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Neston Town Council Blossoms in the First Half of 2019

Published: 10th September 2019 14:03

With six months of the year already gone, Neston Town Council have provided an update of what they have been doing and some of the awards they have made under their grants scheme.

This year has seen the refurbishment of the Town Hall basement to enhance the Friday market experience. The basement now houses a revamped food hall, inviting specialist artisan traders to attend.  From September 27th there will be a monthly Foodie Friday on the last Friday of the month (more information here).

This year the Town Council has streamlined its floral arrangements, and many residents have commented favourably on the much enhanced hanging baskets and planted areas. These are now designed and maintained by PDQ Landscape Maintenance.

Hanging baskets in Neston town centreOne of the many hanging baskets sponsored by Neston Town Council in the local area.

Planters at Neston Parish ChurchPeter Quayle from PDQ Landscape Maintenance and his team look after many planters and planted areas on behalf of the Town Council.

To mark the commemoration of the end of WWI, the Council installed a bench on the green in Little Neston, where the unveiling was attended by one of the ‘Tommies' and some local school children.

WW1 Commemorative Bench in Little Neston

Neston Town Council has been working in partnership with the Youth Justice Service who have, free of charge, done a sterling job of clearing what was once a disused, overgrown, inaccessible area at the Marshlands Road allotment site. The Council are funding further works to cut down the trees with the intention of using the area for improving the health and well-being of local residents.

Steps have been taken to formulate a clear direction for the Council via a "Vision" and "Mission statement". Following on from this the Council will be looking at their strategic planning and will continue to review their budgets.

This year a number of grants have been made to local community organisations such as Neston Swimming and Polo Club, Little Actors and Chapter North West; others are in the pipeline. The Council has also recorded its thanks to Hip and Harmony CIC, who have agreed to facilitate a 2019 Christmas Lights switch-on event.

Christmas lightsPhoto by Bernard Rose

Neston Nomads received £10,000, which will provide funding towards renovation of their club house, medals, courses and kits for the teams.  Neston Female Society have been supported by the Town Council for many years and the annual road closures for the Ladies Club celebrations are funded by NTC.

Neston Town Council's grants scheme is open to voluntary and community groups and organisations operating within the Neston area and is intended to: 

  • enable local people to participate in voluntary groups and activities;
  • help the Neston area's voluntary and community groups improve their impact on the community;
  • ensure the provision of services needed by the residents of the Neston area, via the voluntary sector;
  • support organisations which meet the needs of people experiencing social and economic difficulties;
  • ensure that there is equality of access and opportunity for all Neston residents to the services it provides and funds;
  • improve or enhance the local environment.

The Neston Town Council grants scheme successfully provided grants of £28,932.90 for the benefit of the local community.

Neston Town Council Grants List 2018/19

For more information about the Town Council, visit the website here.   To apply for a grant, click here.

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null n
At 21:47 on 11th September 2019, null n commented:
Seriously......£4.5k for a Hip & Harmony project....
At 22:33 on 11th September 2019, Tony commented:
Poacher, what are the details of this? You seem quite worked up so I’m assuming you know?
At 01:28 on 12th September 2019, Gareth commented:
I too am intrigued. I love it when people who don’t identify themselves criticise others.

Anyway, I’m biased but a large number of local members aged 5 to 85. Hours of unpaid work and bringing joy into people’s lives through the arts. What’s not to love?
Susan C
At 18:48 on 13th September 2019, Susan C commented:
Poacher, Tony, ... https://www.neston.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/PE2-11F-GRANT-APPLICATION-HIP-HARMONY.pdf

