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Help Fight to Save the Greenbelt

Author: Alan Passmore, Secretary of the Parkgate Society Published: 20th July 2021 15:39

Residents of Parkgate are furious that a plan to erect 17 new homes on green belt land on Boathouse Lane has just resurfaced.

Plans for development of the previous Marsh Nurseries site (off Boathouse Lane) have been submitted.Plans for development of the previous Marsh Nurseries site (off Boathouse Lane) have resurfaced. It was back in October 2019 that a packed meeting at Neston Cricket Club called on the Parkgate Society to take all necessary steps to oppose this development within the green belt.

The Council has now initiated a further public consultation on this scheme in the light of new evidence submitted by the promoters. This is in the form of a statement by one of the interested parties about the nature of the business formerly carried on there.

Local opinion is that it was run as a plant nursery, as stated in the name, and generally in accordance with the terms of the planning permission of 1978, which restricted what could be sold and in turn exempted the business from payment of business rates.

Because this is a new consultation, all those who objected to the application in its earlier form, should submit a further objection to this scheme having regard to the new evidence, while those who are against the potential loss of this part of the North Cheshire Green Belt, but have not objected previously, are likewise asked to write to the Council in opposition to this scheme. You may comment directly, by registering on the council's planning portal here. The closing date for receipt of comments is Thursday 5 August 2021. The reference for this application is 19/03423/OUT - you can find details there - or just type in Parkgate Nurseries. You can submit comments via the planning portal or, alterntively, email this address.

The Wirral Society, which is the local branch of Cheshire CPRE (Campaign to Protection Rural England) are backing our case for refusal of this application. Neston Town Council recommended refusal of the original proposal and is likely to object again, as the scheme is in conflict with the Neighbourhood Plan and also Cheshire West's Local Plan.


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rob c
At 13:13 on 22nd July 2021, rob c commented:
Gotta look at the documents on this application. Trying to say it was a Gordale type garden centre and relying on a statement from a previous owner.

Anyone who has been here knows it was a plant growing nursery. CWaC wont be fooled by that.
rob c
At 13:17 on 22nd July 2021, rob c commented:
Just looked at the petition on change.org and 1656 have signed it saying no to this development. I noticed that Clr Martin Barker signed it a couple of days ago. I wonder why it took him so long.
Brian R
At 16:13 on 22nd July 2021, Brian R commented:
So sad to read of this proposed development.

It is not my place to interfere as a mere visitor, but I have fond memories of Parkgate. It has changed little since I was a well-cared for evacee during World War II.

Treasure what you have, Parkgate is unique.
john m
At 16:20 on 22nd July 2021, john m commented:
I too have looked at the documents Rob C all seems very genuine to me with dates that cant lie, i guess it will come down to Planning Law.

I do find it a little crazy that 1656 people have signed a petition to not build hundreds houses as stated on the petition details, including Cllr Martín Barker when the application is actually 17 houses on a site that is potentially brown field.

Surely they are signing something that is factually incorrect which also includes Cllr Martin Barker.

I'd like to know who to contact to put my name down to buy one of the houses!!
rob c
At 13:19 on 23rd July 2021, rob c commented:
The petition details are correct John M Barton Willmore on behalf of Macbryde Homes ltd (and you have to assume with the land owner as why would they) in a letter dated 29-1-2018 to CWaC planning discusses intentions for the land. Its a shocking read. Google it.

The is also a legal remedy open to the land owners/developers if the petition facts are incorrect. However this isnt happening. I wonder why.

rob c
At 13:31 on 23rd July 2021, rob c commented:
I am sure Cllr Martin Barker knows its factually correct and thats why he has signed it. Hes had 18 months to read all the information as have the other 1659 people.

As for buying one of the houses. If this happens it wont be a nice small estate of 17 houses for long. I would plan on having on house among hundreds in years to come.

Still interested?

Register your interest with Pegasus Group they have 16 offices all over the UK and boast that they are a leading development company in the UK.

