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Volunteers Needed for New Neston Charity Shop

Published: 31st August 2017 11:20

Home-Start Wirral are opening a new charity shop in Brook Street Neston soon and need volunteers to help.

Home-Start is a charity that supports local families by training volunteers to work with families who are undergoing difficult circumstances - post natal depression, multiple births, families in poverty, mothers who want support breast feeding, children who have mobility or communication difficulties.

Homestart Shop in ClaughtonHomestart Wirral's shop in Claughton (above and below).

Spokesperson Sara Forfar says: "Our aim is to make sure that whatever their circumstance children have the best possible start in life. We have worked in Wirral since 2001 are starting our first course of preparation in the Neston area to support families there too.(Details here).

"Our charity need to raise funds in order to continue its valuable work and, having opened a successful charity shop in Claughton Village in 2013, we are now opening another at Brook Street in Neston.

"We know that Neston has a vibrant and active community and we will have lots of volunteering opportunies at the shop."

Volunteering will give you the opportunity to meet new people and learn new skills.  For more information, please contact Sara at saraforfar@homestartwirral.co.uk or call head office on 0151 608 8288. Website: http://homestartwirral.co.uk/

Homestart Shop in Claughton

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At 11:39 on 6th September 2017, essjay commented:
yet another charity shop!
Susan C
At 23:26 on 6th September 2017, Susan C commented:
Well essjay, what's the alternative - how about you go and open a s
andy w
At 08:54 on 7th September 2017, andy w commented:
I have often thought it would be a great idea for the town council to look at buying some of the business properties in Neston allowing them to rent out at reasonable rather than extortionate prices and bring back into local ownership rather than being owned by private equity companies who are quite happy to inflate rents to boost the value of the property. It would mean a rise in council tax subsidy to raise the cash but the businesses in the centre could be shaped into what local people want. I'm sure there are loads of reasons why this couldn't be done but I would be interested to hear what peoples views are on this
Susan C
At 09:08 on 7th September 2017, Susan C commented:
Personally -
Could not CWAC do that Andy? Great constructive idea, but personally I can think of about twenty reasons why the Town Council could/would not do it. For one thing someone would spend the next six months in filling out Risk Assessments - try putting up a gazebo and see the paper work!
Dave Carter
At 11:30 on 7th September 2017, Dave Carter commented:
Andy, the Town Council has neither the money nor the staff resources to do anything like that. CW&C might, indeed I would be surprised if it didn't. The amount of money which goes to NTC out of any given Council Tax bill in Neston is 2.7% of the sum which goes to CW&C. It is on my bill anyway. To invert that, CW&C gets 37 times as much money from Council Tax payers as the Town Council. Also all of the regulatory structure, planning, public health, parking etc., is in CW&C's remit not the Town Council's.
andy w
At 13:11 on 7th September 2017, andy w commented:
I agree there would be a long list of problems to overcome not least of which would be the cost and the idea was just a pipedream really. As to CWaC funding it does invest in huge capital schemes, examples being the Barons Quay shopping centre in Northwich and the Chester Northgate development but in these austere times I think the development of smaller business centres wouldn't be considered. We have seen investment in Neston with a state of the art high school and a much improved sports centre but maybe we need to look outside the box to try and kickstart the town centre. Getting back to the article above I would much prefer a charity shop rather than an empty business but for those that think there are two many would a rise in council tax subsidy be a price worth paying to change the look of the centre of Neston
Susan C
At 17:14 on 7th September 2017, Susan C commented:
I have put quite a lot of thought today into the problem of what shop might actually make a decent profit and find it worthwhile opening up in Neston, remembering we have three supermarkets and it's so easy to buy on-line and click-and -collect. Ideas would be interesting. What I want is an M&S food outlet.
At 02:20 on 8th September 2017, Dan commented:
What's not to like about another charity shop ?

Its an occupied building rather than sitting there empty,
It sells a varety of goods
The money goes to a good cause.

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