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Catching Good Luck When Playing Bingo Online

Published: 27th August 2019 14:26

The popularity of bingo, whether played in bricks and mortar bingo halls or at one of the many online bingo sites, has increased significantly in recent years. You might well remember a Robbie Williams video from a few years back where he was going to play bingo with Daryl Hannah. He made bingo cool for younger people and now there are millions of players who are hoping to get lucky and win one of the many cash prizes that are on offer. Is there more to winning at bingo than luck though?

A numbers game

Well, the short answer is no. You are usually given a card with random numbers on it. Random numbers are then drawn out which you need to cross off your card – if you’re playing bingo online, this can be done for you automatically. So, everything within bingo online is random. You can’t influence it in any way, you can’t always choose your own numbers, and you certainly can’t influence the draw.

How to improve your luck

You might discover that playing bingo online brings you mixed fortunes. One site might provide you with a series of small wins or even a large win, whereas others will leave you frustrated with the fact that you never get to call “house!” at all. One thing you can do is to find your online bingo sites through https://queenbingo.co.uk/, a site which will give you all the latest offers from some of the biggest and best bingo online sites around. And if you find yourself still short on luck, you can embrace some of the best superstitions around to help you.

There is superstition

Some people mock superstitions or rituals which others use, but what if there’s some truth in them? You might have heard stories of football fans whose team won despite overwhelming odds against them and they attributed the victory to the fact that they were wearing lucky pants. It’s not as crazy as it sounds. Pay attention to the following to maybe give yourself a boost:


  • Magpies – one for sorrow, two for joy. Perhaps avoid magpies altogether, lest you encounter the wrong total.
  • Black cats – avoid these too. It’s said if they cross your path, it’s unlucky.
  • Ladders – don’t walk underneath one. There’s a chance a window cleaner might drop his bucket on you, which is bad luck in itself.
  • Mirrors – seven years of bad luck awaits you if you break one. Be careful!
  • The rule of three – bad luck often comes in threes. Have two unlucky things happened to you today? It might not be the day to play online bingo in that case.
  • Beginner’s luck – everyone has experienced this at some point. Having bad online bingo luck? Join a new site and, as a beginner, the tide of luck might turn for you.


Of course, it is impossible to say if any of these things really influence luck when playing online bingo, but you never know. Embrace superstition and just see what happens!

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