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Leading health & beauty expert wants better education on sugar

Published: 18th September 2019 09:58

A LEADING health and beauty expert is calling for better education nationwide on the issues associated with the intake of sugar (September 2019).

Rhona Gillmore, who has been working in the industry for more than 45 years and has a clinic in Taunton, Somerset, says the majority of the conditions she treats relate back to nutritional imbalances.

Rhona, who along with her team has undertaken nutritional training, said: “The saying you are what you eat has never been truer than it is today. If you want to make one change to help improve your health and well-being, then I’d advise ditching sugar completely. Once you cut out sugar, including anything containing sweeteners, you can pretty much eat as much of everything else as you like!

Women, in particular, mostly do not eat enough of the right things at the right time. The trend is to starve all day, because adrenaline is feeding you, giving you a feeling of being ‘high’. Unfortunately, when you stop and sit down you feel exhausted, so this is when the serious eating begins, and sugar cravings start. Mentally you think because you have eaten very little in the day, you can cram three meals into one in the evening!

“Sugar fixes are so dangerous. Sugar comes in so many different guises that you often don’t know you’re eating it. Many fat-free products are loaded with corn syrup or maize starch, which is in fact sugar. Long-term sugar abuse will cause fat to build-up in your liver resulting in obesity, which can then lead to diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

“Habitually eating this way can cause the skin conditions and other symptoms I hear about from new clients, such as being permanently tired, having dark circles under their eyes, rosacea, eczema, dull or red blotchy skin, constipation and IBS. We don’t even think about it – which is why you don’t associate your diet with your ailments.

“It’s very hard to change what you have been doing, particularly as it probably started in childhood. To break this cycle, you need to take charge – to be in control of your body rather than letting it control and dictate to you.

Rhona launched her clinic in Park Street, Taunton in the 1970s and is one of the best-known and respected skin care experts in Taunton.

She added: “Food today is a minefield, with the media bombarding us daily with contradicting ideas. In my ideal world, we would all eat fresh food, which we cook ourselves.

“We have to eat to feed the brain, not the stomach. With the brain as conductor and the organs the orchestra, a brain confused by a lack of proper nutrients will send the wrong signals to the body. This malfunction can result in all those issues that bother you and may eventually lead you to serious illnesses.

“But I can hear you saying, ‘I do eat healthily’. Well, writing a five-day food diary may give you a big shock, telling you your diet isn’t as healthy as you thought. We can provide sheets for people to use to create a food diary for free.”

Rhona’s Park Street clinic brings together the latest and most effective, non-invasive, health-driven treatments and products, letting clients have access to the very best and latest non-surgical therapies available. 

“Your skin is a superb diagnostic tool in the fight against illness and delaying the ageing process. A poor diet coupled with stress will attack our cells and result in premature ageing.

“Yet more stress shuts down the digestive system, uses up nutrients too quickly and leads to the body looking for the deadly white sugar. In contrast, a Mediterranean diet, full of colour, supplies the vitamins and minerals needed to feed your brain, which then sends the correct signals to your organs and skin. So, education is the first priority here at our clinic – the more we can help you to work with your body, the better the result.”

Rhona and her team of trained and experienced professionals offer therapies that include helping clients achieve younger looking skin, a healthier body and weight, as well as semi-permanent make-up and all the other essentials of skin and body care required.

“Feeling good and looking your best starts on the inside, it’s all about the health and well-being of your gut. The skin is the largest waste disposal organ of the body and the connection between what you eat and drink, and the health of your digestive system, all play a massive role in how the skin reacts. This, subsequently, shapes the way you look.

“At the heart of all our therapies, we offer a deeper level of understanding of how the skin and body works. We aim to maximise your expectations when you visit our clinic, through sensible nutritional changes, which will improve your digestive system.

“We also use the safest and most effective technological treatments and have sourced amazing products you can use at home that really do make a difference. All go hand-in-hand in achieving realistic results for your skin and body.

“We provide genuine, honest advice and we only treat you if it is really going to make a difference to how you feel and look. We give you the guidance, knowledge and expertise to help you get the best results for any issues you may have.

“As clinic treatments are the most successful when supported by a good daily regime, working in partnership with you, we provide you with the facts and products you need, so you are better equipped to look after your skin at home to achieve longer-lasting results.

“You may think everyone is different, but, in reality, we’re really very similar. We take the mystery out of working out what has gone wrong with your skin, so along with simple changes to your nutritional lifestyle, we can achieve amazing results. We call this approach ‘Beauty through Health’.”

For more information, please visit Rhona Gillmore on Park Street, Taunton or www.rhonagillmore.co.uk. Alternatively, please call Rhona and her team on 01823 271 367.

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