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Shake Your Own Butter

Published: 6th March 2008 14:52

To make your own butter, you will need:

  • Clean 2l plastic milk bottle
  • A marble
  • 500ml double cream
  • Salt to taste (up to 1 level teaspoon)
  • Bowl
  • Small dishes e.g. ramekins to store your butter
  • Colander

Chill the bottle and the marble in the refrigerator for at least one hour to help the butter form more quickly. Pour the cream into the bottle, drop in the marble, and fasten the lid tight. Shake the bottle. At first you will hear the marble moving. After about 15 minutes, the cream will get so thick that you won't hear or feel the marble. The sides of the bottle will be coated with thick cream. Continue shaking the bottle. After another 15 to 30 minutes, butter will begin to form.

First you will hear the marble moving again, then the coating of cream will disappear from the sides of the bottle and you will see lumps of butter in a milky liquid. The liquid is buttermilk.

Open the bottle and pour the buttermilk into a jug.  You can drink this or save it for making scones, which are yummy with this butter!

Shake the butter down to the bottom of the container and then use a pair of scissors to cut around the middle, so that you can then scrape the butter into the bowl. Cover the butter with cold water and then pour the water off through the strainer. Do not save this milky water. Keep washing the butter this way until the water you pour off is clear. You can chop into the butter under water with a knife or spatula to help release all the buttermilk.You are washing out the buttermilk -- buttermilk that is not washed out will turn the butter sour. Use a clean wooden spoon to stir and press the butter against the side of the bowl. Continue pressing the butter against the side of the bowl to work out any liquid that is left in the butter. Pour the liquid off. You may add the salt, if desired. Chill butter for 1 hour before serving. Makes about 6 ounces.

Cheating: Depending on how good your shaking is, the butter can take up to half an hour to form, so if your arms are aching, the easy way is to churn the butter in a food processor instead! (and then wash it the same as above). See the grown ups' version for further details...

NB Don't forget to take the marble out before you put the butter in the food processor!




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