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New Speed Camera Deployed in Neston Area

Published: 25th February 2016 10:56

Cheshire Constabulary has invested in 16 state-of-the-art speed enforcement devices which are some of the most advanced compact all-in-one digital video cameras. 

New speed camera deployed in Neston areaA speed camera similar to the one now being utilised in Neston.

One of these is being deployed in the Neston area, operated by trained police officers and police community support officers.

The camera, which has an in-built laser, measures speed as well as calculating traveling time and distance between two following vehicles. It also produces videos and still images for evidential purposes.

Police officers, PCSOs and the Special Constabulary officers are being trained in the use of the devices to proactively tackle speeding.

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Roberts said: "The rules of the road are there for a reason and this new piece of kit will help us to enhance the work officers do to reinforce speed limits within the county and reinforce our commitment to making Cheshire's roads safer."

Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner John Dwyer said: "The public often tell me that road safety and speeding is a priority for them and I have made it one of my priorities.

"The new device is a real benefit to tackling those who choose to flout the law when it comes to speeding. Speed limits are there for a very good reason, they are to help you and other road users get from ‘a to b' safely.

"These cameras will form another part of our armoury in tackling those who make our roads dangerous - be it through drink or drugs, using mobile phones or driving above the lawful speed limits."

Sgt Daniel Greenhalgh from Neston's local police team added: "Road safety is a continuing theme amongst the feedback from the local public and one that we act upon through Community Speed Watch (CSW) with local volunteers and PCSOs.

"Unfortunately we do find plenty of repeat drivers who ignore the limits and who are often locals. This new technology will be used in addition to CSW sessions, the difference being this will result in enforcement rather than a warning letter or visit.

"Speed limits are there for public safety. A driver's decision to speed can have serious consequences far and above the enforcement outcome they might find through their letter box.

"This is not about trying to catch drivers out, it is about safer roads in your local community."

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At 19:00 on 25th February 2016, jude commented:
Oh this is great news. Officers are welcome to come stand by my house and record speeds. In fact I would happily make them a brew. It's like a blinkin motorway here at busy times!
At 19:15 on 25th February 2016, CB commented:
With the 20mph limits coming into force soon these cameras might be earning a little more revenue for a depleted police force/council forced to make cuts..
Call me a cynic but joe public gets it again..
Don't get me wrong I'm all for the divs excessively and constantly flouting the limits with no disregard being punished but not everyone is like these..
At 21:16 on 25th February 2016, 8H commented:
Last full year of statistics for Uk shows over 1,700 deaths and 20,000 serious injuries on the roads. Can't see an argument for not policing limits. Excellent investment by Cheshire Constabulary.
null n
At 12:27 on 26th February 2016, null n commented:
Further demonstrates how Sgt Greenhalgh and his team are listening to concerns of local residents on forums such as AMA. Really impressed with the way he delivers policing in Neston, and every one of his team. Good stuff !
At 22:47 on 26th February 2016, Maria_2004 commented:
I'm all for road safety. For years the traffic lights at the Hinderton have driven me mad. They need a filter to turn left into Hinderton Road from the A540. I'm sick of waiting to turn down the road whilst the stream of traffic from Chester flood through the junction. They're not satisfied with driving through on a green light or even amber, one or two love to run the red. On the odd occasion that the cars slow down to allow us to turn I am delighted!
roger f
At 18:44 on 2nd March 2016, roger f commented:
I understand speeding is breaking the law but the majority of times these cameras are used in specific areas just to catch drivers doing just over 30mph in a 30mph limit they are not out in the evening or night time catching drivers doing 40 and 50mph in a 30mph so seems a little unfair to target these areas and times knowing full well they will gain revenue, they should be out when the excessive speeding is happening, that`s what kills people, not 32mph in a 30mph zone
Dave Carter
At 19:13 on 2nd March 2016, Dave Carter commented:

I think you mean a filter to turn right. But in any case, you are right, that turn needs a filter.
Dave Carter
At 19:15 on 2nd March 2016, Dave Carter commented:
And Roger is right also, its the real speed merchants you need to catch. Come out in the late evening, and also breathalyse everyone caught speeding.
At 00:07 on 3rd March 2016, Maria_2004 commented:

Thank you, you're correct, I should have said right not left.
Arvel Arbeloa
At 17:25 on 3rd March 2016, Arvel Arbeloa commented:
Agree about the lights at The Hinderton Arms. The people going to and from Heswall are oblivious to the traffic light colour. Im surprised there hasnt been a serious accident.
Big Red
At 19:41 on 22nd March 2016, Big Red commented:
Roger is right. It's only about raising revenue. It's easy money. The vast majority caught speeding will be normal people doing a few mph over 30.
Late at night racers will be left alone as usual. No police in sight.
null n
At 14:54 on 23rd March 2016, null n commented:
Sorry Big Red but in this scenario that's a bit unfair (the bit about this being only raising revenue). The local police team have been asked many times to tackle speeding, and Cheshire Police are doing something about it. I think they should be credited with actually listening.

Where is the evidence that the majority caught will be doing a few MPH over 30 ?

Regardless of who is caught, the deterrent works. If you drive down say Liverpoool Road today and have a speed camera pointed at you, you will remember that for weeks/months ahead and always be that bit more cautious. You are likely to tell others too who will also watch their speed. Therefore the desired result of reducing speeding motorists is achieved.

