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Anna's Weekly Soap Update for Week Ending 03 June

Author: annahowelll Published: 4th June 2012 16:50

For all of you that may have missed any of last weeks soaps, here is a chance to catch up before the week ahead is upon us.


The Savages return from holiday to realise that their camper van has been stolen, unaware that it was Bart (Jonny Clarke) behind their loss.  Whilst Liberty (Abi Phillips) has a room at the McQueens for as long as she wants, Dodger (Danny Mac) and Dirk (David Kennedy) are forced to stay with Dennis (Joe Tracini).  However, when Dennis is sees how giddy this new arrangement make Lianne (Jessica Forrest) he passes the Savage buck onto cousin Will (James Atherton) who reluctantly takes his father and brother into his halls of residence.  Whilst there, the Savage clan disrupt the life of all the room mates and end up being evicted before the week is out after Dodger tries his charm with Will's secret crush, Ash (Holly Weston), resulting in them sleeping in the back of the van!

After his rejection from Ste (Keiron Richardson), Doug (PJ Brennan) spends the majority of the week in his room, but when he opens up to Lianne about his sexuality, she and Texas (Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove) drag him out to a gay bar, spotted by a very angry Ste.  Ste has been left all week to run the business, and with no contact from Doug what-so-ever, he is forced to hire Barney (Tom Scurr) as an assistant, although he only lasts two shifts as Ste can't afford his wages, meaning that Barney has to contemplate leaving uni as he can't afford the housing fee's that his father has stopped paying.  

Lianne and Texas make it their mission to make Doug proud of who he is, but accidentally let the news slip in front of Riley (Rob Norbury) who storms out angry that Doug didn't tell him first.  The two soon make up though; Riley was only taking out his frustrations on Doug, and by the end of the week has convinced his best friend to admit how he feels to Ste, which he does and the pair kiss, in full view of Brendan (Emmett J.Scanalan).

Riley, Lynsey (Karen Hassan) and Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) get a shock this week when it appears in the paper that Silas won't be standing trial for his crimes as he has been certified insane.  Whilst Lynsey and Riley have each other to fall back on, Mercedes turns to drink to console herself, whilst insisting to the rest of the world that she is fine.  Lynsey soon realises that she is not handling things well when she finds out that Mercedes has been seeing Dr Browning again, and assumes the worst.  When a strange man answers the phone to Lynsey, explaining that he had met Mercedes in a bar that night and gone back to her room, but that now she had locked herself in the bathroom going ever so slightly mental (she keeps getting flash backs of the kidnapping), Lynsey rushes to the hotel, stopping only to tell Riley that the mother of his child is a prostitute.  It seems like Lynsey is the person who can reach out to Mercedes, and as the week progresses, the pair get very close, with Mercedes opening up to her new best friend and actually starting to lean on her, Lynsey starts to worry how Mercy will take the news that she and her ex are now a couple.  Riley, meanwhile is furious over Lynsey's revelation about Mercy's new career choice, and confronts her angrily in the street, whilst Lynsey finds out that her assumption was incorrect.  Mercy is mortified to think that Riley would think her capable of selling herself (besides the point she has done so in the past), but the pair make up when he goes over to apologise after he finds out the mistake he has made, and for a moment there t looks like the pair may actually be starting to remember why the fell in love in the first place, that is until Mitzeee (Rachel Shenton) returns from her trip to Barcelona.

Carmel is all excited over her new man, Ed (Dominic Rickhards) but her joy is short lived as, when they are out having coffee, they bump into his daughter, Maddie (Scarlet Bowman), revealing that he is a married liar!


Ashley starts his new job in a Hotton burger bar, but has a real hard time fitting in, especially when his new work mates find out what he did as a job before flipping burgers.  Having told people that his new job is in catering management, he is shocked to see Alex (Kurtis Stacy) and Victoria (Isabel Hudgins) in his place of work, and begs them not to tell anyone.  Unfortunately, no one has really forgiven him for what he did to his father, and so Victoria and Alex head straight over to Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) to inform her of her estranged husband's new career choice.  Laurel storms round to the burger bar wanting answers but she chooses the exact wrong moment to confront him, as he is being sacked for stealing leftovers to give to the poor.  News of Ashley's very brief career change spreads, and he is confronted in the Woolpack by some very nasty comments, but none hurt him as much as Laurel standing up for Marlon (Marc Charnock) over him, causing Paddy (Dominic Brunt) to question whether there may still be a spark there between the two?

