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Wessex Volleyball Club

Author: Steven Shaw Published: 11th May 2008 18:40
Wessex Volleyball Logo

The Wessex Volleyball Club consist of nearly 200 members, 43 teams and over 40 National Championships. It is the largest and one of the most successful volleyball clubs in Britain with highly-ranked National League Women's and men's teams with a number of internationals.

Wessex under 15, 16 and 18 teams have all won national competitions over the last ten years with Mini Volleyball teams winning numerous South West titles.

12 teams in the 4 divisions of the Poole-Bournemouth League plus boys/girl teams from 8 to18 years.

Weesex 01Wessex Volleyball Club was started in 1976 when Geoff Allen started to introduce junior girls then boys to volleyball, coachinng them formed the basis of the club. Men and women were entered in the National League, coached by Geoff they worked their way up to the respective division 1's.

Although volleyball is one of the world's three biggest sports (800 million players in 227 countries), it has not been highly reconize in Britian. The Wessex Volleyball club had their best league finish in 2000/01 when the men coached by Simon Golding won the National Cup in that year. Volleyball Olympics

Both indoor and outdoor Volleyball has started to recieve more media due to the build up of the London 2012 Olympics. UK Sport is investing several million pounds in top payers over the next year in order to get them to world class, players from Wessex will benefit from this as they are ideally positioned to make maximum advantage of this.

Sandbanks beach has been designated as one of the trainiing beaches for the 2012 Olympics.

Wessex Volleyball 02Beach volleyball is an Olympic team sport played on sand. With two teams positioned on either side of a net which divides a rectangular court, hit a volleyball, usually using the hands or arms. Players on each team attempt to hit the ball over the net in such a way that it touches the ground inside the court boundaries, and to prevent the ball from touching the ground on their own side of the court.

Beach volleyball is a popular recreational activity on many beaches around the world, and is generally most popular in areas with wide sandy beaches.

Beach volleyball is a fun sport and was evolved from indoor volleyball, a team scores points by grounding the ball on the opponents' court, or when the opposing team commits a fault (error or illegal action).
The team can not contact the ball more than three times before the ball crosses the net; and consecutive contacts must be made by different players.
Hand signals

One of the facets of beach volleyball is the use of hand signals by players to indicate to their partners what sort of play they intend to make. These signals are made behind the back, to avoid the opposition seeing the signals. Most commonly, the signals are given with both hands by the serving player's partner before the serve, with each hand referring to the type of block that should be put up against an attack from the corresponding side of the court. If the server is a stronger blocker, he or she may run up to the net to block after serving. Otherwise, the signaller will perform the block.
Additionally, the signaller may wiggle or "flash" the fingers on one of the signalling hands indicates that they want the server to serve the player on that side of the court.

Common hand signals
  • Closed fist  - No block should be attempted for the opponent on that side of the courtBeach Volleball Hand sgnals
  • One finger - The blocker should attempt to block an opponent's spike down the line, or straight ahead of the hitter
  • Two fingers - The blocker should attempt to block an opponent's spike into the angle, or diagonally across the court
  • Open hand - The blocker should block "ball," deciding where to set the block based upon the set and on the opponent's approach and arm-swing

Note: It is somewhat common, especially at less competitive levels of play, for a signaller to show one finger on one side and two fingers on the other, in order to allow the non-blocking player to be able to focus their defensive attention on one half of the court.

Contact Email : - secsqcl-wxvb@yahoo.uk

Membership Application Form

Parent's Consent Form

 Adobe Acrobat needed for view forms


Wessex Volleyball 03
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