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More Neston Roads to Slow Down to 20mph

Published: 11th September 2017 11:18

The next phase of Cheshire West and Chester Council's plan to introduce 20mph zones on a large number of Neston roads is getting underway. (Update - formal notice now added below, 11.9.17)

As announced on AboutMyArea Neston in January 2016, the council's cabinet voted to roll out the new speed limit across residential areas throughout the borough over the course of 4 years, with a particular focus around schools. The aim is to reduce collisions and pollution as well as encourage more children to walk to school.

Residents in what is referred to as 'Neston East' and 'Little Neston West' have now received letters advising them that a formal Traffic Regulation Order will be issued on 11 September 2017, giving residents until 6 October 2017 to object or make other representations.  The letter states that any objections must specify the grounds on which they are made.

The order for Neston East covers the currently somewhat contentious area of Gladstone Road and Olive Road. Some residents there have been in communication with the Council over what they perceive as dangers introduced by making Gladstone Road one way in the direction of Chester Road.  Traffic has been regularly spotted using Olive Road as an alternative, then speeding towards the blind bend to the alley leading to Brook Street. They say it is an 'accident waiting to happen.'  It is not known if the reduction to a 20mph limit in that area might make a difference to the perceived potential danger.

The order for Little Neston West does not cover Marshlands Road, which some residents say is a mistake, as speeding traffic is apparently an issue in that area.

20mph zones have already been introduced in Willaston, Parkgate and Little Neston (East), with mixed responses from residents and motorists.  Some claim that the new limit has made no difference to the average traffic speeds, whilst others have praised their introduction.

The formal notice can be downloaded here.

These are maps of the roads included in the new Neston TROs.

1. Neston East

Neston East 20mph map

2. Little Neston West

Neston 20mph zone

If residents wish to object to the imposition of the 20mph limit  they should write to:

Kieran Collins
Highway Commissioner
Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council
Highways Office Guilden Sutton
Guilden Sutton Lane
Guilden Sutton
Chester CH3 7EX

Any other enquiries about the assessment procedure, the 4 year programme or 20mph policy should be sent to: communityspeedmanagement@cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk.



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jim anyon
At 11:33 on 25th August 2017, jim anyon commented:
It makes no difference what the speed limit is because there are no coppers around to enforce the law so why bother.Its just a waste of money putting up the signs.Try Badger Bait for instance.No change whatsoever.
At 22:32 on 25th August 2017, Poacher commented:
Complete waste of money..... Why do we need loads of 20mph signs telling us what we should be doing, there are no police to enforce it....
Mike Shipman
At 09:45 on 30th August 2017, Mike Shipman commented:
At 11:47 on 30th August 2017, Bob commented:
A complete waste of money and unenforceable. I live at the bottom of Leas Lane and wouls say that only about 10% of the cars are doing 20MPH. All other are doing over 30 or even more. There are better things to do with out money!
At 15:06 on 30th August 2017, graham commented:
Don't complain about about 20mph zones as in thencase of an accident police can judge speed of vehicles, and can give fines and points. We in Hanns Hanns Road and Quarry Road are afforded no such luxury as a speed limit is national speed limit from Birkenhead Road to A 540 when a sensible 40mph limit is in place, trying to get out of my home is nightmare, double white lines totally obscured at Quarry Road Corner compounded by the fact that this has become the rat run for the HGVs going into the Aldi Depot, 10and12 wheelers 24/7 it is the only available shortcut for these vehicles and the drivers make use of of it to save time, these vehicles are far too big for this Road and the speed limit far too high and l fear it is going to take a very serious accident before Cheshire Highways might take the action which is required to prevent it from happening. So the next time anyone complains about these zones just think about the residents of Hanns Hall Road and Quarry Road.
At 18:10 on 30th August 2017, rayred57 commented:
While the points about enforcement are understood, I think this is a reasonable attempt to change the culture of drivers across the whole Borough. When 20 mph is the norm in residential areas, people may still do 25 mph - but when it is 30 mph they do 35 mph. Some may ignore the limits, but as more people slow down to 20 mph it cannot but have a beneficial impact on average speeds. New drivers will learn at these speeds and hopefully people will become a bit more patient. There are no easy or perfect answers, but without spending a lot of money the Council hasn't got on physical traffic calming measures it seems a reasonable attempt to deliver the safer roads we all want.
Andy B
At 18:34 on 30th August 2017, Andy B commented:
Bad driving habits are common place these days and speed limits will have no effect unless enforced. Speed cameras are the way to go, especially along Burton road. Big brother has made its mind up and these signs will appear at great expense to us council tax payers. The logic of the decision to leave the top part of West Vale out of the 20mph area escapes me. That top end is bad with cars cutting the corners before and after the rail bridge. If we have to put up with the signs then please extend the area to ALL of West Vale.
At 18:46 on 30th August 2017, Denno commented:
Unless the 20MPH signs flash when over the limit like many 30MPH signs do at present then they are a waste of time and money.Believe it or not,drivers do pull up when the signs flash - even taxi drivers.
At 04:54 on 31st August 2017, rayred57 commented:
The logic or where limits are and are not applied are clearly established, and were set out to me by the Road Safety Engineer when I raised a query: "The criteria for signed only 20mph limits is that the average speed must (already) be below 24mph.
Roads with mean speeds between 24 and 30mph require traffic calming; such roads are not included in the programme."