Val (Charlie Hardwick) is back and very unhappy when Eric (Chris Chittel) chooses Brenda (Lesley Dunlop) over her, and whisks her away on holiday, leaving Amy (Chelsea Halfpenny) to keep an eye on the B&B, not trusting Val in the slightest.  Val is feeling very sorry for herself and acts like a bull in a china shop moaning to anyone who will listen.  Unfortunately she picks the exact wrong moment to stumble across Alicia (Natalie Anderson) who was just about to reveal to David (Matthew Wolfenden), that she loves him.  When Val wades in slagging off Eric, David stands up for his dad, and Brenda, which makes her so furious she turns her venom on her stepson, calling him spineless and pathetic.  This makes Alicia see red and before Val has a chance to say, "Put another one in there pet", she has been presented with a bloody nose at the hands of the feisty barmaid.  Val is more than enraged; especially when instead of sympathy the rest of the village practically gives Alicia a round of applause, so decides pay back is in order, and reports the incident to the police.  The police arrive and Alicia is taken into custody for the night, but in the morning she is horrified to learn that she is likely to face prison as she is still serving a suspended sentence for GBH after she hit a home help stealing from her dying mother.  The entire village tries to appeal to Val's good side and get her to drop the charges, but the gobby Geordie is having none of it, that is until Amy issues her with an ultimatum, drop the charges or lose me forever.  Val swallows her pride and pays the police a visit, but it's too late, the charges can't be dropped as Alicia has already pleaded guilty, meaning that she almost certainly faces jail!

Holly (Sophie Powles) gets a call from a contact she made in Leeds inviting her for an interview for a junior designer position in London.  Holly lies to her mum, but confides in sister Hannah (Grace Cassidy) the situation, and when she later tells her that she has been offered the job and taken it, Hannah decides to not attend her exams as she will be needed at the farm in Holly's absence.

Debbie (Charley Webb) wonders how they can afford to take Sarah to Paris for her birthday while Cameron (Dominic Power) sees it as a golden opportunity to take on more shifts at the pub in order to spend more time with her aunty Chas (Lucy Pargeter).  The plan is going well, until Debbie nearly catches them at it in the women's toilets. Overcome with guilt, Chas offers to pay for the train tickets to Paris for Sarah, and arrange a fundraiser to gather more funds for the trip itself.

Two men turn up looking for Zak (Steve Halliwell), claiming that they have just spoken to him and that they had arranged to meet in the Woolpack, unaware that Zak lost his phone on the Moors, or that he has been sectioned.  This starts the Dingle rumour mill going, and soon it is decided that someone needs to speak to Zak.  Debbie is up for the job, but not wanting to cause her or the baby stress, Cain (Jeff Hordley) reluctantly agrees to go instead.  Little does he know, however, that Zak has been opening up about the attack to a nurse....

Charity (Emma Atkins) gets carried away with Jai's (Chris Bisson) excitement over having Noah's name changed to Sharma, and accidentally agrees to think about trying for a baby of their own.  Jai is over the moon, but Charity later confides in Debbie that it's not what she wants at all.

Coronation Street

Tommy's (Chris Fountain) worries intensify this week when Tyrone (Alan Halsall) and Kirsty (Natalie Gumede) borrow a car that he has stashed with drugs.  His behaviour sparks suspicion in Tina (Michelle Keegan) who then follows him and sees him meeting Rick (Greg Wood).  Tina is furious and tries to end their relationship, but when Tommy tells her he will do anything to keep her, she tells him to arrange to meet Rick and tell him that he is no longer involved.  Unfortunately for them, Rick doesn't accept his resignation, and gets one of his foot soldiers to hold Tina back, while the other two beat the living hell out of Tommy.  Realising just what trouble they are now in, Tina and Tommy ask Kirsty for help, but unintentionally also lands Tyrone in it for lending them all his savings.  Telling them the entire truth, Tyrone is appalled that his business has been used to house the drug scam, but when an irate Kirsty tries to phone the police, her kind hearted fiancée stops her.  Tina and Tommy are shown the door and Kirsty goes off on one at Tyrone, but doesn't hit him this time I am very pleased to say.  Whilst the dust settles, Tommy gets a call from Rick; he can be let off the debt for good if he does one last job, this time driving the mule car to Amsterdam.  Tina is petrified that Tommy will get caught, but he is insistent, its do this or get killed.

