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Neston and Parkgate Bus Service to Be Axed

Published: 7th August 2017 09:22

Introduced only in April of this year, it has now been announced that the 88 route will no longer serve Neston and Parkgate with effect from September 3rd.

bus stop

Currently, the service runs from West Kirby through Heswall to Neston and Parkgate on evenings and all day Sunday.  However, from September the route will terminate at Heswall.

The nett effect will be that the last buses into Parkgate and Neston from West Kirby will be the number 22 at 16:42 and from Heswall at 17:20.

Avon buses were approached for comment but as yet nothing has been received.

Poor transport services for Neston

The news comes as a Sunday Times article on August 6th revealed that Neston Station is the 15th worst in the whole of the UK for delayed trains. 14.5% of services to the station are delayed by more than ten minutes or cancelled.

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At 09:53 on 8th August 2017, 48 commented:
How annoying I use this service a lot and will have to get the train as an alternative that bus was reliable unlike the train which hardly turns up
At 14:18 on 8th August 2017, Dan commented:
This bus passes through Neston empty most nights, or with just 1 or 2 passengers. As so few people used it we shouldn't be surprised when its axed.

The problem is the route. It doesn't go from West Kirby to Heswall then Neston as the description suggests, it goes from West Kirby to Frankby, Greasby, Irby and Pensby before stopping in Heswall.

Even if no passengers want to get on at these stops the bus still has to wait to make sure its not early at the remaining stops so a journey from West Kirby to Neston takes 45 minutes.

I personally would have used it in the summer evenings if the route was direct, but I don't want to go on a tour of the wirral and best part of 2 hours sat on buses for a round trip to West Kirby.
At 14:34 on 8th August 2017, 48 commented:
The 88 Route is direct as it doesn't call at Pensby or Arrowe Park which the 22 which does.

The 88 Takes 36 Minutes Between Neston And West Kirby While The 22 Takes 47 Minutes. So your saving 11 minutes by getting it at night.

The Main problem is that the last bus into Neston Will Be Hours Earlyer From West Kirby And 4 Hours Earlyer From Heswall
At 10:00 on 9th August 2017, Owden commented:
It's a case of 'Use it or lose it' - People didn't use it, so we have lost it - No one can complain really
Susan C
At 08:23 on 10th August 2017, Susan C commented:
Personal opinion - Not surprising really, what we do need in the evenings and weekends is a service to Hooton Station. There is currently a week-day day-time bus but absolutely nothing at evenings and weekends.
A service to that railway would give us access to Liverpool, Chester and Ellesmere Port, with connections to West Kirby if that was our destination.
My occasional journey to Chester after 5.30pm or on Sundays involves a 487 bus to Bebington/Port Sunlight, then walk to either of those stations and get the train, which of course passes through Hooton five stations later. Not too bad in summer but grim in a cold wet winter.
At 19:36 on 16th August 2017, Denno commented:
Susan C - Well said. I have often wondered why there is no evening or weekend service to Hooton railway station which should be popular with those who wish to attend clubs,theatres,cinemas etc in Liverpool.Ellesmere Port or Chester,
At 21:38 on 16th August 2017, Suzy commented:
Once again another Bus Service axed with such short notice! Did enough people know about this Service, publicised anywhere?
One of the worst town's for transport on the whole of the Wirral. Was thinking as Susan C said, how about going to Chester on a Sunday with public transport not possible, unless from Hooton but we have to get there to? .....
At 09:46 on 17th August 2017, marko commented:
How many people knew about this service? I found out by accident seeing it go past me one evening.
Dave Carter
At 09:50 on 17th August 2017, Dave Carter commented:
Suzy, Marko, there is information on it and a link to the timetable as a downloadable PDF file on the Neston Community Website:


Carrie Spacey
At 10:51 on 17th August 2017, Carrie Spacey responded:
The service was advertised on AboutMyArea when it was introduced, and reminders to 'use it or lose it' appeared. The most recent was: https://goo.gl/ERPQdM. Do you receive our weekly 'Neston News'? Go to your AMAZing Place (top left of every page, next to the AMA logo) go to Profile then scroll down to 'Your Areas' to check the box is ticked to receive the newsletter. It should ensure you don't miss any future articles that may be of interest to you.

You need to log in before you can do that! It's only a quick registration process to join the AMA network and completely free.

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