Any the wiser?
Carrie Spacey
At 21:02 on 13th September 2019, Carrie Spacey responded:
Before this escalates any further, I think some clarity from Poacher would be helpful. As well as running AMA, I am a director of Hip & Harmony CIC (unpaid). Could Poacher please advise whether this was a flippant comment or a genuine question. I am confident that the Town Council, along with the board of Hip & Harmony stand ready to answer your concerns, but firstly we need to know what they are and on what they are based.
null n
At 08:59 on 14th September 2019, null n commented:
Flippant comment... but it does look strange that one voluntary organisation gets such a large portion of the cake...
Carrie Spacey
At 10:33 on 14th September 2019, Carrie Spacey responded:
I'm assuming Poacher is now null m? OK, to answer your explanation, this is the table for one period. If you were to analyse the figures for grants given out over the past 10 years, you would see that Hip & Harmony CIC has applied for relatively little in the way of funding for its own projects. It has been the custodian of funds for community events such as Lights & Lanterns, the 200th anniversary of Ladies Day celebrations and annual Ladies Day entertainments, but for its own community arts projects aimed at reducing social isolation and encouraging teamwork and the learning of new skills, relatively little. As a Community Interest Company we are obliged to produce annual reports and our accounts are open. We cannot make a profit - any surplus raised must be ploughed back into other community projects. If you would like to learn more, please by all means contact Paula Prytherch, Creative Director of H&H by email. I am sure she would be more than happy to discuss things further with you. paula@hipandharmony.co.uk.
At 12:27 on 20th September 2019, Steph commented:
This is a really interesting thread.... but like "Null n"! I am intrigued, I believed that H&H CIC was a voluntary based, not for profit organisation. I also believed that the volunteers who do the great work in our community with H&H CIC were also volunteers, Carrie you advise above above that you are infact an unpaid director of H&H, but its not the same for your fellow director who according to the public accounts takes personal payment out of the company for the supply of artistic services. Is this what you mean by ploughing back any surplus into other community projects ?
CO Jones
At 16:15 on 20th September 2019, CO Jones commented:
We should just ban Hip N Harmony.. I mean what have they ever done for the good and benefit of the local community?*

Carrie Spacey
At 16:57 on 20th September 2019, Carrie Spacey responded:
Steph - projects can only be delivered if someone is paid to do so. Be that Paula (mainly for delivering choir) or the other people we pay to deliver tuition in Street Dance, or yet more people who are paid to entertain at public events etc. H&H makes these projects possible, but people can't do all the work necessary and live on thin air. Myself and one other person are unpaid directors working alongside Paula, but we offer support, rather than it being our full time jobs. For Paula, this is full time (and more) and she takes a very modest payment for doing so. I know I'm biased, but I have to say that without the likes of Paula willing to do that, this town would be a much less colourful place to live.

We're actually always seeking other people willing to volunteer - are you up for it?
CO Jones
At 17:04 on 20th September 2019, CO Jones commented:
I volunteer at festivals including Glastonbury.

At festivals, this means free entry..if you want to strangle the terms and conditions for long enough, one could consider that I'm actually being "paid".

Without us volunteers, the smaller festivals would cease to exist.
CO Jones
At 17:05 on 20th September 2019, CO Jones commented:
Too much Daily Mail procrastination in this post code.

It's toxic.
CO Jones
At 17:15 on 20th September 2019, CO Jones commented:
By that i mean, without Paula and a few other individuals, so little would be achieved from a social cohesion and arts perspective.

Crack on Hip and Harmony. You are worth the funding.
CO Jones
At 18:47 on 22nd September 2019, CO Jones commented:
I can't find the Earth Festival article but just wanted to say well done all involved. We popped up for a bit and were pleased to see a good turnout..
Carrie Spacey
At 08:56 on 23rd September 2019, Carrie Spacey responded:
CO, the Festival article was a What's On listing, so it came down as soon as the date passed. However, Zaria from NCYC will be sending me her notes on the event, and I took some pics (as did other helpful folk), so one way or another we will report at some point this week on what was a very successful and well run event. Especially given the awful weather!
At 11:46 on 28th September 2019, plantsman commented:
Its all very well looking and commenting on just one grant allocation period for the town council. It is far more reliable to look at the grant allocations over 3 to 4 years as this gives a far more balanced view of grant applications and awards.

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