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Neston Public Realm Improvements 2014 - Photo Diary Part 10

Published: 25th April 2014 09:10

Just a quick snapshot this week, as the roads finally re-opened properly and the programme of work draws to an end.

After the brief interlude of traffic-management-freedom over the Easter weekend, the dreaded temporary traffic lights returned this week for a few days to allow for some areas to be finished off.

The lights were removed late on Thursday afternoon. Any final bits and pieces of tidying up will be carried out under minor areas cordoned off with minimal effect on traffic.

Once everything is 100% finished we will publish a set of 'after' photos to compare with the first Photo Diary published back in February.

Cheshire West and Chester Council have pledged that the contractors will now set about cleaning business premises' windows and shopfronts and washing down areas of pavement that have been affected by the programme of work.

The contractors' compound in Chester Road Car Park is currently being dismantled and should be fully cleared away by the end of next week.

Incidentally, if anyone is wondering why the paved surface outside 'Shand' is different to the rest, here's why. When the contractors came to this section they discovered that cellars underneath and some residual pipes relating to when there was a petrol station a little way up meant they could not excavate deeply enough to accomodate York stone, so had to find an alternative, shallower surface material.  Over time the colour should blend with the surrounding pavement.

Next to come will be new benches at The Cross and outside the Town Hall (old ones will be recycled to other areas) and some exciting ideas are being worked on for interesting signage.  Watch this space....

Thanks to Rob Clive once again for today's photos, showing the centre and lower High Street 'finished.'  Also, just the one lighter side shot this week - yellow lines were applied yesterday and, well, see for yourself....oops!

End of Week 9

Neston Public Realm Improvement Works

Neston Public Realm Improvement Works

Oh dear....this might need to be done again!....

Neston Public Realm Improvement Works

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Rob Ward
At 14:16 on 30th April 2014, Rob Ward commented:
Thanks to Rob Clive and Carrie for the photos and articles.
Thanks to the workers, who did the job quickly and efficiently.
The paved footways look much more attractive than the old tarmac, and the surround to Bushell Fountain looks good.

