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Neston Ladies Day Heritage Project - Latest

Published: 27th March 2014 19:01

Neston Ladies Day 200 Heritage Project
From the collection of Barbara Gill.

This week...

Helping to write an Anthem for Neston Ladies DayHelping to write lyrics for the Ladies Day Anthem

Anthem Workshops have started

Paula Prytherch and Steve Daintree have been into St Winefride's RC Primary, Woodfall Primary Neston Primary and Parkgate Primary Schools this week.  They have been talking to children about the history of the Neston Female Society and Ladies (Club) Day and then asking them to get creative and help to write the lyrics for a special song.  A second set of workshops will take place in early May.

Paula said: "This week has been amazing.  The pupils at all the schools have been so enthusiastic and creative and the feedback we have had from them and staff at the schools has been brilliant."

The song will eventually be put to music and 25 children from each of the four schools will record it.  CDs will be available for all the participating children and a special performance will be arranged around the time of the 200th Neston Ladies Day Walk.

Children are designing pennants to make up a brand new set of bunting for Neston100 different pennant designs will be duplicated
to create bunting for the town centre.

Bunting Workshops have started, too

CAN Group are going into the primary schools to ask pupils to create 100 individual designs to form a unique commemorative bunting that will be used for many years to come.

Workshops begin with the history of Ladies Day and the Female Society, using lots of images and film from the past to the present.

Children are then designing pennants based on the ladies who have walked through the ages, flowers, soldiers and other features of Neston's history and landscape.

Images will be scanned and sent to a bunting company to create 500 metres of bunting, enough for the whole route of the Ladies Day procession.

Get a sneaky peek at a few of the finished designs in the gallery of photos below.

The Heritage Project needs YOUR memories and photos

Neston Ladies Day 200 Heritage ProjectOn Saturday 29th March and Saturday 5th April from 1-4pm, Neston Library will be open for people to come along with photos, memorabilia and memories associated with Neston Female Society and Neston Ladies (Club) Day.  These will help populate the pop-up museum that will go on display around Ladies Day and the Commemorative Brochure that is being created as a unique keepsake of Neston's wonderful tradition.

There will be equipment available for recording your memories if you have a story or snippet to tell.  There will also be a scanner so your photos can be copied and, if you have any items you would like to lend for the museum, they will be very well looked after. Or, if you can't bear to part with them, they can be photographed.

Not just really old photos, though they are very welcome, there is also significant interest in more recent times.

Help tell Neston's greatest story!

We're in the news

In addition to the coverage on AboutMyArea, other local media have been very supportive:

Neston Players - Tickets on sale now

Neston Players A Walk Through TimeTickets for Neston Players' production 'A Walk Through Time (1814-2014) are on sale now.

It is a unique production that has been written by members of Neston Players to celebrate and pay tribute to the 200 year anniversary of Neston Female Society. It explores the history behind the society and why the tradition and values behind the annual walk are still strong and relevant today.

It will be performed from Weds 28th to Sat 31st May 2014 at Neston Civic Hall, four evening performances and one matinee on the Saturday.  These performances are sure to sell out, so don't leave it too late! You can find details of how to purchase tickets here.

General Information

The '200 - Neston Ladies Day Heritage Project' is being co-ordinated by Hip & Harmony CIC and brings together a number of community organisations.

Partners include Neston Female Society, Neston Town Council, Cheshire West and Chester Council, CAN Group, Neston Players, Neston Library and AboutMyArea Neston. 

If you have any photographs, memorabilia or memories to share, please contact admin@hipandharmony.co.uk - we would love to hear from you.

Photos from this week's workshops

Neston Ladies Day Heritage Project

Neston Ladies Day Heritage Project

Neston Ladies Day Heritage Project

Neston Ladies Day Heritage Project

Neston Ladies Day Heritage Project

Neston Ladies Day Heritage Project

Neston Ladies Day Heritage Project

Neston Ladies Day Heritage Project

Neston Ladies Day Heritage Project

Neston Ladies Day Heritage Project

Neston Ladies Day Heritage Project

Neston Ladies Day Heritage Project

Neston Ladies Day 200 Heritage Project
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Susan C
At 10:18 on 2nd April 2014, Susan C commented:
Great to see enthusiasm for NFS bi-centenary. With regard to the Bunting workshops as mentioned above: where do soldiers come into the society's history?
At 12:19 on 2nd April 2014, cangroup commented:
CAN have led the bunting workshops and we thought that as the reason for the female society's formation was the Napoleonic war, soldiers were quite pertinent to include, and would appeal to the boys in schools who might not be so keen to draw flowers and ladies through the ages. The bunting incorporates aspects of Neston history as well as ladies day, so children have also drawn vikings, boats and miners, all the things that make the area unique. Showing all the children the ladies day film commissioned by CAN last year was really useful - most of the children didn't know anything about the NFS or why they have the ladies walk! If you haven't seen the film, watch it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sB_P_c67cTA
Susan C
At 13:28 on 2nd April 2014, Susan C commented:
I have just watched the film and unfortunately the statement as to its origins, as given by the Lady Patroness is rather inaccurate. I hope that the schoolchildren are being given a better researched version of Neston history!
Gareth P
At 16:36 on 2nd April 2014, Gareth P commented:
I just thought I'd point out the fact that all of the activities being reported on are part of a Heritage project and not a History project. One element of which is the Historic recordings.

To clarify the difference I found this definition that might help...

'In a layman's language, history is an account of events that have happened in the past, whereas heritage stands for things such as works of art, cultural achievements and folklore that have passed on from earlier generations to the present generation.

All that constitutes heritage enjoys the backing of history, but all history does not pass for the treasure-trove of heritage.'

The work that is being delivered by CAN group, The Female Society, Hip & Harmony CIC, Neston Library and others is bringing some very interesting discussions to a whole new audience and that is very important.
Susan C
At 17:45 on 2nd April 2014, Susan C commented:
Ok, but the original history and origins of a heritage project must be based on fact not local mythology, or guesswork of a newspaper reporter sometime in the past.

I am surprised that no-one appears to have checked up on what the next generation of Nestonians is being taught about the NFS origins. The correct account of the birth of the NFS (or NFFS) does nothing to prevent any amount of heritage project work.

Folklore should not be taught as fact, it can be mentioned as folklore, but a differentiation must be made. We have enough folklore to cntend with in Neston!
At 20:21 on 2nd April 2014, S.M.Young commented:
I don't really have a problem with the soldiers, they look like World War I soldiers and since the anniversaries coincide it seems like a nice idea.
Perhaps there's an opportunity here for heritage and history to converge. So far as I can make out the heritage element seems to rest entirely on a single statement that Neston Female Friendly Society began so that women could support each other while the men where away at war and various interpretations of the significance of the flower staves. Is there more? If so let's hear about it. It would be really sad if the history were overwhelmed by the heritage because the real story of the real people is altogether more interesting and more complex.
Another quote - which I think means you probably can't bridge the gap between heritage and history! ‘Heritage should not be confused with history. 'History seeks to convince by truth … Heritage exaggerates and omits, candidly admits and frankly forgets, and thrives on ignorance and error’. by David Lowenthal. I'm too new to Neston to know about the rest of the folklore, though!
At 21:19 on 2nd April 2014, S.M.Young commented:
I should perhaps make clear that I meant that the WWI soldiers seem appropriate for the bunting given the year but their connection to Ladies Club Day isn't obvious as Susan has pointed out.

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