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Drayton Manor

Published: 30th July 2007 21:09

By Manor Court Nostalgia Writer, Peter Keat 

 Have you ever wondered where the Manor came from in the name of Manor Court School ? No, nor had I so with a little research amongst the books at home comes the details below.  

The manors of Farlington and Drayton seem to have changed hands many times up to 1347 (and for a time it was in the hands of Edward 111) when on the death of John Montgomery, they passed to the hands of the Priore of Southwick in return for the losses caused by the invasion of the King's enemies under a grant made to them in 1346. It remained with the Priors until the dissolution, when Henry VIII by letters-patent bearing the date 29th June in the 32nd year of his reign, granted them to William Pounds of Beaumond.s, his wife Eleanor and their heirs, with its rights and royalties, together with the advowson (right of presentation of the benefice) of the Rectory of Farlington. These possessions descended to Anthony Pound, who, it appears by a judicial enquiry taken in the first year of the reign of Edward VI, seized the Manor of Drayton, which he held of the King by grand sergeantry, on condition that he provided one sldier to guard the eastern gate of Portchester Castle in time of war.

His eldest son, Richard Pound, followed, but the Drayton Manor passed out of the family through the female line, and it was not until 1703 that a Mr. Smith, who had taken possession of Farlington, purchased the Manor and land of Drayton from the co-heirs of Mr. Richbell and Sir Benjamin Newland. There appears to have been some financial trouble, for the Manors were both mortgaged, and it was some 60 years later (about 1764) that a Mr. Peter Taylor took over the estate. By now the Parish of Farlington not only comprised the Manors of Farlington and Drayton, but also those of Stakes, Purbrook and Crookhorne, and this remained so up until about 1913. But where was the Manor House ?  

The remaining parts can be found on the corner of Dysart Avenue. The last house was built in the 19th Century and was eventually sold the the Portsmouth City Council in 1947. It was mainly demolished in 1957 but records state that it was a three storey detached house of partly coursed random sized flints with quoins. 'M'-shaped tiled roof with exposed purlins and dormer windows, three chimneys. Casement windows. Closed flint porch with sloping slate roof, one window and tiled roof. Wooden panelled door set within pointed arch. Side door surmounted by cambered arch. Crest above front door and motif on wall. Part of the original house was allowed to remain and it was converted into flats, but there is a local myth, I believe, that the house was haunted, but does anyone know the full story behind the ghost ? Strange to think that our school dayswere conducted within the grounds of the 'big house' probably in the garden, even the land where Kinross Crescent was built was still part of the estate.  

I expect most of you can remember the playing field along Central Road which must have been part of the estate and I certainly can remember riding my bicycle over the rough ground between Central Road and Grove Road where Manor Court (Springfield) School was later to be built. I seem to remember concrete building such as Home Guard headquarters or similar to the south of the site and derelict 'Dig for Victory' type allotments over the rest of the ground. A great place for a boy and his mates to play in. Does anyone else remember these buildings and the site before the school arrived? If so let's have your memories.  

Funny thing is I can remember the site but not the school being built (G.A. Day Ltd again I suppose), I seem to have a mental block there. But I do remember the youth Club and the Friday night. I also remember that I was in the youth club when we heard that President Kennedy had been shot (doesn't everyone remember where they were then) it ruined the evening and we all went home early.

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Robin W
At 11:28 on 13th August 2008, Robin W commented:
I remember the Auxilary Fire Station which was where Manor Court School is now built - It was on Grove Road approx centre of now school grounds with some wooden huts to the right (Lower Drayton Lane end) which were used for the storage of furniture from bombed out buildings. The Fire Station was used as a Scout Hut (and probally other uses) certainly in 1952 . One aspect I remember is the Dump for ex Army Tin Hats , Gas Masks and a host of other surplus equipment which was in the far right of the School Grounds (Station Road end) and I wonder if much was found when school was built or whether such material is still there? I certainly remember the Allotments as my father had one and used beyound 1956. Access was via West Lane now Scholars Walk.
Penelope B
At 10:45 on 19th January 2009, Penelope B commented:
When my family moved to Drayton in 1953 our address was Drayton Manor Estate, and later we joined Lower Drayton Lane.

Does anyone have a photo of the manor before the westerly chunk was removed?

Does anyone have photos of the manor before, say , 1930?

Penny Barge
At 20:44 on 21st June 2012, Jeni commented:
Hi I have just discovered this site and read the article on the Manor House at 44 Dysart Avenue. I used to live there as a child from about 1954'ish to about 1958. The house was already cut off and the houses alongside were well established before we moved there. The well to the house is in the back garden of the next door's house, it used to be covered over. I have seen a photograph of the house taken before the alterations and it appeared to cover the area of the two houses next door. It was in the Portsmouth Evening News but I don't know when it was taken or when it was in the paper. My family have a copy of it but I don't know where it is at the moment which is not a lot of help I'm afraid.
My bedroom was the room above the front porch. I remember the layout of the house even now but I expect it has changed since the 50's. I went to Court Lane Infant School and Junior school before moving to Lovedean in about 1958.
I would be glad to hear of any history regarding the house as not many people can say they have lived in a Manor House as a child and as a child I did not appreciate this!


Peter K
At 15:46 on 25th June 2012, Peter K commented:
Great memories Jeni love to see the pictures
At 17:48 on 18th January 2013, Doc commented:
We have been living in The Manor for 35 years
Now that we have retired it would be great to get more information regarding The Manors history, including any old photos
Can anyone help, please
At 07:28 on 16th July 2014, JackieS commented:

This gives great information about Drayton Manor House and the area right back to 13th century.
At 22:04 on 12th November 2015, Sueb commented:
Has anyone seen 3 ghostly figures in Dysart Avenue. I witnessed these Saturday morning just after midnight. They were standing under a street light outside my house. White and glowing but faceless. They did not scare me I looked away and they were gone
At 18:05 on 3rd March 2017, djr commented:
I lived about 50 yards from the Manor House, in Lower Drayton Ln. Just after the war the house was occupied by the army,and as young kids we used to climb over the flint wall and the soldiers used to play some great games with us.The grounds had a lot of fruit trees, so we used to go scrumping. we used to fill our shirts with apples. The Manor wasn't in dysart Avenue, as Dysart avenue didn't come through to Lower Drayton Ln. when the army left all the rogues used steal the lead from the roof. Dave Rees.

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