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New Speed Limits Introduced in Neston

Published: 6th December 2018 10:02

The following formal notice has been issued by Cheshire West and Chester Council, relating to speed limits on certain roads linking with the A540 in Neston. 


Notice is hereby given that on 18 December 2018 Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council made the following Traffic Regulation Order in accordance with the provisions of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 which will come into operation on 21 December 2018.


The effect of the Order will be to

(1) Introduce a 40 mph speed limit on the following lengths of road:
• Upper Raby Road from its junction with A540 Chester High Road to a point 91 metres north of its junction with School Lane.
• B5133 Hanns Hall Road from its junction with A540 Chester High Road to a point 51 metres west of its junction with B5151 Birkenhead Road.
• Lydiate Lane from its junction with B5133 Hanns Hall Road to its junction with B5151 Birkenhead Road.
• Damhead Lane from its junction with A540 Chester High Road to its junction with B5133 Hanns Hall Road.
• Quarry Road from its junction with A540 Chester High Road to its junction with B5133 Hanns Hall Road.

(2) Introduce a 50 mph speed limit on Hadlow Road from its junction with A540 Chester High Road to a point 152 metres north of its junction with New Hey Lane.

Any person who desires to question the validity of the Order or of any provision therein on the grounds that it is not within the powers conferred by the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 or on the grounds that any requirement of that Act or any regulation made thereunder has not been complied with in relation to the Order may within six weeks from 18 December 2018 make application to the High Court for this purpose.

Kieran Collins
Highways Commissioner
Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council
Highways Office Guilden Sutton
Guilden Sutton Lane
Guilden Sutton


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At 10:03 on 12th December 2018, CraigT commented:
It amazes me that the most dangerous road in the whole area,
namely the A540 from Two Mills as far as the junction at Hanns
Hall Road, still has a 60mph limit.
Every day we see boy-racer burn ups from the traffic lights
along the A540, the whole stretch is another accident waiting
to happen.
It should be 50mph with cameras if there is any sense at all.
Andy B
At 10:25 on 12th December 2018, Andy B commented:
Couldn't agree more. Drivers trying to beat the light changes are evident most days. Quite a few don't adhere to the 40 limit when coming off the dual carriageway; it needs extending along the northbound lanes.
At 23:50 on 13th December 2018, Dan commented:
CraigT you make a very good point.

The distance between the start of the 60 zone by Hanns Hall Road and the end (where it becomes 50) after Two Mills is 3 miles.

Assuming all traffic is flowing freely and all lights are green it would take 3 minutes at 60 miles an hour or 3 minutes 36 seconds at 50 miles an hour. So if they reduced the speed on that whole 3 mile stretch to 50mph it would add at most 36 seconds to a journey, and that assumes free flowing traffic and green lights. In reality the actual time travelling at 60mph would be less so say 20 second average additional journey time. It seems like a no brainer to reduce it to 50mph

At 10:36 on 14th December 2018, CraigT commented:
Andy B and Dan, Very glad you agree with me. The A540 Chester High Road has seen so many serious accidents and deaths over the years. So much waffle is talked about road safety and yet this stretch of road is still too fast and too dangerous.
At 19:10 on 19th December 2018, Denno commented:

I often drive along the Chester High Road but because of the many changing speed limits I always keep my satnav on as it warns me when I am over the speed limit. It would be helpful if there was a uniform speed limit of 40 MPH from Devon Doorway right through to the Countess of Chester roundabout and I doubt if any time would be lost going from A to B.It may also assist the proposed coordinated light at the Raby Road junction,that is,if we will ever get one.
At 22:06 on 19th December 2018, Dan commented:
People may see 40mph as a significant delay but based on the calculation I did for 50mph its only going to add a couple of minutes at most to a journey assuming the lights are on your side. I think it would actually help cars pulling out of Raby Park Road or other roads / premises that don't have traffic lights as its easier to judge the distance needed to accelerate if the limit is 40mph rather than 60. Pity it can't be trialled and monitored
At 18:38 on 20th December 2018, Denno commented:

Thanks Dan- Let us hope that CWaC picks up this important safety suggestion but don't hold your breath.
At 10:14 on 11th January 2019, MJH commented:
I wonder if there is also an issue with driver education and poor driving standards, not just the actual speed (or speed limit). For example people driving in lane 2 at 40mph all the way from Hanns Hall Road to Two Mills as they are turning right there (Highway Code rule 264). Or people who move without due care from lane 1 to 2 regardless of what may be in lane 2 (check Highway Code rule 267).
Also non traffic-light controlled crossings of the A540 dual carriageway section should be closed off. For example, you should not be able to turn right from Badgers Rake Lane across the dual carriageway - turn left only, and turn back at the next traffic lights.
At 11:59 on 11th January 2019, Denno commented:
I have received an e-mail from Mr.Mike Powell informing me that to link the traffic lights from Devon Doorway to the Countess of Chester roundabout would be prohibitively expensive as would providing a traffic light at Raby Road.There is therefore no chance of improved traffic conditions but plenty more restrictions to confuse drivers even more.Making things simple usually saves money but not on the A540 or so it seems.

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