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Why Are So Few Vehicles Allowed at Neston Tip at Any One Time?

Author: Mr Grumpy Published: 3rd August 2020 18:27

'Mr Grumpy' of Neston has written in with a question about the current arrangements at Neston Waste and Recycling Centre.

Today I spent about an hour queueing to use the waste disposal site/dump/tip at Neston. Why on earth are they only admitting three vehicles at a time?

I can't think of any other outdoor community space with such a drastic restriction on user numbers. It's a large area but is restricted to six people (assuming two per car though many only have one) and a couple of attendants - a much lower density than on, say, Neston's streets or market square. It's very frustrating and fuel-inefficient for users and is likely to encourage fly-tipping amongst those who can't be bothered to wait.

Can someone from the council or contractors explain the logic behind this restriction? Is there any epidemiological evidence to support it?

Incidentally, the queue was further delayed today because a trailer was unloading - even though signs say these are banned.

Neston Waste and Recycling Centre

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Mike H
At 07:37 on 4th August 2020, Mike H commented:
Mr Grumpy is not being Grumpy - he's quite right to complain. The Council are practising extreme safetyism and the residents suffer. I complained to the Councillor i/c and got referred to Alison Butler. Her reply was totally inadequate, simply reminding me of the "rules". Maybe Martin Barker can get somebody to produce a sensible risk assessment as part of his work in assessing the Council's response to the pandemic. (In this case they get a "D" - Could do so much better.
David S
At 12:15 on 4th August 2020, David S commented:
I whole heartedly agree with the above sentiments. I have aborted my visit a number of times when the queue has been onto the access road. Even when the queue started inside the gate it took nearly an hour to get in. You could safely allow a car at every skip and still meet social distancing regulations. There is no logic to the current proces and its causing extra grief and hassle.
Mike H
At 12:21 on 4th August 2020, Mike H commented:
Good news .... Martin Barker is on the case. Watch this space...
At 13:23 on 4th August 2020, 8H commented:
It is an outdoor facility and given that circumstance you would hope that the safety of the staff who work there and those using the facility can be upheld and at the same time the numbers going through it accelerated. We spent an hour yesterday queuing too so it does give you a chance to think about how things might be improved!
Carrie Spacey
At 13:51 on 4th August 2020, Carrie Spacey responded:
I've been asked to pass on to you a link to the official guidelines on Household Waste and Recycling Centres. Copy and paste this into your browser if you wish to have a read: https://bit.ly/2EIOHu4

Also this, on the Council website: https://bit.ly/33pKLZJ
CO Jones
At 18:39 on 4th August 2020, CO Jones commented:
Just out.of interest not context, and if the people don't mind who have contributed, how often do you visit Neston tip in a 12 month period?
Carrie Spacey
At 19:53 on 4th August 2020, Carrie Spacey responded:
Also out of interest - who the heck reported my comment as inappropriate? Cheeky!
CO Jones
At 21:34 on 4th August 2020, CO Jones commented:
I meant for context.
CO Jones
At 21:41 on 4th August 2020, CO Jones commented:
There is a lot of information on those links. This stood out...

Before you travel to a HWRC you should think about the following:

storing items at home.

making use of retailer take-back services or making your old items available for immediate re-use via on-line platforms. Make sure you follow social distancing and related guidance and that it is safe for you to move the items in question.

checking the Reuse Network website to see if there are options available for small businesses or charities in your area to mend or repurpose your furniture and appliances. This may also be a good opportunity to repair, repurpose or re-use items such as old furniture or clothes yourself which you would usually throw away.

CO Jones
At 21:44 on 4th August 2020, CO Jones commented:
As is this..

Respect the strict two-metre distancing rule around staff and other site users.
Only visit the recycling centre if it is absolutely necessary i.e. if bulky items stored at home represent a health and safety risk.
No commercial-type vehicles allowed on site as we do not accept trade waste.
No pedestrian access. Do not walk onto the site.

