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Neston Dog Owners Be Aware - New Rules Being Introduced

Published: 18th October 2018 14:54

New rules that will affect dog owners will soon be introduced in the Neston area and across the borough, following changes to anti-social, crime and policing legislation.

Cheshire West and Council say they needed to streamline various bye-laws and orders that already existed in different areas of the borough.

Dog walking

The Council's Cabinet Member for Environment, Councillor Karen Shore said: "A wide-ranging consultation and review of dog control took place earlier this year because we wanted to find out what action residents thought was needed to keep our communities safe but also balancing the needs of dog owners.

"Based on feedback from the consultation, a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) on Dog Control was then drafted. The order was approved by the Council's Cabinet in September and will come into force on 20 October 2018."

The new dog control order includes the following:

  • Exclude dogs from enclosed children's play area containing play equipment;
  • Exclude dogs from partially or fully enclosed multi use games areas and tennis courts;
  • Dogs must always be kept on lead in Council cemeteries;
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead in Grosvenor Park as is currently required;
  • Dogs must be put on a lead on the direction of an authorised officer;
  • When a lead is required it must be no longer than two metres in length and if it an extendable lead it must be locked at two metres;
  • All dog walkers are required to carry a means to collect dog foul - bags, scoops, etc;
  • The maximum number of dogs to be walked by one person at any one time, whether on behalf of business or themselves, is restricted to six.

Also included will be a trial to offer people caught not collecting their dog's foul, testing and registration of their dog on a DNA database as an alternative to a Fixed Penalty Notice. Delegating the power to issue fines to officers from town and parish councils will also be trialed, though there is no indication as yet that Neston Town Council will be taking on any such powers.

Assistance dogs are exempt from the new exclusion areas and foul collection rule.

In addition to the exclusion of dogs there will also be a prohibition on smoking in enclosed children's play areas

Temporary signage about the new rules is currently being placed in key locations across the borough and permanent signage will follow later.

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At 23:56 on 18th October 2018, christine commented:
Don't recall seeing any consultation. Testing and registration on a DNA database and who is going to pay for that. How much is this all going to cost???
At 12:52 on 24th October 2018, Diogenes commented:
We don't care how much it's going to cost, something has to be done as we can't walk on pavements with all the dog faeces. not only that, my bike was covered with dog **** the other day when I was riding on the road. The question is, will all those irresponsible and anti-social dog owners get fined if they do not carry with them a means to pick up their dog's ****?
At 12:58 on 24th October 2018, Diogenes commented:
Six dogs? Six dogs can produce a lot of faeces! Two dogs should be the maximum allowed per household. Can you imagine the state of a house with six dogs in it? Definitely a health hazard as dogs carry at least 70 different parasitic diseases!
At 13:59 on 24th October 2018, undefined commented:
Funny that, because I walk up and down and around Neston town centre and the surrounding area at least 4 times a day, and have yet to encounter a situation where I have been unable to walk on a pavement due to excessive amounts of dog faeces.
CO Jones
At 12:05 on 25th October 2018, CO Jones commented:
Six dogs being walked by one person from several households perhaps.

Not that you are ever inflammatory, over reactionary and generally completely ridiculous when it comes to dog related items
At 22:22 on 25th October 2018, doris commented:
I am sick and tired of having to clean dog muck off the wheels of my pram I walk my children to woodfall school so why do people leave their dog muck for children to walk in it is abousoulty disgusting also the park at woodfall has football goals but you can't let your children play their it is covered in dog muck if people want to keep dog's let them do it in their own back yards.
At 01:57 on 26th October 2018, Dan commented:
Clearly Diogenes is not a dog owner. While I take the point about dog mess on the pavement from the minority of irresponsible owners I don't see why the majority of responsible owners should have some draconian law that says they can only own or walk 2 dogs.

And I do care how much it is going to cost. I agree again with your point something needs to be done but there is a massive list of issues in the area that need money throwing at them, such as the state of our roads so a planned budget must be in place for any action for (again) the minority of irresponsible dog owners.

