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Published: 27th March 2008 14:58
LettersIs there a subject close to your heart that you want to have a say on? Something to get off your chest? Set out your argument here, and let's get some debates started on issues that interest us all.

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David C
At 09:43 on 21st April 2008, David C commented:
Why does the postman manage to deliver at 0830hrs on a Saturday, but not until 1130 hrs on a weekday?

AB Neston
At 08:31 on 8th November 2009, Spike commented:
The postman delivers early on a Saturday because he wants to knock off early!

AM Neston
It's only me
At 14:42 on 9th July 2012, It's only me commented:
All the GPO Post boxes in the area where I live in Neston show a collection time of 17:45. However, the postman regularly collects from them at 15:15. If there is a good reason for this then fine but can we have the time of collection changed on the post boxes to show the actual collection time. When people pay a first class postage rate for next day delivery it's not going to happen if they miss the collection.
At 13:58 on 20th January 2013, Gezza commented:
What's happened to TIGS? Looks empty this morning; has it closed, been robbed or being refurbed?
Katie Robson
At 08:39 on 21st January 2013, Katie Robson responded:
We noticed that on Saturday night and asked around. Popular opinion is that it's a refurb, but I will try and get that confirmed today. I hope that's all it is...TIG is a real asset to the town centre.
It's only me
At 09:26 on 23rd January 2013, It's only me commented:
Just what is going on with waste recycling? On Monday collection day it was snowing so some disruption could be expected .
However, the recycling trucks arrived at the end of the road but the operators decided they would not collect and moved on. Not just in our road but many side roads in the area that had not been gritted. The conditions in the road were good enough for the domestic waste wagon to drive in and collect. Several charity collection vehicles and those making supermarket home delivery had no problems with access either. The council were notified and we were instructed to leave the bins out for a later collection. Today a white Luton van pulls into the road with several collection bins in the back operators collect the recycling from one house and leave all the others. Again rang council a very disinterested receptionist said she will pass on this information to the collection supervisors but further collection may take 48 hours. Carrie do you have the ear of our councillors who may be able to place the toe in the right place. The public have enbraced recycling - time for the council to show their support not just go through the motions - no pun intended!
Katie Robson
At 10:35 on 23rd January 2013, Katie Robson responded:
I've had a similar problem where I live. Our collection day is Monday. The truck collecting recycles navigated our cul-de-sac without any problems. The general waste wagon, which is exactly the same size, bottled out. I assumed they would come back on Tuesday, but they did not. I rang the relevant Council department, who pledged that the bins would be collected asap, but so far, no sign of them.

Yesterday afternoon I had to park in Gladstone Road and noticed that the refuse collectors had left all the wheelie and recycling bins stacked up at the end of the road – hardly a good service, is it, when people have to trudge down to the end of the road to retrieve their bins.

I know that Cllr Williams regularly checks the comments on AMA, so over to you, Andy...any idea how we can get some improvements in the waste collection service?
It's only me
At 13:10 on 24th January 2013, It's only me commented:
Just an update on recycling. Today same white van arrives in road and collects my recycling. I spoke to driver as he was about to drive off and pointed out that he had not emptied my neighbours recycling bins, he just shook his head jumped in van and drove off.
Perhaps Cllr Williams et al could discuss this also!
One house collections - then only if you complain - at what cost to council tax payers?
andy w
At 13:28 on 24th January 2013, andy w commented:
I'm not trying to make excuses because i'm as frustrated as everyone else with the problems we are having with our new waste collection services but the weather has caused a few problems in the last week.The only hope i can offer at the moment is that the trial period for the contractors is up for review shortly with financial penalties being imposed if they have not met standards.Also i know some people haven't been satisfied when reporting problems but i ask if you could all carry on reporting them as they are all logged and will build up a picture on where the shortfalls are,Thanks
Katie Robson
At 14:05 on 24th January 2013, Katie Robson responded:
Thanks Andy, and thanks also for your swift response to complaints that I passed on to you about rubbish in Chester Road Car Park and behind the Lodestar. I note that the relevant departments are now getting on the case to sort out both problems.
null n
At 18:17 on 24th January 2013, null n commented:
Our recycling wasn't collected Monday (or any day since then) but with the weather I can partly understand it.

The new recycling system to recycle even more is a great idea but the collections are a shambles. Our road is right on the school run and some days the recycling is collected first thing and other times its late afternoon. Three times now the road has been missed altogether and we have had to phone up and are told "its showing on the system as done" so they have to come out for a special collection.

When it is collected the boxes are just thrown into the middle of the pavements with the lids also not put back on (or on) the boxes. Before Christmas on two collections the guys were dropping plastic bottles, paper, card etc and just leaving it on the pavement.

I appreciate the pressures these guys work under and the bad weather they also work in but it was organised and tidy before this new system so what has changed to make it so bad ?
null n
At 16:04 on 28th January 2013, null n commented:
Right now Drake Road is full of crates and plastic everywhere because of the increasing wind.. a car has just hit a crate in the middle of the road and its beyond a mess !

The side roads around Drake road were collected this morning yet Drake Road itself still has not been collected at 4pm. There is no consistency - some weeks they collect 7am, other weeks 5pm and several weeks so far they haven't bothered at all.

