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Kings Professional Book Keeping

Author: Paul King Published: 29th August 2013 22:22

Welcome to Kings Professional Book Keeping
Dedicated to the prosperity of every one of our clients!
  • Conventional accounting not working for you?

  • Then Join the most proactive market leader in the West Midlands

  • We work daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly to maintain accurate real-time records

  • Professional ledger control remains at the financial frontline of your business

  • From this unique position we are able to achieve savings in excess of our fees for 98% of our clients

  • This is FREE accounting.

 If you have a small business in the West Midlands telephone now for a free consultation on 01788 550176.

Paul A King is an Associate Member of The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, Membership No 241292563.

  Try our Business Health Check to reveal savings in services and utilities

Forensic Credit Control secures payment on time and swift dispute resolution

KPB allows you to decide the level of involvement. If processing financial data fills you with dread, allow me to assist; my experience allows me to continually process data whilst repeatedly testing the results to prove accuracy. This will release you to be creative within the business.

About Kings Professional Book Keeping

We are seeking to fulfil a requirement within the business community to bring affordable accounting to small businesses. KPB came from Paul King spending 38 years at the helm of an SME conscious that the lack of sound financial advice (at a cost which could be sustained) stifled growth.

Practices that are second nature to those involved in small business do not come easily to young and inexperienced entrepreneurs. Start ups use template business plans to impress and flatter; KPB is about the real honest task of stating goals, achieving success and finally ‘turning a profit' to re-invest, or simply to sustain a good life style, the choices are yours.

You will find specialist areas within the site that help businesses to prosper and not fall foul of cash starvation, many business owners are perceived to be affluent when daily cash flow denies them taking even a lunch break! Control the Cash and you control the business. KPB is supporting sole proprietors and small business owners to progress through to stable, sustainable companies able to take of advantage of leisure time and the freedom afforded by being self employed.

Services Available:
  • Book Keeping
  • Accountancy
  • VAT Returns
  • Tax Returns
  • PAYE
Book Keeping & Payroll Services

Without the information available from regular ledger entry's a business will become starved of cash. The keeping of journals and ledgers is the key to success, every business trades on income and expenditure, huge fixed asset reserves do not pay the Electricity, Gas and Wages. Tight control of income and expenditure will deliver profit, lose control of this fundamental and you will fail!

Allowing someone to assist in the preparation of financial records does not interfere in any way with the operation of the business. Precise up to date records allows you to identify trends, release funds to expand and generally assist in plans for the future.

The non intrusive policy of KPB allows you to set the guidelines. We are able to work within your business from existing systems, or provide bespoke systems to control invoices, creditors and debtors always keeping you informed.

KPB operates a forensic credit control system, in real terms a continually updated record of debt, with precise controls (without exceptions) enabling customers to operate within the system resulting in no loss of income and securing their goodwill.

For clients with poor bad debt on their books, our policy is not to break doors down, or incur costs at court; we have a detailed mediation policy which uses open dialogue and honesty to resolve disputed debt.

Business health checks are in great demand as providers via for custom, recording expenditure enables us to compare services and we will endeavour to reduce gas, electricity, broadband, telephone, waste removal, laundry, fire regulation equipment and many more expenses. See Free Accounting.

Accountancy Services

The requirements of any business are transparency! The authorities require that you present your financial accounts for any given year in a format that is readable, accurate and able to be understood by everyone, from investors, owners, partners and not least the governing bodies.

The task of accountants is to prepare this information so that it fulfils the requirements above. You could do this for yourself, the documents are plain and supported by copious notes and guidance, however it should be everyone's duty to minimise their payment of tax and to this end, the interpretation of the rules and regulations in any given year become essential.

It should also be your duty to access these recourses at a cost that is commensurate with the size of your business, here is the dilemma, having worked all year to achieve a modest profit, a large portion will be lost in fees of various sorts. KPB can help with this, knowledge and experience gained over 38 years of filing returns, is available to all our clients, we do not give advice on offshore accounts or avoidance techniques, our assistance is clear and precise all returns to Companies House and HMRC are accurate and in the clients best interest. We are always mindful of ‘economies of scale' in that accountancy services are provided in relation to the size and needs of the business.

VAT Return Services

You are legally bound (upon registration) to return the output tax charged, minus input tax incurred to the HMRC. How simple is that? Many businesses fall foul of the Customs Office, due simply, to poor and incomplete records. Using KPB systems, VAT is not just recorded but real time budgets and forecasts will always maintain funds to discharge liabilities to Customs. Always remember that the VAT charged is not your money, it should never form part of any forecast or budget. In accountancy terms it can only appear on the balance sheet as owing or owed.

Tax Return Services

The levy of tax at various rates has existed for hundreds of years; at times it was exclusively used to expand the Monarchs armoury, at other times it was siphoned overseas for the Monarchs pleasure. Today I am pleased to say we benefit largely from the collection of taxes, to understand this you need to travel in countries were rubbish lines the streets, travel after dark is dangerous for lack of lighting, information is sparse through little or no national library, your ability to access justice and to feel safe (a relative term) is denied. In short I support the collection of taxes from each person in accordance with their means, this is where it becomes contentious and far to complex for this site. Clearly and without fear of reprisal KPB will ensure that the tax you pay is fair and always in our clients best interest.

To ensure the accuracy of returns, information must be relevant and up to date, this requires a natural progression from bookkeeping to accountancy. KPB clients are ensured this close progression as we provide an unbroken link between services.

PAYE Accounting Services

The payment of individuals for their services, as wages or salary, entails ever increasing amounts of legislation. KPB runs Payroll systems from one to thirty employees at competitive rates, all statutory documents are filed and end of year returns are filed electronically. Many businesses tell us they do their own wages, I ask them to apply a simple test to the procedure; asses the time taken to prepare wages, apportion a rate to their time (unless they have time to spare!) and analyse the true value, should they be using that time to promote and expand the business, how many hairdressers want to be payroll clerks? KPB uses ‘economies of scale' to determine needs, do not over burden your scarce time recourses.

Free Newsletter

The Kings Professional Book Keeping Newsletter is packed full of useful tips and information that will help save you time, hassle and money.

To subscribe to our newsletter, please follow the link - Free Newsletter Registration

Contact Kings Professional Book Keeping

If you would like a chat about any of our services, please complete the enquiry form and we will be in touch within 24 hours.


* Please remember to mention 'AboutMyArea' when contacting Kings Professional Book Keeping.


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