Definitely a over reaction in a few of the comments above

At 07:36 on 26th October 2018, undefined commented:
Although setting down "rules" for areas dogs can go is very debatable, it is of concern to me that any authority should tell us how many animals we can walk and how long the lead should be. However, even worse, testing and DNA? There is also the problem of "policing" and from what I have heard and seen so far, it is a real concern. Look up all the cases involving Kingdom Security. Kingdom staff get incentive payments for on the spot fines they hand out and it is a money making enterprise for councils.
CO Jones
At 07:46 on 26th October 2018, CO Jones commented:
Have to agree on Kingdom Security. Pay someone min wage but dangle the carrot of significant extra income through aggressively pursuing people. This is already happening in parts of the UK.

Same mentality that sees Ambulances being given parking tickets.

I have lost count of the amount of well meaning members of the public challenging me when the dog has been to the toliet. If it is a lady challenging (it often seems to be) my response is (with a smile on my face i hasten to add).... "do you sit down when you go for a wee? Well so does she".

the thought of having to explain this in uniform with someone who will no doubt be wearing a bodycam feels very Orwellian
At 10:26 on 26th October 2018, Dan commented:
Kingdom is not the answer. Their business model and initiative program could easily see innocent dog owners being charged for someone else's mess just because the dog did a wee somewhere near where another dog has left its mess. Unless of course Kingdom take a sample and complete the DNA test to prove blame but thats not likely.

I agree anyone who does not clean up their dog mess should be fined, but bringing in the likes of Kingdom security with their aggressive approach is not what we want in our town.

Another thought - if someone bags the dog mess and then throws that bag aside its just the same as leaving the mess so they should be fined ? Per bag ? Therefore when we find the little ***** who are throwing bags of dog mess off the millennium bridge in Neston can we make sure they get fined for every bag they throw.
Andy B
At 19:41 on 1st November 2018, Andy B commented:
Even 4 dogs is too many. Saw a lady today with 4 collies in Park Fields. While she was picking up poo for one dog another (out of sight behind her) did its business and she missed it! Have had to alert some other owners, who are walking ahead of their dogs to their poop deposits. How about bringing back licences to help fund "poop policing" and DNA testing of all dogs?
At 08:52 on 2nd November 2018, Dan commented:
4 dogs should be the limit. I have owned dogs my whole life and regularly walk in Neston's Parks but I too have noticed problems on Park's Field where walkers have 5 or 6 dogs. Under normal circumstances its just about manageable but if you are on your own then how do you clear up after one dog while holding \ controlling all 6 dogs ? Also if one of the dogs has an issue, say another dog comes over, then no-one can completely handle 6 excited dogs.

Anyone walking more than 4 dogs should have someone with them to help
At 21:44 on 2nd November 2018, doris commented:
Been to the park in neston today dog muck on the pram wheels again also on the children's shoes why can't a section of the park be fenced off for the bl__dy dogs and stop this disgusting mess.
At 23:41 on 2nd November 2018, Dan commented:
I understand your frustration doris. Dog owners and non dog owners alike will all agree there is no excuse in not cleaning up after your dog and as a dog owner it disgusts me when I see mess that hasn't been cleared up.

But we have never failed to completely clean up after any of our dogs so why should we as a family be sectioned off for the actions of a minority of other owners.

As a comparison, In Neston we have a few gangs of very troublesome youths. Should we therefore say all people under the age of 18 should be under a daylight curfew ? Punish them all for the actions of a few ?
Andy B
At 08:16 on 3rd November 2018, Andy B commented:
Dan. Don't get me going on the local youths and the litter they leave behind - something else I find myself picking up. The skate park is a particular issue with plastic bottles!!
John Cartlidge
At 08:39 on 3rd November 2018, John Cartlidge commented:
Hi Dan,

I am drawn more to Doris’s point than yours. As you say “there is no excuse in not cleaning up after your dog”. Sadly, the minority do not, and it is not a form of punishment of the dog owner to have limited access to some areas, but it is a protection for those who do not want to be cleaning shoes, cycle / pram wheels etc imposed by going through a park area.

As to your comparison about curfew for young people, again my experience is the vast majority of people of all ages are great, but if it means the peaceful and law abiding are protected then one could argue for such a curfew. The recent spate of after hours burglaries and criminal damage is saddening and predictably it is young males, albeit not formally identified largely to blame.