Eileen (Sue Cleaver) is sacked from the factory by Carla (Alison King) after her disappearing act the week before to attend Lesley's funeral.  Unbeknown to the rest of the girls, Eileen has secured her old job back at Street Cars.  Kirsty is furious with the way her colleague has been treated and convinces the rest of the staff to strike until Eileen is reinstated, but whilst her efforts are in vain, she does end up gaining a lot of respect from her work mates at last.

The day of Weatherfield in Bloom arrives, but the street is shocked to see that every entry, apart from Gayle's (Helen Worth) has been stolen.  Norris (Malcolm Hebden) assumes that Gayle is to blame, but when Owen (Ian Puleston-Davis) catches Faye trying to sell them in town to get some money for her mum, he is forced to tell Anna (Debbie Rush) what her daughter has been up to.  Anna marches Faye to apologise to everyone involved, as well as promising to replace them all as soon as she can.  The next day, however, all the Street are pleased to see all the hanging baskets and window displays have been replaced, by Owen!

Stella (Michelle Collins) is trying to get organised for the Street party in honour of the Queens jubilee, but when the money raised goes missing, Sunita (Shobna Gulati) knows where to find it.  Heading down to the casino she manages to catch Karl (John Michie) whilst he is still on the up, and convinces him to come home with the money, but unfortunately Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) has been trying to get hold of her and begins to smell a rat.

Norris (Malcolm Hebden) gets a surprise when he see's Dennis (Philip Lowrie) with his ex, and quickly captures the moment on his phone camera, having been presented with the perfect opportunity to split the couple up at last, but when Rita (Barbara Knox) confronts her husband-to-be on the eve of her wedding, it turns out that the meeting was totally innocent, but has the damage already been done?  Rita sends Dennis on his way wondering if she will turn up at the registry office the next day or not.


Andrew (Ricky Grover)becomes an unsung, and undeserving hero, when he ‘saves' Patrick's  (Rudolph Walker) life, but little does he know that Patrick was only pretending to choke in order to stop Andrew from losing his temper.

After being dumped on his wedding day, Ian (Adam Woodyatt) has not been since, but Lucy (Hetti Bywater) is unworried as she assumes he has not wanted to waste the honeymoon and gone alone.  However, when she has a house party later in the week, she is horrified to realise that her father's passport is still in the house, and starts to panic.  She turns to Phil (Steve McFadden) for help, and when he seems very helpful, Ben (Joshua Pascoe) worries that his father has killed his brother and advises Lucy to inform the police of Ian's disappearance.  Phil is furious when he finds out what Ben has done, and starts to confirm his worse fears, that he would do anything to protect him, but just before Ben has a chance to digest this, Lucy turns up with Ian's accounts to help him find him for her.  Phil uses the accounts to find that one of Ian's credit cards has been used at a hotel, but when they all turn up there they are shocked to see Mandy (Nicola Stapleton) is the customer, using the hotel to hold her mother's funeral.  She insists that she has no idea where Ian is, which means that they are back to square one.

Cora (Ann Mitchell) asks Lauren (Jacqueline Jossa) to help build the bridges between Derek (Jamie Foreman) and Alice (Jasmyn Banks), much to Tanya's (Jo Joyner) disapproval.  Alice agrees to give her father a second chance but soon changes her mind when she realises that he is involved in a forged money scam.

For all the latest news on the soaps and all other things media, be sure to check out http://www.unrealitytv.co.uk/. You can also follow Anna on Twitter at @annahowelll or Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/anna.howell.3

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