I do see your point about late night racers as you put it - some of the speeds on Liverpool road in the evening must be double the 30mph, and not always young people too. I suspect these new speed cameras are more a daytime activity which I agree is a shame.
At 19:37 on 3rd April 2016, SGT DG commented:
Good to see so many comments here and thank you Dan for your kind and supportive comments. It is very much appreciated to get good feedback.

To clarify a few points made; new speed enforcement equipment will be used in a positive way and in specific locations that need it most. This enforcement will be mixed with community speed watch sessions. Drivers will not know which is which though... Police presence doing this does have a positive effect and this is about education, not revenue. Some drivers caught will be given the chance to do speed awareness courses. Those repeat speeders maybe prosecuted. Guidance is 10% plus 2 over the limit so not sure where a few mph over has come from. That said if 30 mph is the speed limit the clue limit means maximum. Some forces strictly enforce this, but Cheshire police is not one. We want to educate and target those who excessively speed. We can use the equipment during the day and evening and will be... Peak periods is one, morning and evening. Watch out for my officers doing this!

We have had some tragic and fatal traffic accidents during the last 12 month period in Neston and whilst these were not necessarily down to speed, speed is often a factor in the outcome of accidents. April will see Operation Fatal 4 which is a force wide campaign against; speed, drug/drink drive, seatbelt and distractions such as mobile phone use. I myself caught a young male the other morning on his way home from the previous night out who was sadly over the drink drive limit. Reality hit him hard but it stopped him potentially killing someone. He is now looking at losing his license for a good periods plus heavy fine.

Spread the word about speed enforcement, as we don't actually want to catch anyone!! Let's have safer roads. Drivers caught can only blame themselves...and not the police!!

Keep any feedback coming on further updates or direct to the Ellesmere Port and Neston mailbox via the website. I welcome all comments as it allows me to clarify inaccurate perception, gain better info on what is wanted and where plus helps me know what I am driving with my team is well received.

Thank you all again for your continued support.
Big Red
At 20:53 on 3rd April 2016, Big Red commented:
With regards to comments made by Sgt DG and Dan, I know some one who was prosecuted fo 35 mph!! So that's the evidence from my perspective. 10% +2 ?
If as you say " the clue limit is the MAXIMUM". Then you are right. Maybe 20mph will become the norm so we don't get caught out.
Cars and cyclist all driving happily along together!
What make me angry is drivers who text. Which I've seen many times. That is what I call dangerous.
However regarding the point over statistics, would you publish a breakdown of a years accidents. Like the reason for the accident in the Neston area? For example, Drunk, Speed, Drugs, Texting, Road Rage, Careless, Dangerous Driving,Phone. Etc.
This would be helpful. Otherwise it would mean having to resort to Freedom of Information.
Lastly as you say it's not about the money, but how much was made in a 12 month period from fines in Cheshire?
Regarding targeting Operations, is there to be one that targets Drug Dealers, Unsocial Behaviour, Burglaries this year?
Just a thought.
I would like to say that I believe the Police have a very very differcult job, especially against further and further cut backs, which is a great concern to everyone.

At 21:30 on 3rd April 2016, SGT DG commented:
Big Red - 35 mph is 10% +2! I am not going to disclose details around accidents in Neston suffice to say we have had some avoidable ones and some very sad and tragic. Not all involved speed. You are welcome to request the official data via the force website but I am not allowed. Fines in Cheshire I don't know, but I do know more focus is around education where possible than fines. I am focusing on Neston and public safety, crime, ASB and community engagement to name but a few. My team always targets drug dealers and other criminals in Neston. The fatal4 operation is a force wide one and not a local operation. Clearly I am not going to disclose local operations for obvious reasons. Cuts backs from central Gov have been made but Cheshire have been recruiting to now over 2000 officers again with frontline staffing a priority.
Hope his helps...
null n
At 21:54 on 3rd April 2016, null n commented:
I attended a speed awareness course several years ago. I was driving through Mold, being careful of my speed then accelerated early when I approached the national speed limit sign going out of the town and was "caught" at 36mph technically still in a 30 zone.

I was given the course as an alternative to prosecution and walked into the course, I admit, a little arrogant and feeling hard done to by the location of the camera. I walked out however feeling educated, and somewhat grateful for the chance, and aware there had been a fatality on a junction just before the national speed limit where I was "caught".

That might sound overly supportive of this, but the way the course was delivered had a few shocks.. much needed shocks but hard hitting truth never-the-less.

One thing that stuck firmly in my mind:

If someone is hit by a car at 20 mph they are 10% likely to be killed.
If someone is hit by a car at 30 mph they are 50% likely to be killed. If someone is hit by a car at 40 mph they are 90% likely to be killed.

So what's the difference between 30 and 35 mph ? Answer : about 15-20% more death.

If the LIMIT is 30, drive at 30 or less. Yes some older cars may be inaccurate give or take a few MPH.

Put it another way - if you drive from one end of Neston to the other (say 3 miles) at 30mph it will take you 6 minutes. At 35mph it would be 5.15 minutes. 45 seconds longer for 20% less death risk in our town.
Big Red
At 16:34 on 4th April 2016, Big Red commented:
Thank you for your feed back.

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