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Anna's Weekly Soap Update for Week Ending 29 June

Author: annahowelll Published: 2nd July 2012 12:05

For all of you that may have missed any of last weeks soaps, here is a chance to catch up before the week ahead is upon us


What a week it was in Hollyoaks!

Riley (Rob Norbury) and Mitzeee (Rachel Shenton) finally get it together (ewww, they are second cousins) much to everyone's surprise.  On the surface, Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) takes the news very well, but little does everyone know that this is far from the case really.  She digs out all her old stalking equipment (photos, paint, night vision goggles etc.) and goes all out on Mitzeee's flat.  Mitzeee returns to see a collage of pictures of her displayed on her front room wall, with the word ‘BITCH' painted in black across the middle, and her recently calmed state of mind goes right back to panic mode.  She quickly takes down all the pictures so that Riley does not see, but is quite clearly shaken by the development.  When Riley convinces her to go along to Nancy's (Jessica Fox) book club it is very clear that she is scoping every member of the party, wondering if they are her stalker.  She decides that Lynsey (Karen Hassan) is the most likely suspect, having been rejected by Riley when he chose Mitzeee.  She storms out of the dog and makes her paranoid little way home, followed by Lynsey and Mercedes.  Back in her flat, Mitzeee starts ranting incoherently after taking anti-depressants, which react in a bad way with all the alcohol she has consumed, accusing both women of being her stalker, causing Mercedes (who we know is the stalker) to get Lynsey to leave them alone in the flat to go and get help from Riley.  When alone, Mercedes taunts Mitzeee, making it pretty clear that it was her who has been stalking her.  Mitzeee grabs a knife to defend herself so Mercedes grabs a bottle and hits her over the back of the head, knocking her unconscious.  Looking out the window, Mercy see's Riley and Lynsey on their way back and grabs the knife, plunging it in to her own stomach before collapsing to the ground.  Mitzeee comes too and see's Mercedes on the floor covered in blood, with no recollection of what happened.  Riley and Lynsey enter the flat and see Mitzeee, covered in mercy's blood, leaning over her motionless body.  An ambulance is called and Riley and Lynsey are left to make statements to the police whilst Mitzeee dashes from the scene.  She turns up at Brendan's (Emmett J Scanalan) door, who lets her in and helps her clean herself up but when she can't tell him what happened he is forced to call the police for her own sake.  She is arrested and denied bail after Mercedes comes round and tells the police that it was Mitzeee who stabbed her, and that it was not an accident.

Remember Sampson?  He was the baddies who got lil Joel (Andrew Still) stabbed, well he shows up this week.  After kidnapping Joel and leaving him holding pressure on a pin-released grenade, which Brendan sorts out, obviously, he is last seen staking out the village, in particular Brendan's, who he has just declared war on, flat, where he watches Lynsey leave.

Lynsey is like a dog with a bone this week with her tireless efforts to extract information out of Ally (Dan O'Connor) regarding the dodgy back ground of Walker (Neil Newbon).  Walker witnesses this unwanted display of interest into his past, and by way of ensuring that Ally knows how strongly he feels about his privacy, snatches one of Ally's girlfriend's kids, implying that it will be worse if he spills as he gives the child back.

Lynsey visits Mercedes in hospital and after a heart to heart, realises that Mercedes was Mitzeee's stalker all along.  Mercy begs her not to say anything, but Lynsey, never one to stand in the way of justice (just ask Silas - speaking of whom, read this article and prepared to be shocked!) rushes out of the hospital.  Mercy manages to get herself discharged from hospital and races back to the village.  Meanwhile, Lynsey has returned to the flat and convinces Cheryl (Bronaugh Waugh) that they should go on holiday together.  Cheryl goes to the shop to fetch some wine and in one of the best kept soap secrets of all time, Brendan returns to the flat to find Lynsey's murdered body on the sofa.  Hollyoaks managed to keep not only the storyline, but also Hassan's departure such a well-guarded secret that Fridays episode was one of the most shocking moments in soap history.  Karen Hassan, who played Lynsey, even postponed her leaving do to avoid letting the cat out of the bag, and her characters murder is meant to start a huge whodunit, which is meant to be as closely guarded a secret as the murder itself, however, if you can't wait to find out, Unreality TV (who I also write for), made a discovery that no other site picked up on, which suggests a culprit to the crime from the mouth of Karen Hassan herself according to her characters Wikipedia page, click here to find out who she said killed Lynsey!


Having been caught by Gennie (Sian Reese-Williams), Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Cameron (Dominic Power) are forced to promise that they will end their relationship.  Only thing is, they can't and so make plans to run off together.

Gennie meanwhile has more important things to worry about as she still hasn't found the right moment to tell Nikhil (Rik Makarem) she is five months pregnant with his child.  Nikhil misreads the sings when she eventually invites him over to talk thinking that she is going to end their relationship, and so beats her to it.  Back home Charity (Emma Atkins), who knows about the baby  tells her brother-in-law the real reason Gennie asked him over, and so he gallantly marches over and proposes to her, which she accepts.  Unfortunately when she goes to tell him about the baby he admits he already knows, forcing her to call off the engagement, and their relationship, thinking that it is only the baby he wants and not her.  After much grovelling he convinces her, by eating a slice of bread, that he will change to be with her and wants them to be a family.  Gennie accepts his proposal again and all is right with the world again.

