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Neston Restaurants Covid Clear After Tests

Published: 4th September 2020 08:15

Two popular eateries in Neston Town Centre had good news to share late on Thursday as they both announced that all staff had tested negative for COVID-19.

Elephant Bank and The Blue Bicycle, Neston

This followed the news on Wednesday that one member of the Elephant Collective team had tested positive. As soon as the staff member became symptomatic, Elephant Bank closed for an intensive clean, notified the authorities and sent all staff for testing.  As a precaution, Elephant Lounge in Parkgate also closed and sent staff for testing.

Nearby, The Blue Bicycle closed in a precautionary measure, and also undertook a deep clean and tests for all staff.  They will now re-open as normal from Friday morning.

Elephant Lounge will also re-open, but Elephant Bank will remain closed for the full 14 days from detection of the single coronavirus case.

Announcing the latest update on social media, Elephant Collective said: "Every single one of our staff members from Elephant Lounge, front of house and back of house have been for a test and all have come back as negative for Covid.

"This means that as of tomorrow (Friday 4th September) Elephant Lounge will once again be safely opening its doors. Today we completed a deep clean of Elephant Lounge, sanitising everywhere to make sure it's all ready to go for you tomorrow and we will be operating as safely as ever. This also means that our JustEat delivery service (which operates out of our kitchen in Elephant Lounge) will be back up and running from tomorrow evening.

"With regards to Elephant Bank, every single member of staff has been tested and all have come back clear. The staff member tested positive earlier this week is in isolation and has been for five days now. The advice we have received from Public Health England is that we can now open. However, we have decided to remain closed for the full 14 days from when the infected staff member went into isolation so that we can continue the deep cleaning and sanitisation of the premises and to allow other staff to isolate for this period (although not required). Our main concern is the safety of our community and our staff.

"The staff member who had tested positive for Covid earlier this week, has, in our opinion, been extremely responsible. They made sure that the moment symptoms occurred they did not return to work and immediately had a Covid test, updating us every step of the way. It was due to their fast actions that we were also able to act so quickly. This staff member is recovering in isolation at home and we continue to send our love to them and look forward to their return in good health."

A spokesperson for The Blue Bicycle said: "All our staff have now been tested for coronavirus and returned a negative result.  With this confirmed, we will be reopening again tomorrow (Friday 4th September) at 9am,

"We hope that this temporary closure has reiterated our commitment to customer safety. We have always, and will always, put health before anything else. The hospitality industry requires public confidence to continue in this ‘new normal' we live, we strive to do our absolute best for everyone.

"Whether it is the morning coffee, lunchtime treat or afternoon tea - we hope to see you very soon."

Council reassures on COVID security

Cllr Louise Gittins, Leader of Cheshire West and Chester Council and member for Little Neston said: "We welcome the precautionary closure of Elephant Bank in Neston following a positive COVID test result. We would like to reassure residents that our public health officers have assessed businesses in Neston as operating with a high level of COVID security.

"We encourage people to get a test if they have symptoms or feel ill. By doing this, you will be protecting yourself, your family and friends. Continue to cover your face and observe social distancing when around others."

To get tested, please call 119 or visit nhs.uk/coronavirus. Protect your community by then self-isolating for 10 days if you have symptoms or 14 days if alerted to do so by a contact tracer.

People who have tested positive will be contacted by the Test and Trace Service, who will advise they self-isolate and find out and trace the people they have been near before the positive test result.

Additional information

Several other businesses in the Neston area closed for a precautionary deep clean and others have asked any customers who had visited Elephant Bank in the previous 14 days to let them know - particularly close contact businesses such as hair and beauty.  

Our current information is that Vanessa's Hair Designs & Beauty has now reopened. Staff have all had Covid testing as a precautionary measure and all have come back negative. Vanessa said: "We have clients who work at Elephant and clients who visit Elephant to socialise as I'm sure all businesses have in Neston, and as a close contact service we thought it was the most responsible thing to do. The Salon has also had a deep sanitisation as an extreme precaution.

"We are asking if anyone who has been contacted through Elephant's Track & Trace system and may have been in the salon in the last 14 days to let us know ASAP to enable us to update our own Track & Trace system."

Coral Jade Hair & Beauty will be closed again on Friday. In addition, Neston Pet Supplies have temporarily suspended dog grooming, but the shop remains open.

If there are any further updates that local businesses would like us to include here, please send us an email.

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Carrie Spacey
At 18:17 on 6th September 2020, Carrie Spacey responded:
A comment was left here today by a person calling themselves 'Ruben.' I have deleted it.

'Ruben' has, since this story broke last week, been harrassing me over my removal of another of his/her comments on an earlier post. I have answered his/her queries and accusations (made by email) as politely and patiently as possible, but still he/she keeps coming back.

In common with most people, the past few months have been quite tough on me and my family. Recently we have had other issues to contend with, none of which I will go into here. Suffice to say, the added stress of someone taking it upon themselves to launch a sustained attack on my integrity, is something I am not willing to give oxygen to. For that reason, any further comments left by this person, or in similar vein, will be deleted, so it is probably not worth your time, 'Ruben', to keep coming back.

I hope this draws a line under this issue, and I apologise to everyone else for having to subject you to this lengthy post.
CO Jones
At 13:04 on 7th September 2020, CO Jones commented:
I am not sure what has been said in personal emails or on the Facebook page as a none user of said platform but would like to say that all businesses that are public facing should ideally default to the lowest level that will pick-up all customers visiting. Including those popping in for a beer without a booking. A written log of details seems the most obvious default setting.

as I said in the other article, is the QR code suitable? The places I have been in over the last month or so that use this system have a member of staff ensuring everyone who walks in scans the code and that it has worked. If the customer does not do this, then they do not get served. This didn't happen in the Elephant Bank and needs to be improve when it re-opens.

It is a two way street and customers also need to do their bit to make things work and take responsibility in regard to distancing and hygiene.

We can see what is coming cant we? The infections are going up and may carry on doing so for the foreseeable. Yes some of that is to do with more testing but it is also apparent that many people of all ages have dropped their guard and seem to think we are out of the other end of the long dark Covid 19 Tunnel.

Businesses and customers really need to buckle in and do the right thing STILL.
Rob Ward
At 12:04 on 9th September 2020, Rob Ward commented:
I saw the latest comment by Ruben, which implied that Carrie Spacey was wrong to support Elephant. I'd like to add my view.
Carrie set up Aboutmyarea in Neston, and provides an excellent service of news and information, and gives a fairly free rein to comment. She always accepts articles from me about non-profit organisations for no charge. She supports businesses that pay for advertising. She always tries to show Neston in a good light, only giving bad news when there is good reason. She is an active member of the community in many ways. To impugn her integrity and professionalism seems absolutely wrong.
Elephant (Emma and Adam Mitchell) set up the first successful high quality coffee shop in Neston, which has been followed by many others. They invested a lot of money and expertise to renovate buildings that needed attention.
Neston needs entrepreneurs like Carrie, and Adam and Emma.

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