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Can anyone help me research my Neston roots?

Published: 31st May 2011 09:23
Letter to the Editor : Family History Search

Dear Editor

I am in the process of trying to trace any family members related to my late nan, Evelyn Mary Jones, born 18th September 1922 at Badger Butt, Neston-come-Parkgate.

family treeUnfortunately all I have to go by is my Nan's birth certificate, so I have not got much information in order to start this search.

My Nan's fathers name was James Jones and he was listed as being a Domestic Gardener. Her mother's name was Margaret Jones (nee Booth).  I have a little more information from my father, he remembers my Nan having siblings: a brother called Harry Jones, another possible called James 'Jim' Jones who he thinks married an Agnes. He also thinks my Nan had two sisters, one possibly being called May.

I know this information is very vague and this is half the reason why I have struggled for several years to get anywhere with tracing my late Nan's family. The only other information I have is that my Nan did work at Port Sunlight. She moved to the South Coast and married a Frederick Bourn but I'm not sure when and how they met. She died in 1987 and is still missed very much today.

If any of your readers knows anything about my Nan's family or anything 'rings a bell' while reading this, I would be grateful for any information, no matter how small it my be.

Thank you so much for your time.

Kind Regards

Fran Little

Can you help? 

Please either leave your comments in the box below, or you can send an email to us and we will ensure it is passed on to Fran.

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Scott Morein
At 14:01 on 1st June 2011, Scott Morein commented:
... born 18th September 1922 at "Badger Butt"

Should this be "Badger Bait"?

Katie Robson
At 14:03 on 6th June 2011, Katie Robson responded:
Can I just say a quick thank you to all the people who have passed on emails for Fran, to help in her family research. Most of it is too lengthy to add to the article, but yes Scott, you are correct that Badget Butt is now known as Badger Bait.

Keep it coming, I'm sure Fran would be interested to hear more.
Fran Little
At 10:21 on 15th June 2011, Fran Little commented:
Thank you so much to everyone who has responded to my letter regarding my family search. You have all been really helpful and thank you Carrie for all your help. It was definately worth doing the letter. Could I just say if anyone knows any information about Vera Jones born 1925, my nans youngest sister, I would be very grateful. Looking forward to a trip to Neston now, feel much more connected to the place. Thanks again.
Fran Little
At 07:27 on 1st September 2011, Owden commented:
Scott, Badger 'Butt' is the local term for Badger Bait... The Bridle Path in Parkgate that leads Brookland Road to Wood Lane was known as 'The Park' to Parkgate people... alas there are very few real Parkgate families left now... Glad Neston has managed to retain some of theirs
At 20:36 on 22nd May 2012, Wezzer commented:
Hi Fran,
My name is John Jones (known as Terry to everyone else), I'm a son of Alice May Jones, who was your grandmother's sister. Alice had 2 other children, Brian and Sylvia. Both of whom are still alive. I still live in the Little Neston area with my wife and we would be glad to help with more information about the family. I don't have outlook installed so can't send emails directly through the my area web page. Do you have an email address we could use?

With best regards,
Barb & Terry.
Fran Little
At 21:42 on 22nd May 2012, Fran Little commented:
Hi Terry you can get hold of my email address through Carrie Spacey from About my Area. Send an email to them above and Carrie can give you my address. Look forward to speaking to you.

Fran Little
Katie Robson
At 06:32 on 23rd May 2012, Katie Robson responded:
Hi Terry, if you could please email me on carriespacey@aboutmyarea.co.uk, I can put you in touch with
Robin H
At 10:47 on 23rd May 2012, Robin H commented:
Nothing to do with ancestors but reference Owden's remark about the path from Brooklands Road up to Wood Lane no doubt it was called "The Park" because it is the boundary of the old Neston hunting park that gave Parkgate its name. You can see the ditch and bank on the northern side of the path and the still-used name Park Fields is further evidence. Place names change over time, of course. Nowadays local people refer to it as dog **** alley - for obvious and unpleasant reasons. I know of parents that don't like their children playing round there nowadays.
Lee H
At 22:54 on 6th April 2019, Lee H commented:
Good Evening,
My wife has read your artical and is Pretty sure the Vera Jones you speak of is her grandmother. (who was born in the same year of the Vera pre-mentioned in the above threads and she came from little Neston) now Vera Married and had children and three of those children are still alive and have had children of there own. My Mother did try and trace her roosts but this was in the early 80s just after mother Vera sadly passed away. Anyway to cut a long one short, my wife genuinely thinks they are the family members your looking for. As she is aware that Vera did have a sister name May and a brother name Harry. Hope for some response soon.
Katie Robson
At 10:32 on 8th April 2019, Katie Robson responded:
Unfortunately following a change of PC, I no longer have Fran's email address. I hope she may be following this post and/or getting alerts when new answers are added. If that is the case, Fran please email me again on carriespacey@aboutmyarea and I will put you in touch with the most recent correspondent, who has sent me their email address.
Roger N
At 14:16 on 10th July 2019, Roger N commented:
I have read the above information with great interest. I too am looking for a lady named Jones, she Is Pamela May Jones
, who lived at number 1 Marshland Road. Do you have any information that may assist me to contact her or any ember of her family?
Roger N
At 15:03 on 10th October 2019, Roger N commented:
Regarding the last entry. I now know that Pamela May Jones lived at 90 Marshlands Road with her parents until at least 1983. Her father Percy B Jones died there in 1996. Can anybody recall this Jones family?

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