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Seeking the way

Author: The Taoist Well Published: 26th January 2016 15:12

How can there be movement and yet be stillness or stillness and yet movement ? And, if one is still, how can there be movement and vice versa ? The true answer to this apparent paradox cannot be fully conveyed through verbal explanations and cannot be fully explained using intellectual or philosophical concepts devised by man. It can only be understood through the experience gained by consistent disciplined practise on a correct path.
There are many paths to Wu Chi (The Way), all are long and require time and dedication. Some are longer than others but all lead to the same state and are eventually immensely rewarding.
What path one takes in seeking "The Way" is of no consequence so long as the chosen path is in harmony with The Tao (The Natural Way). When a correct path is taken, it will eventually merge with all other correct paths that conform to The Tao. The point at which all correct paths meet is neither the Void (Wu Chi) nor the physical, but is the state referred to in Taoism as "The Grand Ultimate" or Tai Chi (not to be confused with the martial arts of Tai Chi Chuan - Grand Ultimate Fist, which, if correctly taught and practised, is one of the paths to achieve it).
Every person who has entered, or come close to the Way will understand this. Those who seek, but do not arrive at the state of Tai Chi, will believe they understand; but they do not, because they have not yet achieved stillness. There is stillness in movement and movement in stillness when the consciousness controls the mind, using it as a tool, while allowing it (the mind) to lead intention, when one's intention is actually to have no intention. However, when one's intention is to have no intention, it (intention) cannot be led by the mind which is then bypassed by the consciousness to create a direct link between consciousness and intention. It is at this point that one exists on the threshold of the Way.
This means stillness of motion, which is different from those who wrongly interpret Dong thong Qiu jing to mean "seek stillness in movement," or, "seek tranquillity in motion," or "tranquillity in movement," or "movement meditation." Each is a different process, or state that is usually experienced on ones journey towards The Way, or Wu Chi. Yet there are few who aspire to, let alone attain, even the lowest state, of "tranquillity in motion" because they are not prepared to dedicate the necessary time or put in the required effort and practise.
Stillness is an aspect of movement; without stillness the concept of movement would not exist. Therefore, practise movement without becoming addicted to it and practise stillness in order to truly understand movement.




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