I thought the raised junction was to be level with the footway, with ramps at the approach to slow vehicles, like those at Parkgate.
Instead we have gentle slopes and a tiny increase in height.
I've driven and cycled over it, and I can hardly feel it.
I've watched other drivers - I see no reduction in speed.
The surface at the junction is the same black stuff as the rest of High Street.
The white lines at the entrances from Brook Street and Parkgate Road give drivers along the High Street the impresssion that they have 'right of way'.
The Department for Transport's Traffic Advisory Leaflet 2/96 says that the speed of traffic depends on the ramp gradients, and recommend 1:15. I don't know the gradients of these new ramps, but I suspect they are too gentle.
Starting from where we are I suggest:
1. Look at the detailed drawings referred to on the public plans (but not I believe in the public domain). If the contractors didn't do the job specified they must redo it.
2. Put a different colour and texture surface at the junction, so it doesn't look like the rest of High Street.
3. Remove the white lines
And by the way...
Why have we got broad yellow lines? In Conservation areas we should have narrow lines (as in Parkgate).
tricia mary
At 19:29 on 30th April 2014, tricia mary commented:
High Street is laughing at Brook Street.
CO Jones
At 22:00 on 30th April 2014, CO Jones commented:
The widened pavement seems good. The traffic calming ramps are beyond me. Seems like an opportunity missed. Agree about brook Street. Could they not have tied that into the scheme?
Katie Robson
At 08:03 on 1st May 2014, Katie Robson responded:
Brook Street will be resurfaced on Sunday 18 May.
roger f
At 15:24 on 1st May 2014, roger f commented:
I don`t see anything wrong with the white lines on the road, should we be different to the rest of the country and not have any, I don`t think so!
The high street has the right of way, traffic from brook street and parkgate road has to give way to vehicles on the high street and traffic turning from the high street must not do so if their exit is not clear that is the law
I find the ramps are quite adequate for the speed of traffic in the town, we don`t want what we have in Mellock lane, it`s like driving up a kerb.
Pedestrians do not have the right of way on these new crossing points, they have to abide by the law the same as the motorist, the highway code states "When using any type of crossing you should
always check that the traffic has stopped before you start to cross or push a pram onto a crossing" as for the double yellow lines at least they can be seen a may prevent more people from stopping where they shouldn`t, also there are too many people still parking in the bus stop bay, I think we should have a full time traffic warden.
Anyway I think the improvements to the road and pavings in the town are a vast improvement and we should all be thankful for that.
Rob Ward
At 15:03 on 5th May 2014, Rob Ward commented:
Roger and I agree the Cross looks better. Let's hope it encourages shoppers and other visitors, and that local businesses feel the benefit.
I guess we disagree on whether current speeds are slow enough. I don't want humps like Mellock Lane, or like Lees Lane, but a raised table like Parkgate. I remember a fatal accident at The Cross, and I think slower speeds would make it safer and more pleasant.
I think we also disagree on the wide yellow lines. Narrow ones as in Parkgate Conservation Area should be visible to drivers with normal eyesight.
Most of us would agree that parking rules should be enforced in Neston, but that seems a dream too far!
roger f
At 15:27 on 7th May 2014, roger f commented:
Rob W. I agree lets hope it encourages shoppers and other visitors but don`t think local businesses will see any change but only time will tell.
As for the raised table, that is what they have in mellock Lane by the school and as you say in Parkgate and they just slow me down to almost a stop to drive over them, too high and like a sloping kerb, yes it would slow traffic down in the town to almost a standstill and them pedestrians may think the driver has stopped to let them cross and they have not so that could cause an accident too, also with such a large raised table at the cross there would be people walking all over the place thinking it is a pedestrian area which would also be very dangerous, so the councils compromise with the height, I find acceptable under the circumstances, I never drive quick through the town anyway and most times its at a slow pace because of the amount of traffic.
As for the narrow yellow lines, I think they look silly, neither one thing or another, some people even think they are only temporary lines as they are not full size so that makes for confusion as they are not shown in the highway code as narrow, anyway at least we have a new road surface and some new pavings in the town.
null n
At 20:05 on 7th May 2014, null n commented:
The resurfaced road looks good and the new pavement makes the town centre look tidier but I can't help feeling it was a lot of money that doesn't give a great amount of benefit. My thoughts are similar to the other comments above, the gradual slope/brick area is so gentle that in a car its not noticeable to the eye or when you drive over it. It will certainly have no effect on slowing traffic and I cannot really see the difference in the surface on the raised area if indeed it is that raised.

My other problem with the works is that it looks like half a job in places. outside the post office is a new pavement area while across the road is the old pavement and a bit tatty.

Further up by the uniform shop the pavement is tar-mac and looks worn out... sorry to be less than positive but over the whole town centre it does look like half a job.

Maybe I am jumping the gun with my comments and in the future they will be back to finish the rest

On another but related note, on Liverpool road I see the pavement has been lowered and lamps put in ready for a crossing. This has been like this for quite a while now, is anyone coming back to finish that job ?
Katie Robson
At 06:28 on 8th May 2014, Katie Robson responded:
The crossing on Liverpool Road, the crossing on Burton Road and the surface/damaged areas of Bridge Street down to NCYC are all due to be done in the next few weeks - at least that was what we were told before the town centre works commenced. I'm due to check this with Highways in the next couple of days as it came up at a Chamber of Trade meeting last night.

Once the final figures are calculated for the works just completed, the S106 steering group will discuss how best to spend what is left. It may, for example, be decided that to continue replacing sections of pavement over time might be the answer, but that does all depend on the calculations.

Whether or not the central section meets the original brief is largely a moot point as far as the Chamber of Trade is concerned. We do not believe that any additional work that requires road closures should take place for several years now, to give existing businesses a chance to recover from the recent disruption and to provide reassurance to potential incoming businesses that their trade will not be interrupted for a very long time hence.

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