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Concerns Raised Over Planning Application for New Development

Published: 8th November 2018 12:15

Concerns are being raised over a planning application to construct 10 semi-detached single storey dwellings on a plot at the junction between Manorial Road and Moorside Lane, to the rear of Old Quay Close in Parkgate, Neston.

According to the application, submitted by Landor Planning Consultants on behalf of Wirral Methodist Housing, these would be affordable bungalows aimed at the over 55s. 

Old Quay Lane

Within the documents on the Council's planning portal, it is stated that a pre-application enquiry to the Council in 2015 resulted in concerns being raised over ecology and highways.  It is claimed that the reports included in the new application addresses these issues.

However, local residents disagree and say that the development will lead to the loss of Green Belt land, is in conflict with the Neston Neighbourhood Plan and that a biodiversity report commissioned by the developers does not adequately reflect the nature of the area.

In addition, concerns have been raised over insufficient parking and difficulties of access for refuse trucks and emergency vehicles.

The full application can be studied here.

Councillor Martin Barker (Parkgate Ward) is meeting with local residents this week and Neston Town Council will discuss the issue at an Extraordinary meeting of their Places Committee on Tuesday 13 November, 5.30pm at Neston Town Hall.  Members of the public are welcome to attend and may speak for up to 3 minutes at the start of the meeting.

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At 13:00 on 8th November 2018, Dan commented:
Local Residents who live in the other houses in the picture I assume ? Those residents who's houses would have been built on similar patches of land in the past such as Old Quay Close objecting to exactly the same development happening on another square of land ?

Having walked past there many times I recall it being a tatty piece of land with boardings all around it and rubbish on the site. 10 bungalows would be a vast improvement.
CO Jones
At 20:20 on 8th November 2018, CO Jones commented:
Amen to that Dan.

Ridiculous objection. Affordable bungalows for over 55's. heinous.

The only aspect that would be missed is the amazing brambles that have been utilised in this house for many preserves and pies.
At 19:20 on 14th November 2018, BHFL commented:
What is the point of many people spending many hours developing a structure plan for Neston if it is to be ignored. If little squares of land are built upon willy nilly then the whole area will be houses, the roads will not cope, the doctors and dentist will not cope and the schools will be putting up porta cabins to house the children. The plan should be adhered to and green belt should be left for people and wildlife to enjoy for as long as possible. The building on brown field sites, like at 5 ways and George Court are to be encouraged. And no, I do not live anywhere near this picture, but am just interested in the future of Neston. There are many vacant properties for the over 55s, the Old Police Station and the neighbouring block on Hinderton Road and the Parkgate Parade block always has many vacant flats.
At 21:49 on 14th November 2018, SARAH S commented:
I look at the picture and feel sad,. I grew up in Manorial Road and remember the majority of this area being fields with horses and wildlife. Times change, I understand that, but when I go back to visit my mother who still lives in Manorial Road, I can't help but feel that all the countryside is being taken away for the sake of people making money

CO Jones
At 22:21 on 14th November 2018, CO Jones commented:
On the plus side, the Dee Estuary at the end of that footpath is massive and ain't nobody building on that.
At 00:33 on 15th November 2018, Dan commented:
Speaking to my friends in Parkgate last weekend there is a lot of talk about a development in Parkgate of potentially several hundred houses around the Boathouse area. If there is any truth in that, 10 affordable bungalows by comparison will hardly change the landscape in the area.

While thats off-topic for this article I would be interested to know if the aforementioned speculation is anything more than local tittle-tattle or do we have a major development in the pipeline in Parkgate that would for certain impact local roads and services ?
At 16:44 on 15th November 2018, Anchor commented:
Heres the link to development in Parkgate Boathouse lane.

At 16:51 on 15th November 2018, Anchor commented:
sorry try this link

CO Jones
At 18:46 on 15th November 2018, CO Jones commented:
That is a challenging read. Observations seem to be based around:

1. Legal Departments of large housing developers speak a different language.

2. The Green belt is open for business thanks to Central Government reducing planning red tape and reducing key policy down to 50 pages which has pretty much played straight into the hands of the developers building where they like. Sustainable development is assumed as a given.

3. The houses will get built as most councils cave in due to the financial cost of fighting appeal after appeal after appeal.

4. We need more houses nationwide but the location of many proposed sites in Neston and Parkgate are contentious.

5. If you voted Conservative, this is central Government macro policy playing out at the micro level.

6. Enjoy the green belt but don't bank on it being there forever.
At 21:21 on 15th November 2018, Dan commented:
Sorry to go off-topic again but these 10 affordable bungalows pale into insignificance when you look at the proposed development at the other end of Parkgate. Thats simply huge !

Our roads into Neston are already busy, our doctors services struggle to keep up with demands. I admit I have only flicked through the document but up to 260 "dwellings" ? so if each dwelling had an average of 3 occupants then thats another 780 residents in Parkgate.

And goodbye to the nurseries ?

This probably deserves a discussion of its own.
M 6000
At 11:41 on 27th November 2018, M 6000 commented:
It looks like the nurseries are beyond ? Goodbye maybe to the grazing/presence of Parkgate pony sanctuary though ? I thought Id read in the neighbourhood plans , some while ago, that there was very limited scope for major development round Neston and Parkgate . Has someone the map link that details the large development proposed for the other end of Parkgate please , I cant seem to locate it atm.

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