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Initial No Waiting Order to Help With Social Distancing in Neston Town Centre

Published: 18th June 2020 15:34

In the first of what is anticipated will be several measures to assist with social distancing in Neston town centre, the following temporary prohibition of waiting order has been issued.  

Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council

(High Street, Neston)

(Temporary Prohibition of Waiting) Order 2020

Notice is hereby given pursuant to the provisions of Section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, that the Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council intend to make an Order the effect of which will be to temporarily prohibit waiting on High Street, Neston as detailed below because of the likelihood of danger to the public during the coronavirus pandemic. It is necessary to introduce these restrictions to create sufficient space for social distancing to be maintained.

Prohibit waiting on the following lengths of road:

· High Street (south-west side) from its junction with The Cross to the north-west boundary wall of St Mary & St Helen Church; and

· High Street (north-east side) from a point 45 metres south east of its junction with The Cross for a distance of 27 metres in a south-easterly direction.

The Order will come into force on 29 June 2020 and will continue in force for a period not exceeding eighteen months or until social distancing measures are no longer required, whichever is the earlier.

Kieran Collins (ref: TRO5197)
Highways Commissioner
Highways Office
Guilden Sutton Lane
Guilden Sutton
Chester CH3 7EX

18 June 2020

The next step will be to introduce temporary pedestrianisation of three lay-by areas in the town centre: outside The Blue Bicycle/Allister & Simpson Opticians/Balducci's; outside the Parish Church and outside Selby's/ Paisley Grey/Domino's.

Potential further options are still under consideration.

No Waiting

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At 21:40 on 18th June 2020, Vigilant commented:
Quick close the gate ! The horse has bolted...
At 11:21 on 19th June 2020, 8H commented:
Don’t think that is fair as it is a swift response to the opening of all non essential shops again, so in fact action taken promptly, well done CWAC & Neston Town Council ??
At 11:36 on 19th June 2020, Vigilant commented:
Far too late to bringing in these measures now, Tesco, Dominoes, Rightway, Thai and Indian Restaurants have all been busy during the lockdown and social distancing measures around this area have been none existent with people often having to walk in the road.
Besides these no waiting/ social distancing measures do not come into force until 29th June! Non essential shops where allowed to reopen on the 15th June. The market is back on too.
Roll up, roll up here comes the 2nd wave!
CO Jones
At 12:32 on 19th June 2020, CO Jones commented:
Would be good if people walked to pick up their lard.

Win - Win.
Anthony A
At 14:17 on 19th June 2020, Anthony A commented:
I’m struggling to see what this will achieve other than a bit of tokenism. There is no convincing evidence to support the two-metre rule (which is not a WHO recommendation or adopted in many countries with much lower death rates than our grotesque figure), and there is none that shows that passing people in the street can pass the virus on; there is also little if any evidence that it can be transmitted outdoors. Only about one in 50,000 people is diagnosed with Covid-19 daily in Britain now (most of whom are probably not out and about in the community). If you’re worried about risk you probably have more chance of being struck by lightning when you walk past Selby’s than you do of catching Covid-19 as you do so.

I‘d rather the effort and money was spent on actually making a difference to people’s lives like supplying PPE for where it’s actually needed, or on support for children who’ve been so badly affected, or on food for those who are struggling, or on helping businesses …. the list goes on.
Dave Carter
At 14:54 on 19th June 2020, Dave Carter commented:
The papers by Chu et al. and by MacIntyre and Wang in the Lancet are in my view sufficient evidence that 2 metres is if anything too close. You have read these presumably?
Carrie Spacey
At 15:15 on 19th June 2020, Carrie Spacey responded:
Can I suggest that everyone waits a bit to see where this is heading? There is more to it than the notice suggests, it is a legal requirement that CWAC publish this and I thought it would be helpful for people to see that matters were in hand. However, whilst this is partly to do with pedestrians, pavements and the aim of a 2m distancing (at the moment, though that may change of course to 1.5 or even 1, regardless of the papers referred to in Dave Carter's comment above), it is also to do with what will be possible when other businesses start to open back up, especially the hospitality sector. These measures may help them survive whilst adhering to rules set out by central government, not the council. I will publish more when more information is available, as decisions are made.
CO Jones
At 15:27 on 19th June 2020, CO Jones commented:
Yes! Outside dining in the lay by's.

