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Parking on the Pavement - a Neston Resident Has Had Enough

Published: 22nd August 2017 08:48

A Neston resident (name withheld) has written to AboutMyArea to open up a discussion about inconsiderate parking.  He writes:

no parking"When is something going to be done about cars parking on the pavements and the grass verges? These selfish people don't realise how hard they make it for disabled people to get about.

"My wife regularly has to divert onto the road on her disabilty scooter to get past cars parked on the pavement. This is reliant on a lowered kerb not only being nearby but also not blocked.

"It seems a lot of drivers don't know it's an offence to park in front of a lowered kerb! As for Mellock Lane, the grass verges along there are constantly being driven over and parked on, especially outside three specific properties."


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Rob Ward
At 10:08 on 23rd August 2017, Rob Ward commented:
I agree. I raisd this with Neston Town Council at their meeting in November 2019: http://nestontowncouncil.org.uk/multimedia-archive/full-council-17th-november-2009/

The minutes did not accurately record what I said, but I wrote this:
"My topic is parking on pavements. I discussed this with Richard Nickson of CWaC at the Community Forum on 24 October. In the public presentation, to quote Aboutmyarea, 'Mr Nickson agreed that this is a problem throughout the CWaC area, that it is both anti-social and endemic. During the open forum earlier in the morning, the issue had been discussed with a number of people and it was agreed that a community-driven approach to resolving this might be an option. Discussions will continue, to look at ways in which, for example, Neston Town Council and ch64inc might be able to help.'
I'd like to ask Neston Town Council to consider whether they might take the lead on this.
The problems caused by parking on pavements include:
obstruction of disabled people in wheelchairs, children in pushchairs, blind people, parents with toddlers in hand and others, sometimes to the extent that they have to go in the road;
broken paving stones, repaired at council taxpayers' expense;
damaged grass verges.
This is a tricky issue. I do not ask the Council to push for legal penalties, even though driving on the footpath or obstructing the footpath are illegal. Drivers park on the footpath because they think only of keeping the road clear for other drivers, and do not see it from the point of view of people using the footpath. Sometimes drivers would need to park further away from their destination and walk a distance, in order to avoid obstructing the road.
The Council is in a unique position to educate drivers in Neston. We could give a lead to other towns. If local people stop parking on pavements, visitors will usually follow suit."

I'm still waiting to hear what the Council has decided to do.
At 11:01 on 23rd August 2017, Dan commented:
When our estates were built in Neston, households rarely had one car let alone 2 or 3. To fix the problem for everyone a vast amount of money would need to be spent.

Mellock lane is a great example - the road is relatively narrow for the amount of traffic that passes down there, especially buses, bin wagons or other large vehicles, so people frequently park with wheels on the grass verge to keep the road free from obstruction.

I know one local resident there who only started parking on a verge recently because his car was hit three times in as many months, and no-one bothered to leave their details on any of the occasions.

To solve the problem then, the roads, pavements and particularly grass verges need a rethink. Many of the grass verges need to go, we can't have it all-ways. There are far more cars now than we had 50 +years ago when these houses were built so if we lost some of the grass verges, and added cut-in's for parking alongside the road, people could park outside their homes, roads would be clear and pavements would be unobstructed. Only one problem, it costs money and going by the terrible state some of our Neston roads are in right now, its clear CWAC don't like spending highways money in our town.

At 15:12 on 23rd August 2017, Denno commented:
I agree Dan and Beechways Drive is another prime example where we not only have visitor parking but some residents who cannot be bothered to use their own driveways.One of these days a fire engine will drive down in an emergency and knock off lots of door mirrors making parking very expensive.
Susan C
At 07:55 on 24th August 2017, Susan C commented:
Personally: Has the un-named correspondent contacted the Police? I am wondering where they encounter the problem as I had not found it a major issue in Neston though I am willing to be corrected. Presumably it is the same culprits that are repeatedly causing a hindrance to his wife? Have they left a polite/not so polite note on the windscreen? Can we be informed where the problem arises?
Grass verge parking is a different issue, and parking on Beechways Drive is yet another different issue.
Of course if we had better transport links we might not need so many cars in Neston.....

John Cartlidge
At 08:36 on 26th August 2017, John Cartlidge commented:
I agree there does seem to be a particularly local habit of parking on pavements in the residential areas. Don’t understand it myself; as stated, it obstructs pedestrians, damages sidewalks / paving and is technically driving on the pavement which is an offence. An added gripe of mine is parking on bends and near junctions requiring road users to be on the wrong side of the road at a bend. There are more cars per household these days, and more households where older children are still at home to later in life because of house prices, yet there has been no change in the planning requirements upon builders and developers beyond the long standing 2 parking spaces for most houses with a curtilage, which can include a garage, which is typically not used other than as a store room, and often too small for a modern car.

I’m also a bit baffled by parking enforcement. I was pretty sure enforcement passed from Police to Local Authority some years ago, yet I think I’ve only seen a warden once in Neston, and he stayed well clear of the problem areas, yet the local police officers regularly ‘tweet’ about the parking enforcement they conduct outside schools and at Parkgate parade. If Police are still dealing with bad parking, can they be consistent and tackle the other problem areas. Feel free to ask for a list of locations.
At 10:43 on 26th August 2017, Dan commented:
It depends where you live John. If you live in newer or wider roads then I agree there is no reason for it, however in areas like Mellock lane and the narrower estate roads, such as the Mellock estate then parking is an issue because of the number of cars we have now compared to 50 years ago. Anyone obstructing the pavement completely, parking on bends, over lowered kerbs etc is acting without consideration for others I agree, but in some parts of our town parking with wheels slightly on the kerb or on grass verges is the only place people can park while allowing larger traffic to be able to pass.

Enforcement is not the answer, except of course in dangerous or obstructive cases. Investing in our roads, adding parking and removing verges to widen roads is the answer but that would take money and CWAC don't have any of that going by the state of our roads generally
At 23:10 on 27th August 2017, doris commented:
Would just like to say anyone living on the mellock estate must realise that parking half on the pavement would not leave enough room for a ambulance or a fire engine to get through .Some people even park on the pavement leaving no room at all for disabled people or prams and pushchairs. I know this is a big problem so why don't they open their front gardens up like a lot of people have done already.

At 23:25 on 27th August 2017, Denno commented:
A few years ago I actually saw a fire engine go down a narrow street in Liverpool to attend a fire with cars parked either side of the road like Mellock Lane or Beechways Drive.The fire engine had to get to the fire and in so doing clipped quite a few car door mirrors which at £250 each must have amounted to a lot of money.The moral of this story is do not allow parking on both sides of the road and also take care where you park.
null n
At 21:00 on 29th August 2017, null n commented:
The parking situation and traffic in general is a disgrace. I live behind the brewers arms and people reg park at the top of the road on a bend literally cars everywhere and blocking the rd! If i fire engine or an ambulance was to try and get down the rd it wouldnt have a chance, and to make matters worse ive tried to contact both the town council and cheshire west council about the problem and both of them just want to pass the buck..pathetic. If your looking at traffic probs in Neston you only have to watch the tons of drivers who drive over the crossroads both outside the post office and neston school when people (sometimes children) are waiting to cross, they are obvilious to anyone wanting to cross and typical of the ignorance in this town.

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