-elected so he can do even more good for Parkgate (and the new Riverside part of the ward!).

Vote Independent & Vote Barker !!!
At 18:57 on 25th April 2019, Baz commented:
Its simple. Martin Barker promised in 2015 that he would faithfully serve the ward and has done, end of.
At 00:40 on 28th April 2019, OnTheParade commented:
I’ve attended a few of the Parkgate residents’ meetings at the cricket club and I have to say I’ve come away impressed that Martin Barker usually seemed well informed about most of the subjects that came up as areas of concern.
It doesn’t seem like an idle boast when he says he gets things done. I voted for him first time round however many years ago it was, because I was fed up with the sloganeering of the main party candidates and he will definitely be getting my vote this time around.
Paul D
At 13:52 on 29th April 2019, Paul D commented:
I'm also firmly in the Martin Barker camp and have been for as long as I can remember. Question though - does voting for an independent candidate potentially mean that the"wrong party" will end up with the majority overall (for wrong party, you can insert whichever party you personally prefer not to see in power).
At 16:51 on 1st May 2019, Denno commented:

I agree that the Gov. is responsible for allowing LA's to increase CT by 5% but that is no comfort to pensioners who have had only a 2.5% increase and must therefore find the other 2.5% out of their savings or cut down on food or heating especially when many LA's have large reserves which they do not touch. I would like Cllr. Barker to look into this point when he is re-elected.
null n
At 14:18 on 4th May 2019, null n commented:
Fantastic result for Martin Barker and thoroughly deserved. I think the results overall answer Paul D's question. No party has got overall power and I think that is what the electorate wants. No party deserves power either locally or nationally.They need to learn to work together like happens in most European states. Adversarial politics has had its day.
At 16:34 on 10th May 2019, SteveW commented:
To C O Jones

I'm mystified by your comment .

I would be interested to know how my statement indicates "Moral Decline " .
CO Jones
At 17:19 on 10th May 2019, CO Jones commented:
Hi Steve,

I was being satirical / sarcastic about triviality.

The moment had passed.

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