Essentially the Council are applying limits to roads where they can reasonably be enforced. The police expect traffic calming to be implemented on roads where the average speed is higher than 24 mph, before they are willing to enforce. This was the reason they declined to implement a speed limit of 20 mph through Burton village. This does not rule out traffic calming being funded at a later date on a case by case basis - but this (in difficult financial times) is a low cost scheme based on signage only, but rolled out across the whole Borough. It is a far from perfect solution, but I don't think the Council can be criticised for acting on a measure that has wide spread support, and which was in their manifesto.
At 08:48 on 31st August 2017, Denno commented:
Thanks rayred 57 and I hope that the Council will also take into account the total removal of those horrible road humps across raods due to the fact that they add to pollution by vehicles slowing and then accelerating and damage to vehicle suspensions.I understand that there are moves afoot to make them illegal.The road mats are not so bad in my opinion but my preference is for flashing road signs or chicanes.
roger f
At 10:53 on 13th September 2017, roger f commented:
Don`t agree with 20 mph on all roads, think its just a waste of money and an inconvenience to drivers, its supposed to be for road safety, well how many pedestrian have been knocked over by a vehicle in the last five years due to driver error ? and what also makes a mockery of the scheme is, its still 30 mph outside the junior school on Burton Road and that speed bump crossing is dangerous, an accident waiting to happen as its too high, vehicles have to slow down to cross it then pedestrians not even standing by the crossing see the vehicles slowing down and then just walk in the road not on the crossing, i have seen a few close encounters there, its only time before someone will get knocked over there and the driver will get the blame, even 20 mph won`t stop pedestrian cutting the corner off the crossing and its not children doing it, its adults
At 11:16 on 13th September 2017, Soupdragon commented:
ALL roads in built up areas should be 20mph MAX! and enforced. I am disappointed to see that the plan has not extended to Marshland Road and related roads where drivers frequently exceed the 30mph limit. Hit a child at 20mph and you do serious damage so at the speed some of these lunatics drive you are looking at death. I am not a doddering old man, I drive a performance car but at a speed relative to the area I am in. I have driven over 100,000 miles on business and would love to see more speed enforcement (and ignorant driving). Sorry if this bucks the trend.
At 21:50 on 15th September 2017, Dan commented:
What frustrates me with these limits is the ignorant minority that seem to think it doesn't apply to them. I pass along Mellock Lane most days/evenings and use the speed limiter on my car so I don't exceed 20mph. To be fair I usually do exactly 20 because of the speed limiter slowing a little of course for the humps. Its the drivers who insist on driving right up behind you, clearly faster than 20, then getting as close as they can to your rear bumper to indicate their dissatisfaction of the fact you are obeying the limit.

I have to stress too, it seems to be middle age drivers of both sexes in relatively expensive / large cars, the same group who think Hinderton Road should be 60 for them too. I can honestly say I haven't looked in my mirror and seen a young driver behave like that so that tells you a lot about who needs re-educating on the dangers of hitting someone at 30mph or faster.
At 22:29 on 17th September 2017, Dan commented:
Two studies I found online showed there was a significanly increased chance of death if you are hit at 30mph than at 20mph. It might sound obvious but when you see the actual figure it makes you think:

The first Study showed at 20mph you had a 2% chance of fatality whereas at 30mph it jumped to 20% chance of fatality.

The seond study suggested the earlier figures were over estimated and suggested that at 20mph you have just a 1.5% chance of Fatality whereas at 30mph you had an 8.5% chance.

30mph is simply too fast for such a densely populated residential area.

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