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Tips From PRO Roulette Dealers

Published: 23rd September 2020 12:33

Getting rich simply spinning the roulette is maybe the hardest way to get “easy money”.



Getting rich simply spinning the roulette is maybe the hardest way to get “easy money”. Unlike many casino games with an element of skill involved, the roulette relies purely on luck. Anyway, you can always make sure that you’ve got the best possible chance of winning in your pocket. In this post, we’ve got you covered with the top 10 tips from PRO Roulette Dealers that you need to know to make a success at the roulette table, either it is a land-based casino or online gambling platform.

1. Consider roulette variations

Most likely, you have heard a lot about American and European variants of the game. Choosing between these two, prefer playing the European roulette as American roulette has a higher house edge (gives you fewer chances to win a jackpot). 

But almost every singly modern live casino now offers a wide range of other roulette games that you cannot underestimate, whether you’re a gambling expert or a complete beginner.

2. Before you join an online casino, research its reputation

It may be a hard and time-consuming task because there are more online gambling websites available than ever before. Unfortunately, many online casinos legally cheat players with refused payouts to maintain business profits. To avoid getting into trouble and receive a top-notch entertainment as a bonus, check out the websites dedicated to finding and reviewing every reliable and honest online casino. To get an idea of how these review sites look, check the PikachuCasinos review of the Lucky Nicky Casino and other online casinos that worth your time and money.

3. Know your bets, odds, and payouts

Whether you’re up to win some extra cash or it’s just for fun, you should know that some bets pay out more than others. The basic rule says that the fewer numbers you bet on, the more money you can win. The more you can win, the less likely your bet to hit. This is because the odds against winning with only one number are considerably higher than winning with a bet on 18 numbers. If you understand your bets, odds, and payouts, you know what you can expect in the end. 

4. Make outside bets 

When it comes to betting, there are two major bet layers: inside and outside bets. The first ones apply to a single number/group of numbers and are the hardest to win. You’re far more likely to win with the second bet type, so focus on it. 

Outside bets apply only to boxes outside the numbered grid of the table and are known as black or red, odd or even, or you can bet on the group of numbers. You certainly won’t become a millionaire as the odds here are far from sky-rocketing. But betting like this will give you the best chances to leave a game as a winner because outside bets’ options cover the most potential options on the table. 

5. Easy come, easy go

Don’t get blown away by winning and losing streaks. A run of losses is known to be followed by a run of wins. What’s really important to do at this point is to stop your game or, at least, to reduce the size of your bets. 

None of the professional gamblers has ever won with his/her numbers hitting without a losing phase. At the same time, many players burned through their winnings as they kept doubling down after their winning had passed.

6. Lucky/Unlucky mindset

Have you ever noticed that when you’re not in the right frame of mind, your winnings mysteriously start to dwindle?

The reason is much more obvious than you could expect. Every game requires concentration from its participants. Equally important is to be happy in the process and genuinely enjoy the game. 

If you feel like your heart isn’t really in the game - consider it as your losing phase and treat it like a reason enough to take a step back and continue your game another time.

7. Control you bankroll

Though many roulette players tend to overlook this tip, especially in the heat of the moment, controlling your bankroll is an essential aspect that defines how long you last at the table. We recommend developing a strict gambling budget that doesn’t affect your normal expenses. What’s more important, is to stick to it with no excuses for betting one extra spin. 

8. Never chase your losses

If you have lost your gambling budget, accept the loss. The idea of chasing previous losses leads to no good, but gambling addiction only. Money comes and goes all your life – who knows, maybe the next time you will be playing roulette, it will occasionally pay off.

9. Forget the gambling myths and ignore what’s ‘Due’ 

Any game can quickly become addictive, and roulette hasn’t become an exception. If you find yourself thinking that there’s a winning number, row, or color that is due to come up – you might have a problem and can come unstuck betting

10. Adopt a strategy that WORKS in modern online casinos

Most of the traditional roulette strategies stopped being effective in modern online casinos. Casinos have adopted preventing measures to detect whether a player tries to cheat the system and to exclude the one who does it. Fortunately, roulette experts also improved their toolkit and developed a few systems that actually work. The list is revealed as follows.

  • Roulette Computers 
  • Physics Roulette System 
  • Visual Ballistics 
  • Dealer Signature 
  • Bias Analysis 

But note that finding and adopting a roulette strategy asks for a lot of work and practice, just like any other skill. So don’t fool yourself betting all you’ve got on barely tested strategies – they are far more likely to lose than to bring you a fortune. Another bad idea is to apply a “winning” strategy that you don’t fully apprehend. Maybe the one you’ve chosen is truly efficient and works well for other players, but if you don’t understand what you’re doing, it’s a losing path. 

There is no real way to improve your luck, but making the most out of your winner’s potential sounds quite realistic, doesn’t it? Hopefully, our tips have brought you a perspective on how to do it.


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