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Council needs your views on master-plan for Neston

Published: 22nd December 2010 12:58

Cheshire West and Chester Council's Rural Agenda and Market Towns Team is working with a number of groups in Neston to produce a Design Strategy for the Town.

Neston Public Realm Design GuideA study will determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, challenges, distinctiveness and character of the town, before producing a design for the future.

The Council are eager to include the views of all those who use the Town Centre.

Neston and Parkgate Ward Councillor Kay Loch said: "The Public Realm Design Guide will be an overarching reference point for all future works in the Town Centre - from road crossings to public art and it is essential that all the Town's users from young people to local businesses have their opinion heard in shaping this important document."

Consultation will begin in January - dates and times will be posted on AboutMyArea.

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Rob Ward
At 20:00 on 1st January 2011, Rob Ward commented:
Now we have the new Market Square and Sainsbury's it's a good time to look afresh at how to make Neston even better. Can we rethink how the buses go round Neston? At the moment passengers have to get off the Liverpool bus in Ladies Walk, and have to get on it in Brook Street. Can articulated lorries find a better way of delivering to Brook Street than reversing from The Cross? Can we make better use of the Market Square on the High Street side? Now we have plenty of parking can we discourage drivers from parking opposite the bus stop in Brook Street, in the bus layby at The Cross and at The Cross itself?
At 16:26 on 4th January 2011, Peter commented:
I have recently sent a proposal, including map, suggesting that it is not too late to consider a limited pedestian scheme for Neston High Street, to our Town Council, The Civic Society and the local pressure group, Nestonhope. If this is of interest, I would be happy to send a copy to any interested party.
Brenda G
At 10:35 on 5th January 2011, Brenda G commented:
The main aim for the town centre is reducing the traffic as much as possible, not just the large articulated vehicles, but traffic in general. Having worked for 5 years overlooking the Cross, at certain times of the day the sheer volume of traffic and therefore the nauseating fumes emitted as they waited to cross were not acceptable.
Katie Robson
At 11:21 on 5th January 2011, Katie Robson responded:
@ Peter - I'm sure the Town Council and Civic Society will ensure your proposal is passed on to the consultants. Also, keep an eye on this website for details of future consultation opportunities that you might like to attend so that you can put your point across in person. Re Nestonhope - I don't think it exists any more, it never really got off the ground and was mostly about Sainsbury's anyway, which is kind of a moot point now.

@ Brenda - there will be considerable emphasis on trying to find ways to improve the balance between pedestrians and motorists. In preliminary meetings about this project that I have attended, that crucial issue has been highlighted several times, so here's hoping an appropriate solution can be found.
At 17:37 on 5th January 2011, NestonNoNeck commented:
Shouldn't this study have been done before they built Sainsburys? The siting of Sainsburys has blocked the only route for a town centre bypass as proposed in the 1970's Town Plan, so all hope of a pedestrianised town centre has gone.
Having the access to Sainsburys car park in Brook Street (rather than Raby Road) has ensured that all traffic has to pass through the town centre. Following on from Brenda's comments, who wants to go shopping in the middle of a traffic jam.
The bus stop in Ladies Walk is a safety hazard as pedestrians have to step in the road to pass the waiting queue, and WHEN are they going to remove the sign outside ALDI forbidding buses from using Brook Street on Fridays.
Phil S
At 10:43 on 6th January 2011, Phil S commented:
Until we can "train" people, in particular, the High School pupils in the art of using appropiate litter bins to get rid of their unwanted food wrappings, Neston is always going to look tatty.

The council could also help by installing more litter bins instead of reducing, as they have on Raby Park Road.

CO Jones
At 20:11 on 13th January 2011, CO Jones commented:
I would be interested to know who is (are) the landlord (s) for the significant amount of empty retail units in the town and whether they would consider a lower amount of retail rental than non at all?

I appreciate it will take brave folk to set-up business in the current difficult climate however, nobody will use the retail units if the rental charges are unreasonably high..

As i said, less money but money guaranteed to be coming in has to be an idea..
Rob Ward
At 19:01 on 15th January 2011, Rob Ward commented:
NestonNoNeck asks 'WHEN are they going to remove the sign outside ALDI forbidding buses from using Brook Street on Fridays.' The sign forbids all traffic. It's been nonsense since Sainsbury's opened on 1 Dec, 45 days ago! Cheshire West & Chester have been told, but they seem incompetent!
Neston needs some useful signs. On market day you can go along High Street, Brook Street and Raby Road without knowing there's a market: we just have tatty plastic signs swinging from lamp-posts. It's not fair on the market traders or the people of Neston.
We pay our Council Tax - let's have some action!
Katie Robson
At 13:44 on 16th January 2011, Katie Robson responded:
@ CO Jones - various efforts have been made regarding empty premises, and they are slowly starting to fill up. However, it does appear that some of the landlords are un-bothered by the lack of rent coming in. I may be wrong, but isn't there a tweak to the rates regulations regarding empty premises about to come in, something about full business rates having to be paid regardless of occupancy? If so, that may well shake a few of them into action.

@Neston No Neck and Charlie - I have emailed CWaC to ask them when the buses sign will be removed. As to other signage, several new signs to and from the market have been agreed within the Section 106 project, and will be installed in due course. Additional signage will form part of the review that the above article refers to, so hopefully all these concerns will be addressed sooner rather than later.
Rob Ward
At 08:52 on 19th January 2011, Rob Ward commented:
I'm disappointed more people are not using this site to put forward ideas for the Public Realm Design Guide. An idea I've heard is moving the Bushell Fountain again (it's moved several times). It's now surrounded by traffic, so it's hard to admire the plaque celebrating Neston & Little Neston winning the Cheshire Community Pride Competition. I was crossing from the fountain towards the White Horse the other day when a van turned right from High Street the wrong side of the fountain: I can't blame him as the Keep Left arrow is invisible looking down High Street. If the junction were re-designed well, we could have the fountain on a pedestrian area, vehicles would not be able to sweep round the corner so fast, and it would be obvious which side of the fountain to drive.
Katie Robson
At 11:14 on 19th January 2011, Katie Robson responded:
Sometimes it helps people to come up with ideas if they see pictures and diagrams, and hear what others have to say, so hopefully once people have had the chance to see the visuals at the Roadshows, it may encourage them to put forward their own suggestions. For roadshow dates etc see: http://bit.ly/e90CmK
At 15:08 on 19th January 2011, Peter commented:
On 4th Jan I posted a message re a proposal I had submitted for a High St pedestrian scheme. Other comments above include the problem of traffic and fumes from a pedestrian p.o.v., and the notion of resiting the Bushell Fountain to make it more accessible to pedestrians. My proposal would resolve both these issues plus much more.

Explained simply, if we reroute traffic via an upgraded Brook St, linked to a new road running at the back of the Chester Rd Car Park and adjoining Chester Rd via a completely redesigned exit - all as a two-way system - then we can free-up the High Street.

There are many other details in my proposal, and I would be happy to provide these if people are interested. I would certainly appreciate some comments.

Katie Robson
At 15:12 on 19th January 2011, Katie Robson responded:
Peter - if you would like to email me a copy of your proposal, I will ensure it is given to the consultants, TEP. (carriespacey@aboutmyarea.co.uk).

Alternatively, you could come along to the Roadshow on the 28th Jan (10am-1pm at Sainsbury's) and give it to them yourself. You would also have an opportunity then to discuss it with them.

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