I wouldn't think they would bother with 17 houses.
john m
At 16:27 on 23rd July 2021, john m commented:
Rob C I do think your missing the point.

People are signing the petition to say no to Hundreds of houses and I couldn't agree more.

The proposed application is for 17 houses not hundreds as stated on the petition, that makes it a different argument!

Are you familiar what a speculative planning application is ?
It happens all the time on open spaces, it doesn't mean that the proposed plans would be approved.

Perhaps a conversation with Cllr Martin Barker would be beneficial.

To answer you question of still interested then my answer is still a firm YES!

At 18:37 on 23rd July 2021, Callum commented:
17 houses on greenbelt land is the thin end of a very large wedge.. even 1 house on greenbelt is 1 too many. The applications suggestion that the nursery was more of a garden centre/gordale venture is absolutely laughable and any resident in Parkgate would tell you that..
Simon F
At 12:25 on 29th July 2021, Simon F commented:
Your article is totally one sided and, I believe, the petition somewhat misleading and should be disregarded by the council.
Whether the land is greenbelt is debatable. Furthermore, not all residents are “furious” to the planned development.
It’s obvious the land has been used for business and it can’t remain in its current run down state forever.
I hope the council see sense and pass this application. The local family who own the land deserve this.
My fear is that the planning is refused, they sell the land to speculators with deep pockets and, as if by magic, planning is eventually passed but with more houses.
Katie Robson
At 16:35 on 30th July 2021, Katie Robson responded:
Hi Simon F, thanks for your comments. The article has been written by a resident expressing their opinions in the 'Have Your Say' section of our publication and as such, is biased by nature. We welcome all contributions from residents, email us any time neston@aboutmyarea.co.uk. Thanks, Katie
Simon F
At 17:42 on 30th July 2021, Simon F commented:
Sorry Katie, I didn’t realise.
I enjoy reading your website.
Thank you for clearing that up.
At 13:30 on 2nd August 2021, woody commented:
Hi Simon F

I think you need to ask people with regard to the local family.

Rob C makes a good point regarding Cllr Barker signing the petition. If anyone knows its him.

Simon F
At 14:04 on 2nd August 2021, Simon F commented:
I’d rather it benefit a local family rather than a large outfit that would exploit the land for every square inch.
From what I’ve seen of the plans, the 17 houses would be placed in a tasteful way that wouldn’t ruin the natural beauty of the area.
And, let’s face it, it looks a mess at the mo and would need serous investment to bring it up to a condition for opening another business. And let’s face it….. Who would take that mantle on when some of the local neighbours seem to complain when the land is used for anything commercial, even though it benefits the local community.
As for Cllt Barker. I thought he should have remained neutral
Simon F
At 14:05 on 2nd August 2021, Simon F commented:
Cllr ??
pat j
At 12:20 on 6th August 2021, pat j commented:
Simon F and John m have you seen the comment on the CWaC planning website. Look under comments then public comments.

I cant remember reading a more damning objection it shows clearly that something is amiss , They have made some very interesting statements about the Planning officer and the applicants evidence.
pat j
At 12:21 on 6th August 2021, pat j commented:
t t
At 15:45 on 6th August 2021, t t commented:
Pat F, I completely agree with Simon F and John M.

I suspect if the derelict site were road side then there would be uproar and the hand full of repetitive objectors would be wanting something done.

I have read the comments and im not green fingered by any stretch but i do understand that Christmas Trees, pots, fertilizer, sheds, fresh flowers and the host of other thing that where sold couldn't possibly of been produced on the site.

I'd say that makes it more a BROWNFIELD site rather than greenfield

Regarding the petition, lets deal with the application at hand not the fake petition set up by a person who house backs onto the site.
There is even one person who signed it asking where Parkgate is!!

So here is my petition !!!


Sign the petition with a chance to win a house!!

How many will sign that i wonder and would that include Cllr Barker.
tiy w
At 16:15 on 18th August 2021, tiy w commented:
That is pretty damning evidence against the claims of the applicant and land owners.

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