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Flood Problem in New Houses Lane - Update

Author: Cllr Nigel Jones Published: 26th April 2018 12:09

An update on the story below.

Cllr Louise Gittins said: "During the council's last visit they were unable to clear one of the gullies or even get a camera in to inspect the existing system. There is a further site visit today (April 26), to establish whether new connections will be required in order to get the drain running successfully.

"The council is continuing to work with partners to establish responsibility for the assets, moving forward. I hope the weather improves as all the recent rain is making the situation worse."

Original story follows:

Cheshire West and Chester Councillor for Little Neston and Burton, Nigel Jones, writes to AboutMyArea to pass on information about a flood problem in New Houses Lane, Neston.

Over the last three months I have been contacted by a number of Neston residents about the flood in New Houses Lane. This is the public right of way that links Little Neston and Ness, which as many residents will know is very popular with dog walkers and ramblers from Neston and further afield, and also locals looking for a quick shortcut between the two areas.

New Houses Lane, Neston

Sadly, during this time there has been a significant pool of water under the railway bridge which has rendered the path completely impassable.

Since the matter was reported to me in January, I have been in regular contact with Council officers who in turn have been liaising with Network Rail and Welsh Water, in an effort to have the flood waters removed and the cause of the flooding identified and resolved.

Whilst these investigations continued, frustratingly in the meantime, the flood continued to block the path, swelling each time we had rainfall. Worryingly I have also received numerous reports of pedestrians crossing the railway lines in order to continue on their way; reports which I passed on to Network Rail via the local and British Transport Police and the Council.

New Houses Lane, Neston

More recently, and due to the seeming inability to get a quick resolution to the problem, I have been submitting a daily update with photographs on the status of the flood to senior Council officers and directors. I am therefore pleased to advise that on 11 April (being day 100 of the flood's existence) the council at my continued and further requests, stepped in and drained the flood to enable investigations as to the cause to be undertaken. In so doing I am assured that the Council will continue to work with its partners at Network Rail and Welsh Water to seek a permanent resolution to this problem.

New Houses Lane, Neston

In the meantime the right of way has now been temporarily closed by the Council until such time as the problem is resolved. However, I would now repeat the advice I offered in the public information leaflet I distributed to local residents about this matter in February, highlighting the dangers and inadvisability (and illegality) of crossing a busy railway line. Whilst I'm sure this doesn't apply to those living locally, you will forgive me offering this guidance because, quite simply, the safety of all residents is of paramount importance to me.

I am cautiously optimistic that we are now moving towards a full and permanent solution to the flooding but I shall continue to monitor the site daily and keep up the pressure on the various agencies to ensure a lasting resolution for our community.

If any resident would like to discuss this matter with me further, please contact me either by email - Nigel.jones@cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk or mobile - 07742 270298.

Cllr Nigel Jones
Councillor for Little Neston and Burton Ward (Conservative)
Cheshire West and Chester Council

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At 09:46 on 13th April 2018, DorisParker121 commented:
Well done and thank you Councillor Jones for your perseverance in dealing with this over the last few months, it is my dogs favourite route.
At 10:56 on 13th April 2018, SteveW commented:
I would like to thank councillor Jones for his hard work and commitment to this problem.He is the only local councillor who has taken an interest in dealing with the flooding.This route is very important to myself and many other dog walkers in the area.So ,well done councillor Jones ,our local hero !
Dom Roberts
At 11:00 on 13th April 2018, Dom Roberts commented:
Superb work - thank you Cllr Nigel Jones. Its refreshing to see a Cllr working hard for Little Neston and Ness on not just the major issues, but also those smaller things that make life difficult. My wife and I have been wading through this lake all winter on our runs. Whilst it has been a chance to wash the trainers, its not been the most pleasant end to a run. Thanks again - we need more like you.
Scott Morein
At 18:53 on 13th April 2018, Scott Morein commented:
Top work Nigel - thank you.
Louise g
At 12:42 on 14th April 2018, Louise g commented:
nigel I’m pleased to hear that you too were chasing this up following on from the initial contacts we both had. It is a complicated issue due to the number of partners involved and I’ve asked for a sustainable plan going forward. Highways did attend this week to do a quick fix but we need to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. I’m meeting Council directors next week to discuss their plans for a solution and will let everyone know the outcomes
At 14:42 on 14th April 2018, GeoffPeterson commented:
Thank you Nigel for your hard work on this, You are the only councillor who has actually managed to get something done about this persisting problem unlike others who just breathe hot air and ignore you. I usually vote labour but after seeing the hard work that you have put into this and how other councillors in the ward are seeking to take credit for your hard work I will be voting blue in the future.
At 19:37 on 14th April 2018, Belle commented:
I would like to mention Louise Gittins here. I know that she has been working with all parties over several months to try and resolve this issue. Only this week Louise contacted me to update me on the outcome of latest discussions. Perhaps Louise you should start proclaiming your hard work instead of quietly getting on with businless behind the scenes.
Thank you Louise Gittins.
At 20:07 on 15th April 2018, Warner commented:
Thank you to Louise who has kept me updated about this issue as things have progressed.
At 20:16 on 15th April 2018, Tony commented:
This is exactly why politics has no place in local authorities. If both councillors were of the same party, or none, this chucking of toys out of the pram wouldnt be happening. Youd think there was an election looming but thats not for another year! Just count blessings that things do get fixed sometimes and calm down.
At 20:30 on 16th April 2018, GeoffPeterson commented:
I have had no assistance whatsoever from Cllr Gittins who has now got her momentum group to spam the hard work of another Cllr. Not on that people are trying to take credit for other peoples work... we all know the truth, you cant hide from the fact that cllr gittins ignores her residents
CO Jones
At 20:32 on 16th April 2018, CO Jones commented:

Political point scoring over a puddle.

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