Eric (Chris Chittell) is forced to admit he might have been wrong about Alicia (Natalie Anderson) when she produces a pre-nup protecting David (Matthew Wolfenden) and all his assets after the wedding.  He doesn't have much time to think about it though as Amy's (Chelsea Half-Penny) birthday produces a scooter riding Val mowing him down, by accident I would like to stress, breaking his leg.  However, it would seem the act isn't as damaging as you might have thought as Eric admits to his foster daughter he is missing his wife!

Val (Charlie Hardwick) uses Rishi to make Eric jealous, which results in him inviting her as his date to a party to celebrate Nikhil and Gennie's engagement.  Unfortunately, Charity has taken a phone call from Georgia in which she tells her tormented mother-in-law how much Rishi is missing her, but when she shows up at the party and sees him flaunting Val under her nose a huge scene erupts ruining the party and causing Jai (Chris Bisson) to really lose patience and temper with Charity.  When, later in the week, Georgia turns up again and announces she thinks that she and Rishi should separate, Jai blames Charity for the marriage break up.  Shut away in his office, he finds comfort in cleaner Rachel (Gemma Oaten) who he ends up in a most compromising of situations with.

Lisa (Jane Cox) discovers the extent of Zak's (Steve Halliwell) financial situation, and quite understandably not believing his buried treasure story, has to go cap in hand to family to find money to pay off the debt.

Rhona (Zoe henry) is planning a surprise party for paddy (Dominic Brunt), but is it what he wants?

Coronation Street

Eva (Catherine Tyldesley) gets hold of the completely wrong end of the stick when she moves in to try and win Nick (Ben Price) back this week and is left more than red faced when he turn her down.  Her behaviour does rouse an emotion in him, though, but certainly not the one she expected or wanted as she walks in to the back room of the pub to find him declaring his undying love for Leanne (Jane Danson).  This sparks an almighty row between the two sisters, with Stella (Michelle Collins) right smack bang in the middle.  Never one to be told what to do, Leanne arranges to meet Nick and they decide to reignite their relationship.  When she goes home and tells her family the not-so-happy news she is stunned when Stella tells her she will have to move out.  She takes Simon to live at Nicks, much to Simons delight, and Peter's (Chris Gascogne) disgust, and it is pretty clear that it's not just jealousy over his son that Peter has issues with, as well as Leanne making it pretty obvious that she is simply settling for security (so much so that even Nick can tell, click here for more info).

Sean (Anthony Cotton) gets an attack of the green eyed monster this week after Marcus (Charlie Condou) takes a newly-outed work colleague under his wing.  The situation comes to an almighty head when Sean's insecurities result in Marcus deliberately going out with the object of Sean's jealousy to prove a point.  However, it would seem that Sean wasn't the only one who got the wrong end of the stick when the colleague moves in for a kiss with Marcus, which he declines, but does leave him questioning his relationship.  After Sean storms in to Marcus' work, causing a scene and scuppering his chance of promotion, Marcus decides enough is enough and calls time on their relationship, which Sean reluctantly agrees is the right thing to do.

Whilst attempting to put prospective buyers off, Tracy (Kate Ford) and Beth (Lisa George) inadvertently misplace Craig's pet rat.  When later in the Rovers, which is being inspected by the council under Sunita (Shobna Gulati) and Eva's turbulent command, the rat gets set loose amongst the punters it is up to the feuding barmaids to get the pub through the inspection without being shut down.  They manage to do just that, and an unlikely alliance is restored.


Janine (Charlie Brooke) has to come to terms with the fact that her baby might not make it, not helped at all by the fact that her new husband Michael (Steve John Shepherd) , unbeknown to her, tried to kill her in her tiny incubator by disconnecting her wires (which I have to say went ridiculously un-investigated when discovered).  The baby survives but the newly-weds are advised to get her christened as soon as possible.  Janine wants the name Patricia, but Michael puts his foot down, he wants Scarlet; however at the last minute Janine remembers her platinum coated backbone, and Patricia it is!

Desperately broke Lucy (Hetti Bywater) has to sack pregnant Lola (Danielle Harold), who doesn't take it very well indeed.  In retaliation Lola pours oil from the chippy all over one of Max's (Jake Wood) cars for sale so he assumes it is Lucy and starts demanding money from her just like his brother.  As the week progresses, Lucy finds herself confiding in newbie Joey Branning who scams his father into lending him money so he can give it straight back to Lucy.

Meanwhile, Jay (Jamie Borthwick) tries to get Lola to admit it was her, but she won't explaining that any trouble with the police would result in her unborn baby being put in to care after birth.  He tries to tell Max that it was his fault, but max soon realises he is covering for Lola and agrees not to go to the police.  When Lucy turns up to pay the money that has been demanded, that she has got from Joey, Jay accidentally tells her it was Lola who did it when telling her to keep the money.  Lucy phones the police and Lola is arreseted.

For all the latest news on the soaps and all other things media, be sure to check out http://www.unrealitytv.co.uk/. You can also follow Anna on Twitter at @annahowelll or Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/anna.howell.3

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