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Little Neston Councillor Issues Challenge to Scottish Power

Published: 10th December 2018 14:04

There can be few residents from the Neston area who haven't been affected by the recent town centre roadworks on Bridge Street.

The works, appearing overnight last Tuesday, left local drivers waking up to chaos on Wednesday morning, with traffic queuing back as far as West Vale in one direction, and round the one way system into Ladies Walk in the other.

Little Neston Councillor issues challenge to Scottish PowerCllr Nigel Jones has challenged Scottish Power over the misery-inducing roadworks in Bridge Street.

The emergency works arose from a power failure requiring the hole in the road, with temporary traffic lights controlling the town centre traffic flow.

Local councillor Nigel Jones takes up the story: "I drive through the town centre regularly each day and I was struck immediately by the lengthy delays and ensuing chaos. I was stuck for 15 minutes on Wednesday morning and by Sunday afternoon, things hadn't changed with the 487 bus becoming jammed under the footbridge.

"I was in regular contact with the council's Highways team each day last week and discovered that whilst the emergency temporary job permit issued to Scottish Power lasts until 12th December, the council officers had asked for the works to be completed as quickly as possible, due to the difficult location.

"We received reassurance, first that the works would be completed by Thursday evening, and when this didn't happen, we were told the same for Friday. As residents will know, this didn't happen either, and the town was left with queuing traffic all over the weekend and into the Monday morning rush hour. I have been told this lunchtime, that the works will be finished by 4.30pm today (Monday).

"I have expressed my concerns to the council officers, who are not at fault at all, that whilst emergencies are unavoidable, these types of delays are unacceptable. Quite simply, Scottish Power should have finished the work more quickly, and had better advance signage on the roads to give drivers the chance to take an alternative route. This didn't happen, and they should be held accountable.

"Given the misery that we have all had to put up with, I'll be asking Scottish Power for a full and detailed explanation of what has happened, and also for them to make a donation to Neston Community Youth Centre, which held their annual Santa Dash through the town centre on Sunday, only metres from the hole."

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At 15:00 on 10th December 2018, Vigilant commented:
And whilst you're at it, get in touch with united utilities and find out how long the works on Lee's lane is going to continue this is also causing mayhem !
What a farce, these companies should be forced to work weekends to get the job done. Businesses are being ruined at the busiest time of year due to a lack of footfall from customers avoiding the area.
Arvel Arbeloa
At 15:22 on 10th December 2018, Arvel Arbeloa commented:
Welsh Water have started up Stonebank near to Woodfall Primary. The school run is going to be an absolute nightmare.
Cllr Nige
At 17:51 on 10th December 2018, Cllr Nige commented:
Hi both - thanks for your comments.

The works on Lees Lane and Stonebank Drive are being done by Welsh Water to improve drainage and sewerage across the Neston area. It is part of a programme of works that have been, and will continue in the locality into 2019
The Lees Lane works are due to finish (according to the latest information I have, on 21st December, with some further final work due at the end of January (these will be done with temporary traffic lights - so it shouldn't be as difficult as it has been).
Stonebank Drive starts today and whilst timed for 5 days, the contractors are hopeful of getting it done in 3.
Work on Rocklee Gardens starts on 12 December for 3 days - but there is no scheduled closure envisaged.
There will be work on Town Lane staring on 7 January - it won't be closed and temp traffic lights will be in place.
I hope this helps, but if you need any further information please drop me an email to


and I'll do my very best to help.
At 18:49 on 10th December 2018, 8H commented:
Misery is a bit strong isn’t it ?? I walk in Neston mostly and it is not a problem at all as we were given a temporary footpath. Given that there are over 12,500 vehicles registered in CH64 and only 16,000 people how does he propose to make roads and footpaths perfect and free from delays without improved public transport which his Conservatives government believes can be left to the market alone to provide. Can he tell me why Neston has only three bus routes and Heswall has about 15?

At 21:59 on 10th December 2018, Poacher commented:
Although the Emergency works in Neston was reactive in nature, much more could have been done to expedite the time to complete, the length of disruption is simply not acceptable. Equally the works on Lees lane could have been completed in half the time if 24 HR working was put in place, ok there would be disruption to local residents during the night but the gains for the wider community should have took presidency in order to shorten the length of time for road closures.
At 23:30 on 10th December 2018, Dan commented:
You can't win poacher. If 24 hour working was put in place people would only complain about that too. The first three words explained it for me "The emergency works ".. enough said, emergency therefore not enough time to send teams out to plan for every diversion.

We are too easily upset nowadays. If our local councilors want to fix something then please escalate the shocking state of the local roads with huge potholes everywhere damaging our cars, which has been going on for 2 years now.
CO Jones
At 08:29 on 11th December 2018, CO Jones commented:
As I have said numerous times, if you dropped a pin on the cross in the centre of Neston and drew a mile radius around it, most of the housing sits within that. Can the children not walk to school? Can the adults not walk to the shops?

I appreciate that many have to pass through the junction to get to the main arterial roads but it could be so much better if people reduced their commitment to car use.

And the added bonus of people being healthier and happier.
Susan C
At 09:28 on 12th December 2018, Susan C commented:
I agree CO Jones. Someone mentioned 'the school run' in relation to Woodfall - how many of the pupils live so far away that a 'school run' is involved?
Andy B
At 10:14 on 12th December 2018, Andy B commented:
The spin off to any road works in the Town centre is quite a few drivers using Church Lane as a short cut. The Lane is for access to properties only as motor vehicles are prohibited. Does no one have a copy of the Highway Code anymore?! The Council needs to enforce the restriction for future occasions.
Arvel Arbeloa
At 11:13 on 12th December 2018, Arvel Arbeloa commented:
That’ll be me talking about the school run. I drop my daughter off then go straight to work. Not all of us have the luxury of time.
At 18:57 on 19th December 2018, Denno commented:

Regarding Church Lane 1) Cars drive through without bleeping their horns and 2) A sign asks cyclists to dismount and walk under the bridge and when I challenged one of them he said "Only when I feel Like it". Yesterday I saw two cyclists riding up Parkgate Road two abreast causing a tailback of traffic.So much for respecting other road users.

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