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From Tea Leaves to Tarot - AboutMyArea Speaks to Kate Bowman

Published: 13th March 2014 12:41

 Kate Bowman is a full-time Tarot card reader in
When Kate Bowman used to read tea leaves with her grandmother at the age of six, little did she know that it would be the spring board for a career in using spirituality to help people.

Now, more than 30 years on, Kate is a full-time tarot card reader and has helped hundreds of people make decisions about their lives.

In fact, there is a growing market for her services. After reading cards for friends at the local mother and toddler group, Kate now has anything up to 30 readings in one week.

Kate said, "About eight years ago I did some psychic development classes and learnt how to meditate, connect with spirit guides and learn about healing. I did the tarot course for myself originally but  I would bring my cards to the community centre and do it for the mums.

"Over time, I got asked to do more. It evolved from a bit of fun."

Kate's interest as a young girl was encouraged by her family. Kate explains, "My nan was quite open to things and we talked a lot about ghosts as her parents had passed. That got me interested and as I get older I started reading horoscopes and putting friend's birthdays and matching them up. My mum is into it and is always talking about herbal remedies.

"Then I got myself a pack of Russell Grant tarot cards that are really unusual and started with them with my friends but reading from the book. As I started reading, I would hear other things in my head and I would say whatever it was. A couple of years down the line people would tell me it had happened.

"Depending on people's perception of psychic, with the cards I can definitely foretell what's coming up. That is the cards, that's not me. I trust them 100%.

"There will be other instances when I can be with other people and just know things. I seem to know about pregnancies quite a bit and just weird things I can sometimes sense. When I'm doing a reading, I can sometimes pick up a spriit energy and then my clairvoyance will click in and my mediumship and I can give people messages. I never tell people I can do it though because I don't want the pressure and it doesn't happen all the time."

Kate has said that she has managed to change the minds of sceptics and one of them is now a regular customer. "I was at a school at Christmas and I had a lady and her mum and sister who were all listening. The sister was hovering and when she came over, the energy changed but she stayed. Afterwards and was mindblown by how accurate it was and has gone on to book parties."

Whether you're a believer or not, Kate's work is something that seems to capture people's imagination and she is more and more in demand.

Kate added, "I have regular clients who base their life on them. I get good feedback but I tell people that they have free will too."

Find out more information about Kate including her forthcoming events at www.trulytarot.com.

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