The new system is a failure, our roads are littered and surely everyone is fed up with this now.
It's only me
At 11:10 on 18th February 2013, It's only me commented:
In gap in bushes at the bottom of station road opposite entrance to carpark is dumped a large quantity of books ,cd's and household items. Some we have taken to a charity shop but much is still there and too much for us to shift. So how to get it moved? Tried 'phoning Cheser council and having been passed around several departments without any success hung up. Then tried Neston Town Council, at Neston Youth & Community Centre, very brusquely told it was not their responsibility. The Neston town hall phone number is the same as that for Cheshire council so not going on that trail again. Anyone with other ideas
andy w
At 11:56 on 18th February 2013, andy w commented:
I will put a report in now and get it sorted
It's only me
At 12:22 on 18th February 2013, It's only me commented:
Thank you Andy W
Rob Ward
At 10:35 on 19th February 2013, Rob Ward commented:
I looked on CWaC website and you can report fly tipping here


This gives the phone 0300 123 7026
It says you can report it at their one stop shops, which I guess includes Neston Town Hall
It's only me
At 12:09 on 19th February 2013, It's only me commented:
Andy W - all rubbish cleared by 4pm yesterday - well impressed! Again thank you.
Charlie - we did try to contact Cheshire west but having been the parcel in their game of it's not this departments responsibility, gave up. I was also expecting a better response from Neston Town Council - especially as the rubbish was right outside their building.
Perhaps this website could list the direct phone lines to the council departments responsible for fly tipping, road repairs,street lights not working, potholes etc. Not just a generic number that the council can hide behind,.
Katie Robson
At 13:06 on 19th February 2013, Katie Robson responded:
We already do:

andy w
At 15:18 on 19th February 2013, andy w commented:
Glad i could help
It's only me
At 10:33 on 7th March 2013, It's only me commented:
Is anyone else having difficulty getting a new Bar-coded permit from Chehire West and Chester. I applied 4 weeks ago and have heard nothing. I have tried ringing the council on their 'hotline' 0300 1237042 on several occasions - but after listening to the music for 15 minutes on each occasion hung up.
Katie Robson
At 11:04 on 7th March 2013, Katie Robson responded:
I applied online and it arrived within a few days. Copy and paste the following link into your browser:
CO Jones
At 20:06 on 10th March 2013, CO Jones commented:
The new recycling is a great idea in theory but disappointing in the ways it has been rolled out.

I don't think I have seen the same crew working our street on consecutive collection days.
It's only me
At 11:22 on 31st March 2013, It's only me commented:
Once again, In gap in bushes at the bottom of station road opposite entrance to carpark is dumped three sacks containing a large quantity of books ,cd's and household items. Similar to that dumped on 18th February (see above). On that occasion Andy W came to the rescue by putting in a report to the council to organize its removal.
Andy would you be kind enough to do so again.
andy w
At 12:05 on 31st March 2013, andy w commented:
Will get it sorted on Tuesday
It's only me
At 10:41 on 4th April 2013, It's only me commented:
Andy w thank you once again - all gone by first thing this morning.
At 11:24 on 10th July 2013, Jeannie commented:
I am a new dog owner and happily took my new friend for a walk on our beautiful marsh. I was surprised to see that it is or appears to be a "don't bother picking up" area. This is such a shame as it would be a lovely place to take the grandchildren on nature walks. So bad is the fouling I am embarrassed to take friends and family when they visit. Can someone tell me what the rule is about this. There are dog bins on the paths leading up to the marsh but these are usually overflowing, so maybe this is why people don't bother. I would like to hear what other people think about this.
andy w
At 12:50 on 10th July 2013, andy w commented:
Hi Jeannie i can't change peoples attitudes to picking up dog waste but i will ask if streetscene can increase the emptying of the bins,especially in this weather when a lot more people are out
At 14:46 on 10th July 2013, Jeannie commented:
Hi Andy, that would be great thank you, also what are the chances of getting a couple more bins closer to the accesses to the marsh? I know it is an offence to leave dog mess on a public right of way but how does the law stand with our beautiful marsh?
At 23:51 on 4th February 2016, lesley commented:
Hi I Just read about the HSBC bank in Neston I know that don't bank there myself. But people are not very happy about it that is closing and i reckon that it should stay. Also I heard that Iceland is to go aswell? Lesley
Katie Robson
At 08:50 on 5th February 2016, Katie Robson responded:
Hi Lesley. The closures you mention are both covered elsewhere on the website. If you cut and paste the following URLs into your browser, you can read more:

Iceland closure: http://goo.gl/4kpcGF
HSBC closure: http://goo.gl/yPi6bw

Do you receive our weekly newsletter, Neston News? It may be that when you registered you unticked that box. When you are logged in, if you look at the top of the page here and click on AMAZing, next to the AboutMyArea logo, that will take you to your account, where you should be able to opt in to the newsletter. It will mean you get all the local news and events etc delivered directly into your email inbox each Weds morning.

I hope all that helps!
At 20:15 on 5th February 2016, BHFL commented:
Wish people wouldn't chuck rubbish out of their car windows as they travel out of Neston or Parkgate (along Leighton Road and Boathouse Lane). Boathouse Lane is frequently litter-picked by locals, but Leighton road verges don't seem to be, and as a result the litter accumulates and is an eyesore.

You need to log in before you can do that! It's only a quick registration process to join the AMA network and completely free.

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