And this.
Long delays and queues are likely. Please assess if your journey really is essential.
The number of vehicles allowed on site at any one time will be restricted due to social distancing, and queuing times will be significantly higher. So please assess if your journey really is essential.
Waste must be separated before travelling to the site.
Arvel Arbeloa
At 22:34 on 4th August 2020, Arvel Arbeloa commented:
Do the tip staff check the passes? Every time I’ve been they never bother. If they did this and stopped the Merseyside residents using the tip then the queues would reduce
Mike H
At 07:43 on 5th August 2020, Mike H commented:
I have always been asked for my pass and witnessed the staff turning people away after they have queued for an hour! The problem is not with the staff; it is the policymakers and risk assessors who have gold plated everything and made the process a nightmare.
At 08:43 on 5th August 2020, Grumpy.Old.Git commented:
Mr Grumpy, I am the grumpiest person in Ch64. Been asked for my pass once, so always display it now as you are supposed to do anyway.
What is an hour in the grand scheme of things, listen to the cricket on the radio, contemplate the meaning of life, read the paper or do a sudoku on your phone.
What really annoys me are the users who turn up with huge amounts of stuff, take ages to deal with it and on occasion have been physically not able to carry it without help.

But the staff are absolutely brilliant.
At 16:55 on 5th August 2020, Statue commented:
I visited the tip last week for the first time since it reopened after the lockdown . The social distancing is working well, but I think things could be speeded up . I waited about 20mins in the queue and of course once you're close , you can see what's happening. One person stood permanently and patiently manning the entrance till he could allow another car in , as an empty one departed. This job meant he couldnt help slower less able people to unload heavy stuff , or take the odd single article to a different skip for them . I know because I struggled myself. It struck me that a couple of bollards across the entrance could have controlled the waiting cars , and inbetween wave throughs, another pair of hands helping the slower amongst us would have seen an improvement in the flow.
At 17:02 on 5th August 2020, Statue commented:
I should add that the social distance should still be kept between staff and car owners and presumably staff are safe handling things with gloves .
CO Jones
At 17:33 on 5th August 2020, CO Jones commented:
I don't think they are obligated in any way to help unload and think they would potentially be in trouble for helping out. I'm not trying to be some sort of jobsworth but adding comment to manage expectations.

If you take something that is too heavy for one person you should ideally take someone with you to help.

I work for an organisation that isn't that far removed from this and the ways of working around the Pandemic are here for a good while yet. We need to manage our own expectations.

Anyone tried upcycling their stuff to a good home? We have given loads of stuff away over the years and also took stuff from other people. You would be amazed at what people will take off your hands and give away.

We need to get better as a society in avoiding local "tips". They should be the last option one considers and not the first just because folk want their garage to be tidy.

If ever we are going to alter behaviours in the positive then the Pandemic is maybe a time to reflect and make a change
At 00:12 on 6th August 2020, Statue commented:
I agree with a lot of what you say, but I believe Covid is going to be around for a long time , and we have to do what you say about revamping/re-using etc for sure, but if we dont want society and the economy to fall apart , surely we have to be a little more realistic. Safety is of course hugely important, but seriously , how likely is it that the staff will catch anything if wearing gloves and removing something from a car boot if the elderly owner stands 2/3 metres away ? Not everyone has someone to take with them to help, and some things you dont want to have lying around , like a rather heavy oak backed broken mirror for instance or a jagged rusting lawn mower in the alley to catch yourself on. A bit of help would speed things up with next to no risk ,help get the queues down , and ease people's frustrations over wasted time .
CO Jones
At 08:32 on 6th August 2020, CO Jones commented:
I meant about the staff not actually being employed to help people unload as that isn't their job and if people assume they are there to assist then the situation covered in this article will get worse.

I can guarantee both of those items you mentioned would have been token off your hands from the drive of your house, not only that, you could have made some money. Our old petrol mower went on ebay and was bought for a tenner. the chassis was rotten but the motor was fine. A chap brought it who recycles mowers and was going to strip it for the engine and spares. That may happen to your mower also but it may happen somewhere in the developing world that we ship our "rubbish" to.

i'm not trying to lecture but our recycling system is fundamentally flawed. We still put way too much in landfill that has a potential use somewhere.

Taking your unwanted household goods to Neston tip is not recycling. it is making it someone else's problem. Don't believe the CWAC figures quoted on recycling. Its smoke and mirrors (no pun intended) and we are deluding ourselves
Dave Carter
At 17:07 on 20th August 2020, Dave Carter commented:
I went to the tip today for the first time since it reopened, and I thought it was really well managed. We queued for about 20 minutes, a staff member checked our pass and asked what we had. then he directed us to the most appropriate place to park to unload our stuff. A much more pleasant experience than usual, none of the hustle and bustle, with people walking all over with their stuff. Congratulations to CW&C and especially their staff at the tip.

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