In both arguments there is no point really discussing – it is a matter of enforcement and we have no effective presence of a dog warden or similar, no Police presence to speak of, no parking control and so on, so we get on as best we can.

CO Jones
At 08:54 on 3rd November 2018, CO Jones commented:
I would like a curfew / ban on excessive amounts of fuel guzzling vintage vehicles crawling around in convoy polluting the environment just to float the boat of some ridiculous worship of a piece of metal transportation..

How does that sit John?
John Cartlidge
At 09:04 on 3rd November 2018, John Cartlidge commented:
How does that sit? Aggressive and uninformed.
CO Jones
At 10:07 on 3rd November 2018, CO Jones commented:
I am trying to make the point that this debate around dogs and dog ownership and their fouling becomes unbalanced very quickly. It always does.

Dog ownership is a commitment and a joy. My dog has helped me through some very challenging times following operational tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. She got me through some very dark times. The thought of draconian restrictions being enforced because of the small minority of morons fills me with dread and quite bit of resentment. I can't stand the minority who ruin it for us sensible dog owners.

I think parading around in a convoy of vehicles is ridiculous and pointless and polluting but I am not going to try and stop you doing it. We live in a democratic society. Crack on and enjoy yourself

The tiny minority of misguided youths who commit virtually all the anti-social behaviour in Neston need to be apprehended and and made to pay the consequences. Even entertaining the thought there could be consideration given to a curfew is an appalling thought. Do we issue a special pass to give to the ones walking home from the cadets and youth groups?

The point i am making is that all should not suffer because of the behaviour, attitude and actions of a few. That is a bit "Police State" is it not?

One last thought. I have lost count of the amount of times i have stood in and even put my hand in cat deposits in my OWN garden. I have never experienced the same with dog deposits in my OWN garden. Any ideas on tackling that cat owners?
At 11:02 on 3rd November 2018, Dan commented:
My point John is why should responsible dog owners and their family pets be sectioned off from the rest of the park because of the minority of irresponsible owners. If you can identify offenders and somehow section them off then great, but I pay my council tax like Doris and others and I never leave mess of any sort from my dogs therefore I would like to continue to use the entirety of the parks for exercising my pets with my family as I have always done.

As I say I agree fully with Doris that its a disgrace that others don't clean up and I agree they should be fined, named and shamed. I just don't agree that we should be sectioning off the park and forcing law-abiding dog owners to have limited access.
At 11:09 on 3rd November 2018, Dan commented:
Also CO Jones's last comment sums this up perfectly. There are commentators on here who are not dog owners and clearly not a fan of our four legged friends. Thats fine, we are all different, and we all agree no-one should leave dog mess on the pavements and parks ever ! But I despair at the often aggressive comments aimed at all responsible dog owners for the actions of the minority of responsible owners.

We dog owners love our pets, they are way more than just an animal to us hence we take the time to train, exercise and clean up after our family pets. We take great pleasure in spending time with them as a family and in doing that we use the public spaces we contribute to. Non-dog owners, cat owners, classic car drivers, cyclists, etc, we respect your democratic right to your lifestyles, hobbies and interests so please stop vilifying responsible owners as if we shouldn't have dogs in the first place or should keep them tied up in our back yards.
John Cartlidge
At 11:17 on 3rd November 2018, John Cartlidge commented:
It would appear a misunderstanding may have occurred. I cannot speak for any other commentator but I for one am a dog lover, although not an owner, and have no issue with those who own dogs, save for those that do not control them adequately or clean up after them.
CO Jones
At 11:47 on 3rd November 2018, CO Jones commented:
Have to add before closing this off in my mind, being the eternal glass half full person that i am, this debate makes me realise what a great place Neston is to live.

My current role at work takes me routinely to some very important flood defence assets in Salford and Manchester where we are routinely confronted by the locals whose houses we are trying to prevent from flooding. One colleague had his laptop wrenched out of his hands whilst taking some readings from equipment.

The fact that the biggest issue for several weeks on this site is about dog mess just makes me happy about living in this great little town. Perspective is important.

