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Elephant Coffee is Back in Parkgate

Published: 18th May 2020 08:45

Following the issuing of new 'Back to Work' guidelines from the Government, Elephant Lounge in Parkgate is open from Thursday to Sunday for take-away service only.

Elephant Coffee

A new system is in place to maintain social distancing measures. Customers enter through the front door, follow the markings on the floor to maintain 2m between one and another, collect your takeout at the counter then exit via the back and through the courtyard.

At the moment, opening hours are Thursday to Sunday, 10am to 3pm.  Remember, this applies to Elephant Lounge in Parkgate only.

Elephant Coffee

Elephant Lounge
The Parade
CH64 6SB

Remember, if you're also missing the fabulous Elephant Bank pizzas, you can now order them for delivery to your home, via JustEat.



Neston Life

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At 08:45 on 13th May 2020, Snapdragon commented:
Well done Elephant for being dynamic and coming up with answers to the problems. Sets a good example to other businesses which could do the same.
At 14:13 on 13th May 2020, merrymac commented:
Thanks E C. I'll be 1st in the Q
At 16:32 on 13th May 2020, undefined commented:
Hello when will everything get back to Normal? Like cafes and etc etc
CO Jones
At 20:53 on 13th May 2020, CO Jones commented:
I don't understand how this is ok under the current guidance but then, the guidance is anything but clear.

For the record, I look forward to the new normal (whatever that is) but I thought the focus is still on essential businesses. Isn't it?

Pubs can't open, restaurants can't open but coffee shops can. Does any of this makes sense anymore?

I have seen that Starbucks are opening drive through locations but this isn't a drive through.

I'm also amazed at how many people will put a brew, a haircut or a run to the tip higher up their priority list than the risk of a second spike of infection followed by another very tightly enforced lockdown.
Dave Carter
At 21:23 on 13th May 2020, Dave Carter commented:
Takeaway only is allowed. You have probably seen daily pictures of Johnson in the park with his Costa cup. Others have done the same including Marks and Spencer. Social distancing has to be maintained.

Whether it is a good idea is a different question, but it is allowed.

Also, how they have managed to source PPE when care homes don't have enough I do not know.
Dave Carter
At 21:25 on 13th May 2020, Dave Carter commented:
I suspect that the answer to undefined's question at 16:32 depends upon the development of vaccines and other treatments.
CO Jones
At 21:35 on 13th May 2020, CO Jones commented:
Good point Dave in regards to PPE. As a first responder, we are still struggling to obtain key equipment and have donated some of ours to local care homes.

I do think the UK Government made a mistake not extending the lockdown for another three weeks in England. It looks to me like they are taking a big gamble but is it worth it when we are talking life and death?

It seemed to me that we had mostly got on board with lockdown and could relatively easily have carried that one for a longer period in order to protect people.

It does not help at all that the guidance seems to have been ill thought out and badly delivered. It is full of nonsensical guidance and contradictions.

I feel sorry for the Police and the front line staff that are going to have to try and interpret this all at the weekend and beyond that.

The comments pages on this website have been full of people shouting at people to STAY HOME! for the last two months. Now it's open season on those essential hanging baskets and mocha's.

It's definitely a case of the older I get, the less i seem to understand people.
At 08:55 on 14th May 2020, SMA commented:
Whilst appreciating businesses need to start making up for lost time and be worried about their future survival it is the location of this business that is my concern. A lot of people flock to Parkgate for their daily walk and the road there is quite narrow. I'm sure sometimes it will be fine but if queues start to build up especially if other businesses do the same. I just recall the scenes at Parkgate just before the lockdown horrendous!
Tim Wright
At 11:18 on 14th May 2020, Tim Wright commented:
There are numerous examples all over the country of businesses starting back up when logistics are not ideal. However, they are all following the government guidelines and trying to survive, rather than thrive at this point. So either they all open or they all close. If just one or two open and the others close, some will be there at the end of all this and some won't. Jobs will go. Are you willing to pick and choose between which local businesses survive this? I know I'm not. In my view there should not be any loosening of restrictions here yet as we have not yet seen the peak. The problem is that the government are making London-influenced decisions which will have a different impact here than there. At the end of the day we must all decide whether to visit the businesses that are open or stay home. If you stay home, you can still support businesses by ordering remotely from the ones offering that service. I would imagine that people who are more worried about the virus will avoid 'busy' places anyway. It's common sense.
At 09:13 on 15th May 2020, SMA commented:
I certainly don't want to pick and choose which local businesses survive my feelings are the same whoever it is. Going for a Big Mac whilst lifting the spirits if you're a fan lure people into thinking life is getting back to 'nornal'. I agree it's too early, but then I wouldn't want to be the one making those decisions either.

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