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Making Moving Easy in Sudbury and Suffolk, Moving Myths

Author: Cathy Challis Published: 15th January 2019 09:46

 Todds Removals

Making Moving Easy in Sudbury and Suffolk, Moving Myths

There are plenty of places you can go to get advice on moving home.

You may ask friends and family for their tips, you may have heard horror stories from work colleagues or you may have searched the internet for those hints on how to save money whilst moving. We don't doubt there is a lot of advice out there but who and what should you believe?

We at Todds Removals Ltd hear and see a lot of erroneous advice in practice and here is our guide to debunking some of those myths.

Its Cheaper to move yourself

Well we would say this is a myth wouldn't we but once you've taken into account all the costs of moving yourself: van hire, insurance and fuel; equipment hire; packing materials and providing refreshments to all your mates who've helped out have you really made a saving? Then you need to take into account time; if you are busy moving yourself will you have time to clean your old house before leaving or your new house before moving in, will there be time to pack properly, will there be time to disassemble the beds and put them together again. If you use a professional removal company they won't damage your possessions or your property - but if they do they are liable for the repairs* if you damage or break something you will need to pay for the repairs. You also need to ask yourself are you physically able to move yourself - can you afford to take time off work due to a bad back?

Packing won't take long

The majority of people moving house grossly underestimate the amount of things they have. We advise people to start packing weeks in advance of their move and to do it gradually rather than in one big go. Start with those out of season items and things that you can live without and only leave the very essentials to moving day. Sorting while packing can also take longer as deciding whether to part with something can delay your progress. We advise having a good clear out right at the beginning of the moving process.

All Removal Companies are the same

Well we are not! As in every industry companies vary. Do your homework and research before engaging with anyone. Our tips for choosing a removal company would include to check if they are members of a trade organisation and ask to see references from previous customers. Always get more than one quote, not only does this allow you to compare services and prices but gives you other options if your first choice is booked on your removal date.

My moving date is...

Your legal advisers may give you a target date during the conveyancing process but this is not definite until you have exchanged contracts. If you are fortunate to be in a situation where you own both properties or are moving from rented accommodation and you tenancy is still current you may have a bit more choice on your removal day.

It is best to move on a Friday

It is not compulsory for your completion date and therefore your removal date to be on a Friday. In fact there are many reasons why you should try to avoid moving on a Friday:- Its popularity can be its downfall, the conveyancing process is still carried out by people not computers; a good removal company can be very difficult to find as Fridays get booked up quickly, many even charge more for a Friday removal; if something goes wrong and completion does not happen you may have to wait until Monday before you can get hold of your solicitors or the bank to put it right; if, on moving into your new house, you experience problems with the heating or utilities getting an engineer out on a Friday night or at the weekend is going to be difficult if not costly. If you organise your packing

there will be no need to unpack everything upon arrival in your new home, with careful planning everything you need for the next day or two can be easily accessed and everything else can wait until the weekend.

I can save money by using boxes from the local supermarket

We do not recommend using boxes form local shops or supermarkets. We supply two sizes of boxes and the regular sizes of the boxes makes loading the lorry quicker and easier. Boxes from local shops may be large but you can only carry so much in one go and are they strong enough? - boxes made for carrying cornflakes are only designed for carrying cornflakes. We at Todds Removals will sell boxes and other packaging materials even if you are not moving with us.

Soft items can be packed in bin bags

This is a definite no from professional movers. Not only are they difficult to load as there is no shape and support they can cause some items inside to "sweat" which can lead to mould growth especially if the items are going into storage.

Leaving food in the freezer is ok

We always advise that freezer stocks are run down in the weeks leading up to your removal and on removal day the freezer should be empty, clean and dry. This is because food can start to thaw and deteriorate even if you are only moving a short distance. It also prevents any ice in you freezer from melting and damaging other possessions whilst in transit. Some freezers also need to be left unplugged for a few hours after being moved to allow the gas inside them to settle.

For professional advice and handy hints on what to do on moving day check out Todds Removals Ltd's website www.todds-removals.co.uk or find us on facebook.









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