At 12:53 on 3rd November 2018, Dan commented:
I meant to say ".... for the actions of the minority of irresponsible owners". The responsible dog owners are by far the majority.
At 15:17 on 3rd November 2018, doris commented:
maybe the irresponsible dog owners are in the minority but it is still disgusting to walk in it especially children as for the comment about cats we have cats messing in our garden despite trying to deter them by various means so their you have it outside our house dog muck in the the garden cat muck why dont people stick to the point here we are supposed to on about DOG'S
At 16:36 on 3rd November 2018, Diogenes commented:
I totally agree with Doris. We are sick and tired of cleaning cat **** from our garden. Why aren't there any laws concerning vermin cats?
At 16:46 on 3rd November 2018, Dan commented:
"Vermin" Cats, "Parasite Ridden" dogs.... There's nothing like over reacting is there Diogenes...

While we are at it .. what about the birds that drop their mess... we should have a strong word with them about their flight paths as well... evil things....

And Doris everyone agrees its disgusting to walk in it, as a dog owner I am just as annoyed as you, and embarrassed that fellow dog owners would act like this. But lets target that issue with enforcement, fines, name and shame, or whatever means necessary rather than stereotyping all dog owners and limiting where we can exercise our family pets.
At 16:57 on 3rd November 2018, Dan commented:
Digressing to cat issues: There is a device you can buy for your garden that emits a high pitched noise that animals really don't like. It has a movement sensor and is battery operated so will go on if a cat or other animal enters the garden.

I'm not a fan of these things, but they are effective and cats soon learn not to go near. Maybe take a look online how much they are.

Another thing cats hate is water. I know someone who kept birds and had an issue with a neighbor's cats coming into the garden. He bought a "super soaker" high powered water pistol with quite a range and gave the cat a good blast when it came over the fence. It actually worked very well and the cat stayed away. The water pistol was the cat owners idea when he mentioned the issue to him.
CO Jones
At 17:05 on 3rd November 2018, CO Jones commented:
I'm tempted by rifle, garden chair, large whiskey and patience at twilight. That or some mini claymores which activate at dusk and deactivate at first light.

Anyway, enough of my fantasies
Scott Morein
At 17:49 on 3rd November 2018, Scott Morein commented:
"I''m tempted by rifle, garden chair, large whiskey and patience at twilight. " Me too but given your comments, the target would not be cats, but would be the person who makes such comments.
CO Jones
At 17:51 on 3rd November 2018, CO Jones commented:
It was a joke but never mind hey.
At 11:32 on 4th November 2018, Diogenes commented:
Actually, Dan, cats are hosts to more parasitic diseases than dogs. The parasites are transmitted through their faeces. What makes cats more dangerous than dogs is the fact that cats clean themselves and spread their faeces throughout their fur. So basically, cats' hair are covered with parasite-carrying ****. Anti-parasite drugs do work, but once they are let out and get into contact with soil, they are infected again. Possibly you may have heard of Toxocara(causes blindness) and toxoplasmosis.

In the case of birds, they are part of nature in comparison to cats and dogs. As humans evolved past the stone age, there does not appear to be a good reason for keeping cats and dogs inside houses.

Just think of all the money spent on cats and dogs! That money could be donated and would be more than enough to save all the endangered species in the world, eliminate famine and reduce drastically deforestation.
At 13:07 on 4th November 2018, Dan commented:
You could make that comparison about any spending. For example if we didn't spend millions on fireworks that scare millions of pets and wild animals we could use that money to save endangered species.

The reason we keep cats and dogs inside our house was explained very well by CO Jones in an earlier post. Why do we listen to music ? Why do we put art on our wall ? Why do we do anything that could be considered frivolous and unproductive ? Because it brings us happiness and joy. Thats why families keep dogs and cats, because it makes them happy, and helps our children learn how to care for something and even face loss and grief.

We have pets, we are also lifetime members to Chester Zoo and donate regularly to the WDCS, WWF and RSPCA so we try to do both.

Anyway we are going off topic. All of us agree dog mess is unacceptable and those responsible should be punished.

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