Bring it on.

get the cars off the High Street
Anthony A
At 15:49 on 19th June 2020, Anthony A commented:
Not sure how to respond, Dave, without developing the argument and I take it that Carrie wants us to hang on.

I would say, though, that if the measures are part of a broader strategy then it would be helpful if it was shared. I would also say that I for one would be very keen on any measures which can be shown to help local businesses in any sector.
Dave Carter
At 17:02 on 19th June 2020, Dave Carter commented:
Well if you do respond Anthony, please respond by pointing out papers in scientific journals which say different things to the ones I have pointed at. Opinion articles in newspapers do not count.
Anthony A
At 17:31 on 19th June 2020, Anthony A commented:
I have read summaries of those Dave. I could out put forward various counter-arguments but, for simplicity, I will just refer you to a report by SAGE* - the group whose science the government alleges it is following and who, one assumes, will have done their homework. It advises, regarding the 2m rule '[the public] could be reassured that short duration closer contacts (e.g. passing a person in the street or in the supermarket) especially in outdoor environments are highly likely to be associated with a low exposure risk.'

If the 2m rule were so sacrosanct I do not see how the government could be imminently looking to reduce it, as is widely reported.

*Environmental & Modelling Group Minutes, updated 2 May 2020, para. 24
At 17:58 on 19th June 2020, Vigilant commented:
Not all scientific publications can be trusted either, look at the now infamous 'Lancet-gate' article that was published with data based on poor analysis and confounding factors.

The 'Virus' is proving to be a massive scientific and societal challenge.

That i am sure we will be feeling the effects of for many years to come.
Dave Carter
At 19:10 on 19th June 2020, Dave Carter commented:
So please explain Anthony, how distance and duration are not completely independent factors when calculating risk. And before you say "viral load", remember that this is a virus against which we have at present no defences. Any exposure can infect. Half the distance - at least twice the risk. Double the time - exactly twice the risk.

And Vigilant - Lancet published a paper including some data from a company which may or may not had been falsified. Although the suspect data did not affect the conclusions of the paper, they immediately retracted it. Although the conclusions were still valid. You may have a more serious issue with Lancet over the length of time it took to retract Wakefield's paper, but in this case it was immediate. Contrast with the failure of the Mail, Telegraph etc. to retract any of the falsehoods in their articles. There is a completely different level of integrity in the scientific press.

As far as pubs restaurants etc. are concerned, I will be prepared to go in them when I judge from my reading of the scientific literature, and from my reading of the precautions that they are taking, that it is safe. And that time is not now.
Anthony A
At 19:56 on 19th June 2020, Anthony A commented:
But Dave, to take Chu et al this was a meta-study comprising multiple contexts (and multiple diseases). They said (I summarise) that the under-1-metre risk of transmission risk was 13% and the 1 metre risk was 3%; the 2 metre risk would be roughly halved i.e. c.1.5%. But we are not talking multiple contexts we are talking outside Selby’s (!). From everything I have read, the outdoor risk of transmission is extremely low, so moving from 2 metres to 1 means a minor increase in an already very small risk. [Sorry if any reader is bored out of their pants by this time]

We all have different personal circumstances and attitudes to risk and I note your comments about pubs etc. which I respect. I think we’ll just have to agree to differ.
Dave Carter
At 20:13 on 19th June 2020, Dave Carter commented:
3 metres is half again. A half well worth having. A factor two increase in risk is not something you would accept in any work context.
At 23:09 on 19th June 2020, Steph commented:
Just park in Sainsburys and walk, all sorted....
CO Jones
At 06:22 on 20th June 2020, CO Jones commented:
Just don't drive at all..it makes quite a difference to ones fitness and physical well being (and mental well being).

Most of the residents in Neston, little Neston and Parkgate live within a mile of the cross.
At 11:02 on 1st July 2020, ryh commented:
A diagram would be useful! I assume the postman/woman can stop their van for a few minutes to empty the postbox.
At 11:04 on 1st July 2020, ryh commented:
cont'd. Apart from that I think it is a good plan. I keep to 2 metres whenever possible. This will make it more practical to keep apart.

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